1567 Rex Rufus,  is captured by  by a group of Aztec Vampire women. Their master, a soul clone of Dracula transformed Rex Rufus by spell into a were-wolf. This spell goes awry as latent theriomorphic traits are also triggered in Rex Rufus. A combination of the wolf and bear theriomorphic traits creates the upright humanoid "Wolfman"

1755- 1761 Suffering a grevious head wound Andre Rojas wanders Spain as a simpleton hermit. He runs across the

1781 When a young woman is placed in the cell of Andre Rojas he cannot control his strong sexual urges and sexually assaults her. He goes into a catatonic state as a consequence of his guilt and is thought to be dead.

1790's Andre Rojas finally becomes cured of the effects of his head wound. He fights for Spain during the Peninuslar War and against the French on the Continent, he eventually ends up in Poland where he becomes the lover of Countess Wolfenstein. Their progeny Inre Wolfenstein is the first to be cursed with a family trait of lycanthropy that culiminates in Waldemar Daninsky.

1830 Andre Rojas takes part in the disasterous Revolution of 1830. He was captured by Russian soldiers and deported to Siberia.

1834 Henry Lane born to Thomas Lane and Sarah Glendon. After his mother remarries his name will be changed to Jekyll.

1840s Andre Rojas escapes from Siberia and makes his way to Japan. Among the Ainu he is considered an avatar of the Bear god. He marries a Japanese woman but is eventually forced to leave because of the expulsion of foreigners. A descendent of his is Dr. Yogami of Werewolf of London.

1800 Events of Curse of the Werewolf as Leon Carledo loses control over his latent lycanthropy.

1870 Dido Utterson the illegtimate daughter of Edward Hyde and Alice Utterson is born.

 1871 Alice Utterson is placed under the care of Edward Jekyll for post partum depression compounded by guilt of her adulterous affair and the illegitimacy of her youngest daughter. Alice Utterson committed suicide.  Henry Jekyll was devastated. He blamed himself for her death. He wrote to his brother detailing his actions and seeking advice. His brother was not the most understanding sort, he disowned Henry and his sins and turned his back on the Jekyll name. Leonard Jekyll forwent the Jekyll name and reassumed his birth name of Harrison Lane.

1872 Henry Jekyll took a leave of absence from his duties to go on a sabbatical. He sought solace by escaping from his life and assumed a new identity, that of Samuel Parr.  As Samuel Parr, Jekyll worked as a surgeon-general with the Queen's army in Africa.

January, 1879 As Samuel Parr, Jekyll was present at Isandhlwana. Some accounts state that he bolted at the first sign of the onslaught, other accounts state that he had already left the area and was well on his way to Roarke's Drift  before the fighting began. What appears to have happened was that Parr/Jekyll did indeed depart prior to the fighting began but before the Zulu's had arrived. His anxiety to leave was to avoid seeing one Danvers Carew.

1881 Henry Jekyll's affair with Sara Lanyon, his friend's sixteen year old daughter. This union produces Edward Jekyll.

 October 1883 - March 1885 Events of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1885 Events of the Jekyll Legacy by Robert Bloch and Andre Norton

1889 Edward Hyde is forced to work with the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

1905 Events of Son of Dr. Jekyll

1906 Edward Hyde is in New York City where he murders for thrill and also rapes for amusement.
He rapes Jada Grimm,

1907 Edward Hyde rapes Constance Brodie and Martha Walters at exclusive boarding house.
Daniel Grimm is born of the rape of Jada Grimm by Edward Hyde.

1908 Brian and Francis Banner born to Constance Brodie Banner and John Banner.

1909 Edward Hyde tangles with Tarzan and is apparently killed. Henry Jekyll flees to Australia and disappears from the face of the Earth. Purportedly resided in a series of parallel dimensions until 1949.

1909 Marvin Micawber, the scion of the Micawber family disappears from his family farm in Darling Australia about the same time as Henry Jekyll disappeared.

Morris Walters born to Martha Walters

1911 Events of Dr. Jekyll- Sister Hyde

1912 Birth of Howard Jekyll, son of Edwina Hyde and Howard Spenser
          Birth of Susan Smith, daughter of Susan Spenser and Edward Jekyll.

1917 Events of The Hyena by Robert E. Howard, Ellen Farrell is the daughter of Dido Utterson.

1918  Andre Rojas living in England under the name of Andreas is made into a full blown lycanthrope by Dracula soul clone Armand Tesla. First part of Return of the Vampire

1925 Daniel Grimm jr. born

1928 Benjamin Grimm born.

1930 Robert Bruce Banner born

1931 David Bruce Banner born

1933 Events of Daughter of Dr. Jekyll

1933. Eminent explorer and botantist Wilfred Glendon who died under mysterious circumstances in London

1935 Jennifer Walters born

1940 Leonard "Doc" Samson born.

1942 Dr. Lorenzo Cameron attempts to create a race of werewolves by injecting a human subject with wolf's blood. The unfortunate subject is Pedro Roja, a descendent of Rex Rufus. His latent lycanthropy is triggered. Cameron and Pedro apparently die in a fire.

1944 The vampire Armand Tesla is revived and Andre Rojas once again becomes a lycanthrope under Tesla's domination.  Second part of Return of the Vampire

    The regenerative ability of the lycanthrope and the chemicals of Dr. Sullivan's laboratory combined with the bacteria rich muck of the swamp combined to create a new monster from the charred bones of Pedro Rojs which climbed out the swamps. a large hulking figure but completely stark white skin, hair and even the eyes were bleached white. It was bereft of memory and child-like in its mental capacity. The lycanthropic traits of a strong streak of violence and seeming impervious to harm were also present. The creature was called Solomon Grundy.

1949 Bereft of their memories Henry Jekyll and Jessica Marvellous (Rabbit) return with Harold Shea to the Garadan Insitute in Ohio. Jessica recovers faster than Jekyll and takes the name Jennifer Marshall.  Henry Jekyll takes the name of Alvin Samuels. Since both were blank slates their original personalities were pretty much eradicated however due to his regenerative capabilities Henry Jekyll and hence Mr. Hyde could not be entirely erased.

1955  Alvin Samuels leaves the Garaden Institute.

1957 Robert Bruce Banner is exposed to "gamma" radiation and becomes a full blown theriomorph.

1959 Seymour Kahlbaum and his talking carnivorous plant Audrey II go on a killing spree. Events of Little Shop of Horrors

1960 Benjamin Grimm undergoes his first theriomorphic change.

1961 Sherman Klump born
           Julius Kahlbaum succeeds in releasing his Hyde, "Buddy Love"
           Alvin Samuels (Dr. Henry Jekyll) succeeds in releasing Mr. Hyde.  He begins a long time emnity of Dr. Donald Blake and the crime fighter Thor.

1969 Events of Mysterious Inc.'s case  "Nowhere to Hyde"  with the Hyde creature exposed as being Robert Hastings a.k.a. Dr. Jekyll. The Hyde creature was merely a fake.

1970 Events of Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo. Dr. Henry Jekyll (II) meets the wolfman Waldemar Daninsky and releases Daninksy's Hyde.

 1971 A descendent of Rufus' Eric the Hunchback, released the essences of Dracula soul clone and Rex Rufus from  the magic dagger as seen in  Santo y Blue Demon vs. Drácula y el Hombre Lobo.

1972 Events of Dr. Black Mr. Hyde

1984 Mr. Hyde is captured by Wilson Fisk. He is subjected to cybernetic augmentation, brainwashing and genetic manipulation using kryptonite.

1985 The altered Hyde aka Doomsday is sent on a programed path of destruction throughout Metropolis, the primary goal is to kill as many costumed vigilantes as possible. He succeeded in causing the deaths of Superman and Power Girl. He is finally stopped by Wonder Woman, Captain America and others.  His body is bured in a New Jersey wood. Over time his body rejects the cybernetic implants and genetic mofications as he regenerates.

1990 Mr. Hyde emerges healed of his wounds from his grave.

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