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"These signs shall accompany those who believe; in my name they will drive out demons, they will speak new languages. They will pick up serpents with their hands, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them. They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover"
Gospel according to Mark 16:17-18

August 15-Mid September 1870

Bolane discovered in the days that followed that although his eyes ached constantly, he was not in a complete darkness. He could see dim, gray blurred shadows, both from sets of eyes. Although Ryan's thorns had degraded his regular vision, it had also improved the vision of his snake eyes. Gradually, his vision cleared until it had reached the point of almost normality. His eyes throbbed constantly, bright lights were like hot pokers to them.

Worse of all Ryan seemed to control the intensity of Jeff Justice Bolane's agony. Ryan indoctrinated Justice Bolane with the tenets and doctrines of the Church of the Eternal Apocalypse as they drove aimlessly through Utah. This bizarre and surreal catechism was difficult to follow, much less memorize, yet Ryan had the ability to cause Justice Bolane's eyes to burn if he made a mistake in his catechism.

Bolane discovered two shocking things about a week after Ryan's transformation of his eyes. Firstly that he had somehow lost the ability to read, letters and words became scrambled symbols to him. The other thing was that his skin was changing. Starting at the juncture between his thumb and forefinger where Ryan's blood thorn had pierced him, small hard, dark red scales had replaced his skin, traveling in a path which retraced the line of fiery pain which had covered his heart.

Ryan merely laughed at the transformation, saying that when Bolane died he would make a snakeskin outfit of Bolane's flesh.

Ryan explained that if Bolane remained faithful to the Church of the Eternal Apocalypse, the transformation would stop and probably reverse itself. However if he continued to be a backslider, a heretical, sensualist, a humanist, the transformation would continue and he would become a true serpent, since he would have allowed Satan to own him body and soul.

Fear and pain moved to convert Jeff Justice Bolane to a true and fervent believer in the Church of the Eternal Apocalypse. He begged Ryan to accept his as member. Ryan asked if he were ready for the sacrament of baptism communion. Jeff Justice Bolane said that he was.

Ryan stopped the wagon and had Bolane kneel in the dust of the road, eyes closed and mouth open. Ryan stood above Bolane. He grasped two handfuls of blood thorns out of his head with a loud, horrendous scream.

Thick, viscous dark red blood founted from a dozen tiny holes showering Jeff Justice Bolane's face as dozens of blood thorns tumbled across his face. The combined spray washed over his eyes and poured into his mouth. Jeff Justice Bolane swallowed a fresh chunk of magma which burned a passage down his throat, stomach and anus as it melted what little remained of his soul.

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