Being an examination of the ancestry and descendents of Henry Jekyll alias Edward Hyde, with a brief discussion of his connection and visitation to outre dimensions

By Dennis E. Power



    By now you will hopefully come to understand that I have equated Dr. Jekyll's transformation into Edward Hyde as a form of theiroanthropy, although the beast that he changed into was the monster from the id.

    What differentiated Dr. Jeckyll from the Talbots, Glendons and the rest who became humanoid bear-wolfs?

    His father's genes made the difference, Henry Jekyll, whose birth name was Henry Lane (1) was born in 1834 to Thomas Lane and Sarah Glendon.Thomas Lane, b 1800 was the son of Alfred Lane (1780) and Antoinette King. Alfred Lane was the son of Glendower Lane, formerly of Massachuesetts.

    Glendower Lane and his brother Jonathan had sided with the Loyalists during the American Rebellion or American Revolution. Two other brothers had stayed in the so-called United States. Glendower emigrated to Canada, Johnathan Lane repatriated to England.  Glendower Lane had married Fiona Renfrew, daughter of one of the first families to emigrate to Nova Scotia in 1773. (2) They had met shortly after the Revolutionary War began.Their first child was Alfred Lane born 1880. Alfred Lane married Antoinette King. Antoinette was the daughter of an Cyril King, an English officer who  had decided to remain in Canada after the war and Orlena Pasquenel.(3) Orlena was half French and half Metis. Her Metis side was Ojibwa and English, the latter from Eric Catlum. According to tribal legend, Orlena's ancestors did have some kinship to the Wendigo and shape changing ran in Eric Catlum's family.

    We have thus far examined Henry Jekyll's lineage in which it has been shown that he carried a few dormant strains of theiroanthropy. Research has shown us that theiroantropes, those fully awakened and those dormant often demonstrate so-called bestial behavior even in their mortal human shape. They are often easily angered, have an highly active libido and can be violent to the point of murder. If this sounds like a case of the raging hormones you would be more right than you know. Certain unique hormonal genetic sequences are found in almost every theiromorph known to mankind. They are the final triggering mechanism for the change from human form to morphed form, shifting bone and hair, muscle and sinew.  The change causes a great expenditure of energy, causing the beast to instinctively regain energy in the most efficient and available method, eating raw meat. What type of meat is taken is depends on the theiromorph's psychology and mentality. The bestial state removes most of the the theiromorphs inhibitions so it has very little restraint from committing murder or even cannibalism.

    What triggers the hormonal sequences? In a fully awakened theiromorph, it can simply be an emotional trigger. In other cases the hormonal infusion is triggered by various chemicals or stimuli. In the case of the theiromorph family we are dealing with the most likely trigger for the transformations is more than likely a certain form of radiation. This radiation wavelength is perhaps near the Gridley wave in its electromagnetic composition . (4)The radiation derives from certain radioactive elements, formerly sections of the planet exploded  planet Thyoph. (5) These radioactive rocks form the asteroid belt. The Moon contains a high concentration of them. Although N.A.S.A. denies the fact, the lunar rocks containing Thyoph fragments, emit a beeping noise when exposed to moonlight.(6)

    A few of these radioactve rocks have fallen to the Earth and have caused mutations in a few humans, giving them the ability to shift form. Now not all shifters are derived from these mutations for theiromorphs originate from a variety of sources.  During the full moon the full power of the sun is concentrated upon the moon's surface, the radioactive rocks are stimulated and their radiation is added to the lunar radiation showering upon the earth in a photonic storm. These radiations are one of the triggering mechanisms for the theiromorphic transformation, as as been observed intense emotions can also trigger hormonal mechanisms and so bring about the transformation.

    Henry Jekyll's father's family carried latent theiromorphic genes which coupled with his Mother's family latent strains of an entirely different form of theiromorph made the traits while still dormant not so dormant as they had been for generations. Both Henry Jekyll and his brother Leonard Jekyll a.k.a. Harrison Lane, were both affected by the lunar changes with pronounced increases in their aggressiveness and their libidios. In a sense it is a testament to their self control that they never succumbed to their darker desires as young men. It is no doubt due to a strict puritanical upbringing and a large measure of self-control that they surpressed their bestial natures.

    Leonard Jekyll may not have been entirely successful in keeping his beast chained. He entered into a loveless marriage, possibly because he had compromised his first wife. She left him shortly after bearing a son, Andrew. The reasons she left were unstated. I suspect that he had trouble suppressing his passions and was subject to outbursts of anger and sexual excess.

    Leonard Jekyll married a second time to Amy Durrant. Amy Durrant Lane died shortly after giving birth to Hester. It is quite likely that Leonard Jekyll loved Amy and that her death was the impetus he needed to successfully bury his cyclic rage and lust beneath a cold dispassionate nature. He became a scholar of some note but a reclusive one, having little contact with people. In fact he had little to do with his daughter and treated her more like another servant than his own flesh and blood.

    Henry Jekyll as previously noted seems to have consorted with prostitutes in his youth when his passions became uncontrollable. His tremendous guilt at having fallen prey to his bestial nature may have been merely the result of his puritanical upbringing clashing with his ecstasy at the forbidden sexual release. Yet there may have been an added component at work, it is quite possible that on occason he also could not control his rage as well as his sexual lust and would hurt the girls servicing him. The deep guilt and shame gave him the necessary fortitude to shut away his bestial nature, except for an occasional slip, such as his affair with his friend's wife. (7)

    As outlined the events of his affair with Mrs. Utterson, the birth of their illegitimate child, the subsequent death of Mrs. Utterson led to his adoption of the identity of Samuel Parr. Yet even his adoption of a new name and persona, did not fully control his cyclic desires. With the accusations of cowardice upon Samuel Parr, Henry Jekyll returned from his sabbatical on the dark continent and took up his old life once more. However his sojourn in Africa had not been without merit.

    Upon his return voyage to England he had stopped in Dahomey for a week and had witnessed a religous ceremony in which the participants were purportedly possessed by their deities. The people whom the gods had ridden became persons other than themselves, they in fact did not or pretended not to know the other participants of the ceremony. They acted out the Gods' desires, physically transforming in some manner to look more like the deity which inhabited. Jekyll conceded that the physical change may have been more of a change in perception, the observer responding to changes in the demeantor, carriage and comportment of the possessed person rather than an actual physical transformation. Yet the incident inspired him to believe that he could unchain his two natures into two physical beings, one pure and one tainted.

    Henry Jekyll spent the next few years researching the lore of transformation, consulting grimoires, bestiaries, alchemical tomes and coupling them with volumes on biology, chemistry, anatomy and varous other related sciences and experimented with compounds that would bring about the needed transformation. He does not appear to have first experimented on animals, possibly believing that such creatures being without souls and personality would not be suitable subjects for his experiments.

    The key ingredient of his formula was as he states himself,  "a large quantity of a particular salt which I knew, from my experiments, to be the last ingredient required." And yet the true key ingredient remained unknown to him for as he continued to use the potion he ran out of his supply of the particular salt and acquired more. It was not as effective as before.  "My provision of the salt, which had never been renewed since the date of the first experiment, began to run low. I sent out for a fresh supply, and mixed the draught; the ebullition followed, and the first change of colour, not the second; I drank it and it was without efficiency. You will learn from Poole how I have had London ransacked; it was in vain; and I am now persuaded that my first supply was impure, and that it was that unknown impurity which lent efficacy to the draught." (8)

        What was the unknown impurity which affected this particular mineral salt? A radioactive mineral, only recently quantified  of extraterrestrial origin. Once this mineral was identified many of the sites where spontanous mutations have occurred were further tested and various forms of this mineral were found. The radioactive nature of this particular element is unique in that its wavelengths can be altered in conjuction with other elements. Dr. Janos Rukh discovered certain of these properties with his experiments with this element which he called Radium X, Dr. Felix Benet refined Rukh's research so that the rays emitting from the element ran the gamut of a powerful destructive force that could level a mountain to a lower level radiation which could used to cure disease. Unfortunately or not so unfortunately only a small amount of Radium X was removed from its African locale. The location of site died with Dr. Janos Rukh. Dr. Benet also died tragically young and the small amount of Radium X possessed by him disappeared from Dr. Benet's laboratory upon his death. (9)

    Radium X or to call it by its proper name Thyophite has been discovered in minute amounts of various radioactive intensity throughout Earth's history although it was most often misclassified as similar terrestrial elements. Most thyophite is in fact microscopic and takes on the properties of elements in which is its intermixed. Only sophisticated geiger counters or microcopic examinations can detect thyophite. The mass that Rukh found in Africa was not pure Thyophite but its purity was close enough to demonstrate that it is possibly the most radioactive element in the known universe. Even the small amount of the mass that Rukh uncovered penetrated his lead suit as if it were non-existant, seriously irradiating him.

    The varient rays and radiations that arise from thyophite have been termed by other writers collectively as "gamma" rays and this will serve for our purposes, for this term is more widely known that either radium x or thyophite.  In reality gamma rays are essentially very energetic X rays; the distinction between the two is not based on their intrinsic nature but rather on their origins. X rays are emitted during atomic processes  involving energetic electrons. Gamma radiation is emitted by excited nuclei or other processes involving subatomic particles; it often accompanies alpha or beta radiation, as a nucleus emitting those particles may be left in an excited (higher-energy) state. The applications of gamma radiation are much the same as those of X rays, both in medicine and in industry.

    It is "gamma"  aka thyophite radiation flooding the earth during a full moon that triggers some forms of lycanthropy.

    I had previously made an allusion that the flower that both Dr. Wilifred Glendon and Dr. Yogami sought a rare flower which could be used to control their transformations. Glendon acquired the flower but was unable to use it.In an odd way, the flower was a tie to Glendon's counsin, Henry Jeckyll. The tie was in relation to thyophite. The flower plant, Mariphasa lupino lumino, was a rare species which developed near a thyophite deposit. It had developed an immunity to thyophite radiation and the liquid of its blooms had the effect of being a temporary chemical blocker of the effects of thyophite radiation. When person affected by lycanthropy rubs the mariphasa juice on his flesh, the intense thyophite radiation of a full moon is effectively negated and so no transformation occurs. (10)

    During the 1870's,  while using the identity of Serenity Johnson, a a soul clone of Dracula's named Latos, had used a chemical application that allowed him to walk about during the day without being reduced to ash. The potion had come from the alchemist Dr. Praetorious and recent evidence suggests that he had used the juice of Mariphasa lupino lumino as the base of his early sunblock lotion. (11)

    We have identified the unknown ingredient that made Dr. Jekyll's formula successful. We have demonstrated that he had a history of lycanthropy in his family. So one must ask why if the thyophite particles couple with the other ingredients in his formula triggered his latent lycanthropy, why didn't he become a bear-wolf like his relatives?

    As stated before it was because of his father's lineage, among which were one of two skin-turners. These are a unique form of theiromorph in which a human is able to transform into animal by covering themselves with an animal skin. Usually the transformation is confined to one specific animal such as the swan maidens, the selkie, the fox maidens and some forms of lycanthropy, bear-sarkers and others for which I do not have the correct techinal term. There are also in certain rare occasions skin-turning thieromorphs whose abiities are not confined to one animal but to any animal whose skin they wear. How this ability came about is unknown, an ancient sorcerous gift or curse, or perhaps their may have been some genetic exchange with one of the protoplasmic beings called the Founders or their Terrestrial equivalents. (12)

    Henry Jekyll's grandfather four times removed was Eric Catlum.

    The Catlum's are a family of immortals with a history of shape-changing and gigantism. These effects are purportedly derived from Eric Catlum drinking from the Fountain of Youth when he accompanied Ponce De Leon.(13) This Fountain whose locations has also been since lost was a spring located over an old meteorite fall site. The meteorite contained, you guessed it thyophite. There seems to be little doubt that the Fountain did confer upon the imbibers some measure of longevity and a temporary ability to understand the speech of animals, which may mean that the Dragon's spring that Siegfried bathed in after being drenched with Dragon's blood also was the site of a sister meteorite. Ponce De Leon was still alive in in Blackbeard's time and during the War with Mexico.(14) However he was not immortal but rather aged slowly. Nor did his descendents demonstrate the abilities that the Catlums did.

    We can speculate that the Fountain's waters conferred upon Eric Catlum longevity and also activated some dormant qualities in his genetic map, making them from latent recessives into dominant genes. Due to Eric Catlum's self proclaimed mission to make as many Catlums as possible in the world he made great inroads into populating the Americas and other regions with offspring that besides often having incongruently red hair, also carried various strengths of immortality, gigantism and shape changing.

    To uncover the origin of Eric Catlum's latent talents we must leapfrog his genealogy starting from his forebears in Somerset. Caleb Catlum, the narrator of the Catlum family history,  deliberately obfusicates things by muddling up history and historical personages. We are told that Eric Catlum's original name was Geoffrey Catlum from Somerset England and that he lived in Elizabethian times. Yet Caleb also claims that upon leaving England Geoffrey joined some Vikings, took the name Eric the Red Catlum and eventually had a son, Leif the Lucky prior to joining Ponce de Leon.

    Queen Elizabeth reigned from 1558 to 1603. Ponce De Leon lived from 1460-1521. Leif the Lucky  lived from 970-1020 so unless Geoffrey aka Eric Catlum lived backwards like T.H. White's account of the Merlin legends something else must be going on. Now of course we could call Caleb Catlum an out and out liar but considering his size and his reputed fightin' abilities, I am not willing to go that route. I would rather put forth the speculation that he is laying out a riddle for us to solve.

    The truth of the matter is that Eric the Red and Lief the Lucky were ancestors of Geoffrey Catlum but the Catlum branch was not the one which also descended through Bodvar Bjarki. Interestingly this gives Jeckyll two lines of descent from Eric the Red. Unbeknownst to many and unacknowledged by the family because of the taint of the name, the ancestor of Eric the Red was the Flame-Haired One, Loki.

    In Norse mythology Loki is a son of the giant Farbauti ("cruel striker") and the giantess Laufey. He is regarded as one of Aesir, but is on occasion their enemy. He is connected with fire and magic, and can assume many different shapes (horse, falcon, fly). He is crafty and malicious, but is also heroic: in that aspect he can be compared with the trickster from North American myths.(15) Loki is often called the Sly One, the Trickster, the Shape Changer, and the Sky Traveler. We know that in the Norse myths have some basis in fact,  the Nine and their immediate followers embodied the Aesir and possibly the Vanir. Loki was only Aesir by blood oath, which is to say he was an ally of the Nine but not a member, a Servant of the Nine or one of the Candidates. (16)

        Loki's origins are murky to say the least, his parents were giants yet he was often depicted as smaller than the other Norse Gods. He may or may not have been a member of the athanor, a group of immortals evidently descended from two protoplasmic beings who have lived from the birth of the Earth, known most commonly as Proteus or the Changer and Poseidon.(17)

    Loki's abilities at shape shifting are well known and he purportedly sired children who became gigantic monsters. It is his traits in these areas that show up in the Catlum line after the Fountain of Youth activates Geoffrey Catlum's latent traits. Yet a thousand years is probably too long a time for these genetic traits not to have been so diffused that they were nearly non-existent.

    Loki was according to some Dr. Jane Lindskold's recent work still active in the 1990s, whether or not you buy the premise of the Athanor or not.

    So he was probably still around in the Renaissance. Induced to use his shape shifting abilities by the Nine to add a certain genetic mix to their ongoing breeding program, Loki assumed the identity of Alfred Catlum for a few nights one month while Alfred was lying in a drunken stupor in an ale house having drunk free ale supplied by a generous traveler.

    Alfred Catlum's grandson, Geoffrey Catlum was born in Somerset circa 1490. Somerset is an interesting area for it is one of the main regions where the legends of King Arthur was supposed to have taken place. It is also directly across from Wales in an area also attributed to the source of the Celtic traditions in the Arthurian mythos.  While not truly germane to the Catlum family, it is interesting to note that Dr. Lindskold also cites Arthur as being one of the Athanor, he was also known as Gilgamesh whose best friend was a Enkidu, the Beast-Man.

    Geoffrey Catlum's early life is a mystery, we do know that he somehow managed to embark on a naval career that took him to the New World circa 1515 when he was with Ponce De Leon when the Fountain was discovered.

    De Leon "died" in 1521 purportedly dying of a arrow wound. Geoffrey Catlum returned to England and adopted the name of  Eric Catlum. He maintained a relationship with De Leon that made them both well do do naval merchants. Despite increased hostilities with Spain, Catlum kept up his partnership with De Leon. However after 1588, his pro-Spanish sentiments became a serious liability and his supposed eternal youth was speculated to be demonic in nature. Eric Catlum departed England and emigrated to the New World but being a restless sort, wandering throughout the Americas, South Pacific and Africa.

    Among his descendants, besides the Jekyll family he claims Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill, Stormalong, Davy Jones, Mike Fink, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, John Henry, Joaquin Murrietta, Hendrick Hudson, Buffalo Bill, Abraham Lincoln, Huckleberry Finn, Johnny Appleseed, Captain Ahab, Natty Bumppo, Rip Van Winkle, Tom Sawyer, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp. Kit Carson, Casey Jones, Calamity Jane, Walt Whitman and Uncas. These relationships will be dealt with in a further article.

    It was the heritage of Loki, Bodvar Bjarki, Rex Rufus and Eric Catlum all intertwined that allowed Dr. Jekyll to become Hyde. In essence the thyophite unlocked his innate shapechanging ability and he unconsciously transformed into a being of his own choosing. Hyde may have had a plastic form, subtly different depending upon Jekyll's mood upon each transformation. As stated in the previous section, Hyde eventually became larger and larger and for a period was in total control of the shared form.

    What happened to Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde after his fall from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1909 will be dealt with in the third and fifth sections of this article.


1. For more information see The Amazing Lanes  by Win Scott Eckert.

2. The observant reader will no doubt have recognized the names of Renfrew and King and wondered. Yes, Edward Jekyll is related distantly to the renown Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers Douglas Renfrew and Preston King. His relationship with Renfrew also makes him distantly related to Patrica Savage.

3. Records are confused about the exact relationship with Orena Pasquenel to Pasquenel, the French-Canadian trapper whose family played an important role in James Michener's Centennial.

4. The Gridley wave is of course area of the electromagnetic spectrum discovered by by inventive genius Jason Gridley of Tarzana, California around 1917. By creating a radio attuned to spectrum, he was able to contact and conduct intra-universal communication, speaking with Pellucidar and Barsoom.

5.Thyoph was a planet in the solar system between Mars and Venus. It was the home base of a highly advanced human civilization which benefitted from Ancient and Preserver intervention. It was destroyed by Nyarlahotep or Azathoth for reasons now lost. For more information visit here or here.

6.When NASA discovered that the high security information concerning the existence of the beeping lunar rocks had been leaked, the NASA Public Relations department acted swiftly. They arranged to have the information disseminated to the general public thorugh the medium of a  situation comedy, in this manner the idea would be regarded as ridiculous to anyone who heard it and would point to the situation comedy as the source of the rumor. It was in Green Acres Episode, 141, The Beeping Rock 3/21/70

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