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The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell or a Hell of Heaven.

July 10, 1870

With some great measure of concentration I extricated myself from the two minds I had been visiting. It took me about an hour to sort through all the information I had gleaned. Contact with Ryan faded as my overtaxed mind shut down.

I barely kept control of the two horses. Fortunately, Dio woke up and acted rationally and calmly. My arm untied him. He fell off the horse with a soft thud when his bonds were loosen but made little comment as the pain of returning circulation raced through his veins like fire. Yet I felt his pain, at least a shadow of it.

We waited in silence for his mobility to return. Words were not necessary for it was difficult for me to talk and our purpose was clear. We would avenge our fates by destruction and death. My drive for vengeance was a clear cut path begun with a specific event and focused on particular targets

Dio's drive for vengeance was more nebulous, he would derive some measure of satisfaction by helping me achieve my recompense. He did not hate any one person or persons but merely everyone who would ridicule or torment him. With me along, he knew that any ridicule or torment he suffered would be met with swift and certain justice.

Ours was a clash of wills at first, he attempted to use our mindlink to influence, nay control me. He wished to ride after the Apache who had given him to me and slaughter them to a man. When I refused he attempted to control my mind. His constant buzzing in my mind became too much of a bother, so I slammed shut the connection.

Dio let loose with a cry of pain and fell from his horse, clutching his head in both hands. He learned right away who the Head Man was gonna be.

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