by Dennis E. Power
(with much assistance from Matthew Baugh, Win Eckert and Chuck Loridans)




    After the death of their mother Tiffany Case Fawkes and the imprisonment of their father, Mason Fawkes, Kevin and Darien Fawkes were thereafter raised by Celia and Paul Walters. Kevin demonstrated the family bent towards science, encouraged by Paul Walters he became an award winning science student and a medical student and biochemist. The family's connection to invisibility was known to Paul Walters who found it a fascinating theory. Although Kevin was kept in the dark about the family history as per his father and Grandmother's request, his Uncle's enthusiasm for the subject also fired his imagination. (1)

    They utilized known invisibility research in order to come up with a totally new approach. (2)

    Darien however grew up a troubled youth. Feeling constantly overshadowed by his older brother, knowing that his father was a career criminal, remembering his mother's drunken tales of being a master jewel thief and inspired by the tales of Raffles, Robie, Hewitt and MacDougal, Darien embarked on a career as a master thief and con man extraordinaire. (3)

His exploits garnered him two felony convictions before he was thirty.

    While Darien served his time in prison, Kevin Fawkes and Paul Walters managed to secure government financing for their invisibility project.  Paul Walters had a theory derived from his fascination with cryptozoology that certain legendary species possessed a natural invisibility power that manifested when they were frightened or anxious. Among these might be species close to humanity such as the Sasquatch or Yeti.  Paul Walters had actually first proposed his invisibility project in 1976 and in doing so became acquainted with Charles Borden (The Official)  Mason Fawkes appeared to gone for good. Rumor had it that a covert group in the intelligence services had managed to gain skin and hair samples from a Sasquatch. The OSI however would not release them. (4) In 1990 the invisibility research was approved by Dr. Augustin Gaither and financed by the Secret Weapons Research Branch. Dr. Walters and Fawkes were given the cellular samples they wished. After a number of failed approaches Dr. Kevin Burke finally with the aid of Dr. Arnaud de Thiel had managed to create a biological map of the Sasquatch from the DNA. Dr. de Thiel and a few other scientists were instrumental in making the breakthroughs that allowed for a biological model with the correct chemical and hormonal sequences to be generated. Kevin Fawkes often joked it was as if De Thiel and the others had cloned the samples and dissected the resulting offspring. (5)

    In 1998 Dr. Fawkes designed a biosynthetic gland which would produce invisibility in animals. The first results were not promising as the chemical continued to build up in the subject's system causing synaptic failure. A modified gland produced a reagent which would neutralize quicksilver substance. Chemically triggered by the adrenals, the fear, aggressive or anxiety responses in a subject would trigger the quicksilver gland to produce a chemical agent which reacts with the sweat glands to release the quicksilver compound. The compound was secreted through the skin pores and tear ducts and quickly dried to become a flexible sheath that normally covered the subject, their clothing and any small articles in their possession. However with the secretion of a sufficient enough amount of Quicksilver it was possible to render invisible another individual  or even a large object such as a heavy door or a motorcycle.

    The first subject for human testing of the synthetic organ was Simon Cole, a CIA operative culled from records of the various intelligence agencies top agents.  Because of a genetic marker in Cole's DNA, he was unable to trigger the inhibitor catalyst to terminate the Quicksilver process i.e. become visible. After nine weeks he became irrational and violent. The Agency Official was forced to use deadly force to defend himself. The quicksilver gland was harvested from Cole's body. (6)

    Another subject had to be found. As fate would have it Kevin Fawkes found a way to kill two birds with one stone.

    Despite his intensive mentoring from Liz, an older and wiser cat burglar, Darien made two fatal mistakes that lead to felony convictions. During a recent burglary of a retirement community, he made a third mistake that developed into a third felony conviction. Under the three strikes law he received a mandatory life sentence.

    Kevin Fawkes arranged for Darien to receive a possible pardon if he would submit to being a human guinea pig. Darien agreed after being told that that the surgery would be reversible.

    Darien Fawkes was taken to a laboratory in the Mojave desert. Darien was immediately suspicious of one of the scientists, Arnaud de Thiel, Kevin's right hand man. De Thiel seemed too smooth and slick to Darien. A con artist knows a con artist.

    The quicksilver gland was implanted into Darien and the early tests went remarkably well. Darien learned the necessary control to shift between visibility and invisibility at will. Darien continued to be cautious about Arnaud de Thiel. After a few weeks however Darien began to develop the same sort of madness that Simon Cole had experienced. Arnaud de Thiel was able to deflect any of Darien's suspicions against him as being the result of quicksilver madness. He offered to try to come up with a counteragent for it. Darien wanted the gland removed but his body had become chemically dependent on the gland's secretions. Removing it would have killed him.

    Once Arnaud had created the counteragent and saw that it was successful, he demonstrated that Darien's suspicions about him had been correct all along. Arnaud convinced everyone that Darien was dangerous and should be confined. After Darien was confined, Arnaud communicated with a terrorist assault team lead by his brother. Arnaud ordered them to attack the base and leave no one alive, especially none of the scientists. Arnaud had placed plastic explosives in all of the security staff's walk talkies Arnaud detonated the explosives prior to calling for the assault to begin. Arnaud's terrorists methodically exterminated all the base's personnel. Kevin Fawkes destroyed all of the base's data banks. Darien freed himself of his restraints. Escaping from his room he literally ran into his brother. They were shot at by terrorists. Kevin was killed by gun fire.

    Arnaud is upset when he discovered that Darien escaped from the facility. He had planned to extract the gland.

    Darien visited a Doctor of his acquaintance to have his gland removed. The Doctor specialized in discreet medical treatment for the criminal element. Darien suspected that the Doctor plans to harvest his gland and other organs and left the office when the Doctor stepped out to make a phone call. Darien tried his ex-girlfriend Casey O'Claire who was also a physician. She refused to believe his story when he was unable to turn invisible. Upon leaving his ex-girlfriend's clinic he was captured and subdued by members of the Agency.

    Taken to the Agency's headquarters, Darien was told that due to recent governmental cutbacks the Agency is sponsored by a variety of government agencies with surplus budgets. This is only partially true. The Agency received its budget from and had different sponsorship agencies because like other agencies similar to it, The Agency was not officially sanctioned by any existing government bureau or agency. A rogue organization it hid within the maze of Bureaucracy. A man known only as the Official interrogated him about the debacle at the desert laboratory.

    Darien Fawkes was informed that Arnaud de Thiel was a terrorist known as Arnaud de Fehrn. Several terrorist groups had begun gathering at Arnaud's hacienda in Mexico for an auction. Darien was offered a chance to get justice for his brother's killer and also to do good by removing the threat of terrorists having control of his brother's work.

    Arnaud experienced problems with his stolen data. He had smuggled the last bit of key data out of the Quicksilver laboratory by swallowing it. The stomach acids from his ulcer had corrupted the data. He needed the gland from Darien's head to make the glands he had created work properly.

    Darien traveled down to Mexico and met up with Hobbes, the Agency's top man. They were spotted by Canadian terrorists who believe them to be CIA. Hobbes and Fawkes escape unscathed but stay hidden. Arnaud de Thiel called Darien's ex-girlfriend and tells her that he was Hawley Griffin (7) a CIA agent who has a line on Darien Fawkes. He lured Casey O'Claire to Mexico on the pretense that it will help Darien.

    When Hobbes and Fawkes checked in with the Official, they were informed that Casey O'Claire had gone missing.

    Darien Fawkes succeeded in making himself invisible and enters Arnaud de Thiel's hacienda. He was deep in the Quicksilver madness by the time he entered the hacienda. De Thiel's men saw him with thermal glasses.

    Fawkes collapsed from the effects of the Quicksilver poisoning and was nearly captured. He realized that de Thiel needed the gland in his head and threatened to blow his head off with a shotgun. He demanded to be taken to De Thiel. Afraid that Darien would destroy the gland, Arnaud tried to bargain with him. Arnaud revealed that he had made alterations to Dr. Fawkes design of the Quicksilver gland making it so that continued use of the gland would be addictive. If the quicksilver secretions were not neutralized with a counteragent it would eventually destroy the brain and kill the invisible man. Further more Arnaud had designed the counter agent to addictive. In this way Arnaud de Thiel would be able to control those who had the gland.

    Darien pretended to go along with Arnaud's plan but slipped and let the shotgun go off. He lay on the floor without a head. Shocked at the loss of the gland, Arnaud let his guard slip. Darien grabbed the syringe of counteragent from de Thiel's hand and ran away and searched for a secure place to use it. Darien had merely made his head invisible making it seem momentarily that he had been decapitated by the shotgun blast.

    Darien managed to blow up Arnaud's laboratory, apparently killed Arnaud, rescued Casey O'Claire and received a syringe of counteragent from De Thiel's severely wounded  brother.

    The Agency's resident biochemist and physician, Claire aka The Keeper, recreated the counteragent. Darien would receive regular doses if he continued to work for the Agency.

    Over the next two years Darien Fawkes became the Agency's invisible agent. Although many of the cases were mundane, routine cases that were only slightly aided by Darien's ability to turn invisible, he did encounter some very odd cases that related to other events in the WNU and also pointed to a darker organization behind Arnaud de Thiel.

    One the first cases that Darien Fawkes became involved was to track down another government experiment gone awry. A man had been created to be an assassin with the power to kill by touch. Apparently someone in the government tried to make Rappaccini's Daughter a reality. The man Fogerty nearly killed the Official with his touch, since the Official was part of the project that had created the Cataveri. Although Fogerty escaped, Darien tracked him down. The Agency's shooters gunned the Cataveri down over Darien's objections.

    In another early case Fawkes and Hobbes are sent to investigate the activities of a psychic who sometimes advised his clients to commit suicide in order to save their families from evil spirits. It turned out to be a waste of time for Fawkes to become invisible when they visited the psychic, since Benjamin Scarborough was blind and sensed Fawkes anyway. He warned Fawkes of the evil within him and told him he would one day kill his partner.

    As Hobbes and Fawkes investigated the psychic's clients, they began to see that the blind man actually did have some strange ability. However some of the clients who had apparently committed suicide had actually been killed by Scarborough's daughter. Her purpose was to maintain her father's credibility and also to save the families of those people who refused to commit suicide. Many of these individuals were disturbed and would have committed atrocities on their families had they not been killed. At least these were the visions that Scarborough had. (8)

    A few weeks later Arnaud de Thiel lured Darien to his hometown by pretending to be Kevin Fawkes. Although Arnaud had hoped to scam Darien into letting him remove the gland, Arnaud's scheme was defeated. Even though Arnaud escaped Darien Fawkes learned that it was his Uncle Paul Walters who was the original impetus behind the invisible gland project. Paul Walters had known the Official. All of the early work that Paul Walters had done on the gland had been classified under the name of Peter Donovan.

On one crucial case Darien and Hobbes were sent to the small South American nation of Santa Ruego. They had been sent there to persuade the Prime Minister not to use chemical weapons in a war against neighboring nation because there could be damage to the United States business interests in the region. Darien posed as a restless spirit and terrorized the superstitious Prime Minister. Darien's efforts were stymied from a woman who claimed to be an agent from another agency. This was a false cover story, she actually worked for a private firm which wished for the war between Santa Ruego and its neighbor to escalate into chemical and biological warfare. The woman also used local folklore to her advantage. She was known as the Dark Lady. She had the ability to kill men with a kiss. She held water in her lungs and expelled it in one gush, filling the lungs of those she kissed with water and drowning them.  Alianora's ability came from genetic engineering. Overall however Darien was more convincing as a spirit and won out.

    In another case Claire a.k.a. the Keeper, the medical doctor who regulated Fawkes levels of quicksilver and counteragent, attempted to murder a person with no personal connection to her. They discovered that the sleep clinic that she had been visiting for help with her insomnia was mind control techniques to implant programming in the clients so that they would kill someone of the programmer's chosing. After committing the crime the sleeper would commit suicide. Once initiated the sleeper would keep attempting to kill the target until successful or neutralized. Fawkes and Hobbes used the same sleeper technology to program the Keeper with the belief that she had fulfilled her mission, thus neutralizing her original programming. (9)

    Darien once again crossed paths with the Dark Woman, when Kate Easton a female scientist from a previous case (not related here) fled from the Dark Woman. Dr. Easton told the Agency that several scientists have been kidnapped and that she was on a list to also be kidnapped. Despite Agency protection the Dark Woman, Allianora abducted Kate Easton and had her cryogenically frozen before Fawkes and Hobbes could reach her. Allianora was captured by the Agency and was resistant to all interrogation techniques. Playing off of their mutual attraction, Fawkes agreed to betray the Agency if Allianora would betray the Organization by helping him rescue the female scientist. Allianora took him to the warehouse where Kate Easton along with dozens of other noted scientists were being held. Allianora tried to double cross Darien and freeze him. Darien used his Quicksilver and was kept from being frozen. The quicksilver acted as an insulating agent.  Freed from the cryo chamber Darien freed Kate Easton and took her to safety. A short time later, Darien and a group of Agency operatives returned to the warehouse but all the   scientists in their cryogenic freezing pods were gone.

    A couple months later shortly after another fruitless encounter with Arnaud;  Allianora invited Darien to meet with "The Organization," a.k.a. "Chrysalis." Chrysalis had information that the Agency planned to replace Darien with a more tractable agent. Chrysalis offered Darien a place in the Organization. Darien confronted the Official with the evidence. The Official pointed out that Darien had replaced another agent. That was the information that the Organization was using. Darien agreed to work with the Organization, however their price for his entry was to kill Allianora. He shot her with the gun they provided. He had gambled that they would not want to lose one of their top agents. He gained information from the Organization before they suspected he is a double agent. He barely escaped with his life even with Allianora's help.

    The files revealed the Arnaud was deeply connected to the Organization and sent them funds from his casino. The Official had a plan to cripple Arnaud and cut off one source of funds for the Organization. Hobbes and Fawkes would skim money from the Arnaud's Mexican casino using the quicksilver process. The Official called a halt to the operation after they had skimmed five million dollars. Darien was not satisfied and wanted to break Arnaud. He was told he would not get any more counteragent until he stopped being insubordinate. Darien refused to listen and eventually developed stage five quicksilver madness that was very near to being permanent brain damage.

    Hobbes was sent to bring Fawkes in. Fawkes learned that Arnaud had recently been implanted with a new Quicksilver gland. Hobbes was approached by Arnaud with a proposition. The gland that had been implanted in Arnaud was not done so properly. Arnaud needed to refer to Darien's gland to correct the surgical flaws. In return Arnaud would supply Hobbes with a level five counteragent which would bring Darien back to sanity and stop the possibility of permanent brain damage. For Fawkes sake, Hobbes agreed.

    Fawkes was captured and a surgeon used Darien as a model to realign Arnaud's Quicksilver gland. Darien was given the counteragent but it did not take effect immediately. Darien attacked Arnaud. The two invisible men fought. When the counteragent took effect, Darien was stunned, Arnaud used that momentary relapse to escape. Arnaud later discovered that the gland he possessed malfunctioned. He was permanently invisible.

    Darien Fawkes received a surprise visit from Allianora. She told Darien that Chrysalis believed her to be a security risk. She asked for his help before Chrysalis put an end to her. While at his apartment she and Darien took their relationship to a new, passionate level. She disappeared the next morning.

    Darien and Hobbes went to pick up the man they believed was the security leak. The informant had already been assassinated. Hobbes and Darien visited the dead informant's home, looking for information. Upon their arrival they were met with a Chrysalis gunman. Although he got the jump on them Hobbes and Darien managed to get away from him. They wondered how Chrysalis had known of their plans.

    A simple scan revealed that Darien had been injected with a nano-bug that transmitted everything he saw or heard back to Chrysalis. The nano-bug had to be injected or passed on through sexual contact.  Allianora had given the bug to Darien during their romantic encounter.

    Upon his arrival at the Agency the next day, the Official requested his presence. The Official pointed a gun at Darien's head and told him that he betrayed the Agency. The Official fired at point range. At Chrysalis the screens from Darien's nano-bug go black. Allianora believed that he been killed and the news devastated her.

    Actually as the Official was firing the gun Hobbes slipped a signal blocking helmet on Darien to contain the nano-bug's signal. Until the bug was removed the helmet had to stay on.

    The Keeper believed that Chrysalis would use the nano-bugs to infect the children of America's elite in government in business under the pretense of flu vaccinations. This would let Chrysalis spy on these subjects at home and give them a good deal of private information about the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

    During the mission to stop the flu vaccines from being injected at an elementary school, Darien lost his helmet and Allianora learned he is still alive. The Keeper and Hobbes raced to stop the injections from being carried out while Darien led the Chrysalis agents away as a decoy.

    Darien was knocked unconscious and dumped into a pool to drown, but Allianora rescued and resuscitated him. Just as Darien regained consciousness, Stark, the head of Chrysalis, shot Allianora. Stark escaped when Hobbes arrived with the police. Allianora tried to reveal what Chrysalis has in store for Darien, but she died before she could get the words out.

    The Keeper used a new specimen of the nano-bug to develop a "nano-vaccine" that purged the bug from Darien's brain and ensured that Chrysalis would not be able to use nano-bugs in the future.

    As a consequence of their hiding in the maze of government bureaucracy, the Agency often received assignments from its temporary sponsors. Usually the Official ignored these. However once case from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, intrigued him. He sent Fawkes, Hobbes and the Keeper to investigate several murders on an Indian reservation, which were said to have been done by a monster called the Wendigo. Although Hobbes complained that they were stepping into X-Files territory find evidence to support the supposition. Darien is attacked by something invisible that attacks him and licks him. Using his quicksilver vision, he sees that it was a hairy humanoid, approximately eight to ten feet tall.

    After analyzing the saliva, the Keeper discovered that it was laced with quicksilver. Darien believed that his brother used cellular samples from this type of animal to create the quicksilver gland. The Keeper told Darien that from her analysis of the Wendigo's saliva, the gland that Darien possessed was a female's gland so that possibility existed that the Wendigo wanted to mate with Darien.(10)

    In the course of their investigation, Fawkes, Darien and the Keeper met up with a Mountain Man obsessed with capturing or killing the Wendigo. He wished for revenge since the Wendigo killed his wife. Fawkes and Hobbes were unable to capture the Wendigo because the crazed mountain man blew blow himself and the Wendigo up with a homemade grenade.

    The Official was pretty angry with the investigation team and insisted that they made it all up, that there were not any invisible ten-foot-tall monsters. The Odd thing was that Fawkes never said how tall the thing had been.

    The true story of this investigation bears a bit more scrutiny. The Official heard about another living source of the quicksilver gland which Kevin Fawkes had based his design on. This living source that could be captured. Because the monster was the subject of a murder investigation no one would be that upset if the thing disappeared. The Keeper discovered evidence that the Wendigo had scavenged the remains of the victims but had not killed the victims. All the evidence pointed to the crazed mountain man as being the killer. It was just bad luck that the Wendigo had been blown up with the Mountain Man.

    Fawkes and the Agency had another agent foisted upon them by one of their "sponsor" agencies. Alex Monroe, a no-nonsense female agent was investigating the abduction of more than 1,300 newborns from hospitals during the past few years. Almost all the abducted kids were conceived at fertility clinics owned by the same corporation.

    Darien Fawkes did some invisible snooping and managed to stop another abduction. He followed the would-be kidnapper to a youth camp. The kids were going through some sort of intensive boot camp training. (11) There was also a hangar full of newborns. The youth camp was owned by Chrysalis. Since the Agency needed proof that the children had been abducted before they could legally raid or shut it down, Darien obtained DNA samples.

    The Keeper matched several DNA samples to those of abducted children. She also discovered the disturbing fact that they had all been genetically engineered not to grow old.

    The Agency and several other government enforcement agencies raided the camp. However Chrysalis had gotten wind of the raid and armed the kids. Fawkes broke this stand off by turning invisible and taking the camp counselors as hostages. Mr. Stark, the head of the Chrysalis Corporation, allowed the children to be taken without violence although he continued to claim that legally Chrysalis owned the children. They had supplied the zygotes and eggs, the mother's were merely incubators.

    Alex Monroe had been one of these living incubators. Unfortunately her abducted child was not among those found in this camp.

    In the next few months Fawkes and the Agency encountered Arnaud de Fehrn twice and sting the Chrysalis once.

    The past of the Official, of the Agency and of Kevin Fawkes caused trouble for the current agents. A man who was deaf, dumb and blind and whose only remaining sense was touch used a device of his own making to see and hear and speak. Desperate for help he broke into Darien's apartment.  The man who was named Tommy Walker claimed that he was a test subject for an experiment which Kevin Fawkes and a man named Dr. Augustin Gaither had worked on for the Special Weapons Research Branch. Dr. Gaither was trying to kill him. Tommy Walker refused to go with Darien to the Agency not trusting the government. He led Darien to a building which was a government hospital. Inside the hospital was a ward of people who had also been robbed of all but their tactile sense. Unfortunately they were all incurable insane.  Walker and Fawkes returned to Fawkes apartment. Hobbes showed up asking what Fawkes was up to.

    A SWRB swat team surrounded Fawkes, Hobbes and Walker. Fawkes and Hobbes were released from the SWRB by the Official's efforts. They were told to forget about Tommy Walker. They disobeyed orders and went back to the hospital. They discovered Tommy being tortured and rescued him. Hobbes took Tommy to his house. Darien did some invisible snooping. He discovered that the project's name had been Tommy Walker. Tommy Walker was Augustin Gaither who had experimented on himself and had gone insane.

    The SWRB blew up Hobbes house to destroy all the evidence of the existence of the project including Tommy Walker but Fawkes managed to rescue Hobbes and Walker in time.

    Under the pretense that the Agency was strapped for cash the Official had Hobbes and Fawkes investigate an agency with a very large budget which no one else in the government bureaucracy seemed to know about, The Agency of Sequestered Seclusion. Hobbes and Fawkes checked the Ass' payroll and discovered that most of the agency's money was going to dead agents. Among these was Hobbes former partner. Hobbes and Darien figured it for a scam. Hobbes located a couple of agents on this payroll that were still listed as being active. Hobbes and Fawkes visited one of them. Hobbes and Fawkes were interviewing the man inside his home when two men in beige suits showed up and tried to abduct the agent. Hobbes, Fawkes and the agent were tranquilized. They awoke in the man's living room however when they left his house they were on a street they had never seen.

As it turned out the Agency of Sequestered Seclusion was a retired community for spies, in reality a large holding pen for intelligence agents with blown covers. They were supposed to be dead but living in this vast community without any chance of ever leaving. (12) According to Hobbes and Fawkes report they met a man who was the basis for the Avengers John Steed (13) Despite the chance to live a rather cushy life in early retirement Hobbes and Fawkes are forced to find a way to escape before Fawkes is taken over by the Quicksilver madness.  The Official later told them that he made a deal with the Agency for Sequestered Seclusion that for a part of their operating budget, he and his organization would keep quiet about the work that the Agency of Sequestered Seclusion was doing. So helping to keep all the retired spies "safe."

    Chrysalis had stolen a laser which could create lightning. Hobbes and Fawkes were dispatched to retrieve it. In doing so Fawkes was accidentally struck by lightning. Hobbes however thought that Fawkes had turned invisible and went after the Chrysalis bad guys. Computer records search showed that a person matching Fawkes description had been admitted to a nearby hospital suffering from amnesia. Stark, the head of the Chrysalis Corporation had also discovered that Fawkes was amnesiac. Having arrived before Hobbes and Monroe, Stark convinced Fawkes that he was his boss at the CIA. He was leaving with Fawkes when Hobbes and Monroe arrived to stop him. In the ensuing gun battle Fawkes escaped. He went to the local police precinct only to discover that he had a rap sheet. The police tried to arrest Fawkes and he turned invisible. Stark and his goons had followed Fawkes and captured him once more. Another invisible man showed and rescued him from Stark. The other invisible man told Fawkes he was Fawkes brother Kevin and that they were both the result of a government experiment, test tube babies grown to be super agents. Kevin was permanently invisible. They needed to break their other brother Johnny out of prison because he was the only one that could reverse Kevin's disability.

    Darien helped to spring Johnny out of prison. Johnny did not look anything like Darien and he spoke with a French accent. Hobbes and Monroe showed up once more. Darien remembered who he was. Darien Fawkes, ex-thief turned federal agent. "Kevin" was Arnaud De Fehrn, the man who had killed his real brother Kevin, and  modified the Quicksilver gland to make Darien dependent on Counteragent. "Johnny" was Arnaud's brother, Huiclov, who gave himself up to the cops while Darien went after Arnaud. Darien was struck with a bout of Quicksilver madness and Arnaud slipped through Darien's fingers again.

After a few routine cases Fawkes and the gang got word of another Chrysalis youth camp. The raid was successful and the children were rescued. Monroe's child is among this batch. When the Keeper checked out to see if any genetic modifications had been made to the child, she discovered that the child's DNA was from Stark and his wife, none of it was Monroe's.

    Monroe however wanted to keep the baby and went on maternity leave. Fawkes accompanied Monroe and her child as they left the Agency. A Chrysalis commando team tried to snatch the child back. Fawkes defeated them and took the kid back to the Agency for protection. Monroe then marched right into Chrysalis HQ, confronted Stark and barely got out alive. While the Official was chewing her out, a woman showed up at  the Agency HQ with a tip that someone had put a bomb in the water cooler. Hobbes' quick thinking eliminated the bomb threat.  The tipster was Stark's wife, Eleanor. She said Monroe's crazy-Mom act had sent Stark over the edge. He said he'd rather his child dead than stay with Monroe.  Eleanor wanted to protect her son. She was even willing to steal some intelligence from Chrysalis — but she insisted on getting it by herself. She insisted that she get it alone, which wasn't an option. Darien saved Eleanor from a squad of Chrysalis commandos The Official announced that Eleanor was going into witness protection —  Monroe announced that she wanted her son James to go with Eleanor. She felt that was the only way the boy would  be safe from Chrysalis  A few hours after  Eleanor and the baby left with another team of agents. Mother and child were AWOL and the agents were dead.

    In one of the most important cases, so far as we are concerned, Fawkes and Hobbes were assigned along with agents from various agencies to help locate and neutralize a NSA sniper named Forrester Perdue. Forrester had been a sniper who "neutralized" foreign assassins for the U.S government for nearly 30 years but no one knew what he looked like.

For reasons which they did not bother to explain, The NSA figured Perdue would go after some foreign dignitary at an embassy reception. (14)

    Hobbes and Fawkes located the best sniper spot and Darien saw a  possible shooter. He gave invisible pursuit, but the sniper put a gun in his face, told Darien to "let it go," then  escaped. Darien was Quicksilvered, and the sniper was not wearing thermals  but he still knew Fawkes was there. Fawkes recognized him. (15)

    The next day Fawkes went to see his grandmother. Forrester was her married name. He was certain that Forrester Perdue was his father, whom he believed had walked out on his Mother, Kevin, and him. Forrester Perdue was a small-time thief who'd disappeared without a trace.

    Hobbes and Fawkes visited the NSA main office and managed to swipe Perdue's file. It had been his handler who had reported that Perdue had gone rogue. Perdue's list of assignments matched up with Mason Fawke's rap sheet.  Everything matched up until 1975 when his file became classified (16)

    Fawkes paid another visit to his Grandmother. While he looked over the family album, Hobbes spotted a bunch of spooks surrounding the house. Hobbes surprised them and Fawkes and Hobbes gave chase. They were lead into a trap. They were as good as dead until Mason Fawkes used his sharp shooting skills to help them get away. Mason Fawkes explained to Darien that he had not gone rogue, he had simply refused to kill an American Senator who was not traitor but who wanted to scrutinize the budget of the NSA. For some reason Royce did not want that to occur.

    Darien made a deal with Royce to take Mason Fawkes place if he would lift the death sentence on Mason Fawkes. Royce admitted to arranging for a hit on an U.S. Senator.

    Mason Fawkes disappeared once more.

    Darien Fawkes received a gift basket of wine from a local winery from Arnaud de Fehrn. Enclosed was an invitation to see him. Fawkes and Hobbes thought this was a joke because last time they had encountered Arnaud he had been  invisible. Fawkes and Hobbes visited the winery and found it to be a Chrysalis front. Fawkes investigated while in the invisible mode and found a visible Arnaud in a laboratory. Arnaud's quicksilver gland was in a jar. Chrysalis had been able to remove Arnaud's gland without killing him and had successfully cloned other glands from Arnaud's. However they needed Arnaud's adrenaline to activate their glands. Arnaud was Chrysalis permanent guest and wanted Fawkes to rescue him.

    After Arnaud killed his guard Chrysalis became alerted to a problem in the Winery. Arnaud managed to break Fawkes out of the winery just as Fawkes became stricken with quicksilver madness. Over the past few months Fawkes' body had grown increasingly immune to the counteragent. He needed higher and more frequent doses of the counteragent to function normally. Arnaud claimed that he could cure the quicksilver madness. To ensure his cooperation, Fawkes shot Arnaud in the leg and then took him to the Keeper.

    Arnaud explained Chrysalis' plan: They genetically engineered themselves to stay at age 25 forever. Their long-term goal is to take over the world — and, since they're functionally immortal, they can take their time. (17) Arnaud had no idea what their short-term use was for the Quicksilver farm.

    Hobbes and Fawkes returned to the winery but found that the quicksliver that taken but the cloned quicksilver glands had been planted in a bunch of cows. A booby that had been left behind by Chrysalis triggered. The cows and the winery disappeared in an explosion.

    After finishing his work with Claire Arnaud escaped taking with him his knowledge of the cure for quicksilver madness. Or so it appeared. The Keeper told Darien that Arnaud had given her the cure but the Official had ordered her not to give Fawkes the cure. However she felt obligated to give it to him since the increased frequency and magnitude of his attacks endangered his brain function. Angry Darien Fawkes quit the Agency after receiving the cure for quicksilver madness. The first thing he did was to rob an armored car He immediately gave back the money because he knew it was wrong, felt it was wrong and had in fact liked being one of the  good guys.

    Although the television show claimed that Darien Fawkes joined the FBI after leaving the Agency and worked there for a short time before returning to the fold of the Agency with a higher negotiated salary, this was merely dramatic license. (18) Fawkes never left the Agency but did manage to negotiate for more money by threatening to do so.

    Fawkes and Hobbes discovered what Chrysalis did with the supply of quicksilver it had created. An invisible force was devastating crops of genetically engineered wheat and corn in the Midwest. A farmer had found a bunch of dead locusts. The locusts had traces of quicksilver. An explosion at Terra Gen, a genetic engineering lab triggered Fawkes and Hobbes Chrysalis alarms. Terra Gen was very close to a cancer cure. One of the important components was grown in genetically engineered Wheat. Fawkes and Hobbes managed to convince them to spray for insects before Chrysalis dropped their invisible locusts on the fields.

    This small victory against Chrysalis is the last known case of Fawkes and Hobbes

    Click here for a Griffin family tree graphic



1.Celia Forrester Walters was Mason Fawkes half sister, the daughter of Flora Cranley Forrester. Dr. Paul Walters was the son of Dr. Sigmund Walters noted gland specialist and experimenter in cross species gland implants. The result of one of Dr. Sigmund's experiments can be seen in the following films Captive Wild Woman, Jungle Woman, Jungle Captive. The Fawkes family connection to Invisibility is detailed in the Frank Griffin jr. section of this article.  To recap, Darien and Kevin Fawkes were the sons of Frank Griffin Jr. who was the son of Jack Griffin and Flora Cranley. Jack Griffin was the son of John Hawley Griffin the original invisible man of the men mentioned, Frank Jr. Jack Griffin, John Hawley Griffin were all invisible men.

2.The research encompassed the surviving records of John Hawley Griffin, Dr. Jack Griffin, Dr. Frank Griffin,Professor Drury, Professor Gibbs, Professor Walter Grey, Dr. Willard Morthley, Dr. Kerry Griffin, Dr. Daniel Westin and the speculative notes of Bromwell Baxter on the experiments of William Carpenter.

3. Raffles was A. J. Raffles whose exploits were recorded by H. W. Hornug and later on by Barry Pernowe. Robie was John Robie the famed cat burglar depicted in To Catch a Thief, Hewett was Thomas Edward Hewett Cat, T.H.E. Cat. MacDougal was jewel thief extraordinaire Robert MacDougal whose last known caper can be seen in Entrapment

4. OSI agent's Steve Austin and Jaimie Sommers had two recorded encounters with the creature called Big Foot. These encounters were among the cases written up and disseminated for public viewing after changes had been name to protect national security, the lives of the agents and of course for dramatic purposes. The episodes were shown in Season Three, episodes 17 and 18 The Secret of Big Foot Part 1 and  2, and in Season 4 Episode 1 Big Foot Returns part 1  this was continued in the Bionic Woman Season Two The Return of Bigfoot Part 2. Bigfoot was a cyborg like Austin and Sommers although the product of alien technology.  The OSI had discovered a secret enclave of alien scientists who were peacefully studying earth's cultures and societies from a base in Northern California. Although the televised versions of the events added some fantastic elements they did have an element of truth to them.  The plot in the television episode concerned the aliens attempt to stop the OSI from triggering an underground nuclear weapon which would prevent a major earthquake in California but destroy the Aliens base. The aliens wanted to stop the use of the nuclear blast because they knew it would trigger an even larger earthquake. The aliens used a device called a time line converter which allowed them to speed up or slow down time within a defined spatial area. The device may have been more than just that. The device may have been a true time travel device. The alien story may have been a cover story. The group of scientist might actually have been time travelers sent to this location with a two fold purpose; to observe and record history and to use advanced technology to prevent disastrous earthquakes along the San Andreas fault. Who these aliens or time travelers were is unknown, they may have been affiliated with the Preservers, with the mysterious aliens who sponsored such people as Gary Seven, they may have also been affiliated with the mysterious beings who created Project Questor.

    The skin and tissue samples were collected from Steven Austin and Jaime Sommers as a result of their contact with the Big Foot cyborg. Although the Big Foot cyborg did not display the ability to become invisible, it does not mean that he did not have that ability or at least did not have that ability originally. The team of scientists had repaired a dying and mutilated big Foot replacing his biosystems with mechanical enhancements so that he could be their protector.  It may be that his quicksilver gland was injured or removed.

5. This may have been what actually occurred. Given Arnaud de Thiel's rapid concoction of the manipulation of the quicksilver gland, his creation of a counter agent for the quicksilver's addictive agent Arnaud probably had access to a live specimen of the Bigfoot.  His connection with a nefarious society with knowledge of advanced genetic research and cloning technology  allowed him to make a clone of the sasquatch. This gave him an edge in understanding the quicksilver gland.  The organization was pragmatic enough to let someone else to the primary research for them and Arnaud for all his genius was unable to come up with a protocol to adapt the quicksilver organ for cross species transplantation on his own. He actually needed Kevin Fawkes research.

6. Oddly enough Simon Cole or at least his family had a previous encounter with invisibility. Simon Cole's father was the noted businessman Henry "Blackie" Cole. Although great very few people now know that Blackie Cole was born Heinreich Kohl and in the late thirties he was a bootlegger and a bundist.  Blackie Cole attempted to steal the invisibility formula from Professor Gibbs. This episode cost him his freedom and exposed him as an agent of the Third Reich. In 1943, Kohl struck a deal with the justice department and in exchange for a pardon, gave them information on various Nazi espionage rings operating in the United States.  After his release from prison Blackie Cole seems to have actually become a legitimate business man.

7. Arnaud knew about the history of invisibility by his use of this pseudonym.  Whether or not he knew about Darien's connections to the Griffin family is debatable. It is uncertain as to whether Darien or Kevin knew about their family's history despite the fact that the adults deliberately went to great lengths to keep the information from the boys, children often have ways of discovering secrets. It is perhaps significant that in the televised depictions of Darien's cases that  the opening sequence has Darien watching a clip of Universal's Invisible Man (1933) which was mostly based on the life of his grandfather, Jack Griffin, although it borrow some of the elements from the story of his great-grandfather John Hawley Griffin. He states "There was once a story about an invisible man but I thought it was just a story"

8. Benjamin Scarborough seems to have been a member of one of the Blind Seer families. The Blind Seers were an ongoing breeding program of the Nine which bred men and women who could see future probabilities with a great degree of depth, clarity and detail. Among the members of these families are Max Carrados, Matthew Murtagh the Daredevil,  Duncan McClain, Katherine Koluchy and even Peter Parker. For more details see the Daredevil article.

9. This sleeping clinic with its, uh sleeper agents, seems as if it used mind control technology developed by Dr. Henry King during his brief stint as a CIA "consultant" in the fifties. For more about Dr. King please see the Superman and Wonder Woman articles.

10. This business of Darien having a female quicksilver gland may have been purely the invention of the writers of the televised versions of these events. The Bigfoot from which the gland had been modeled had been male. It could be however that Kevin Fawkes needed to make some hormonal adjustments to the quicksilver gland so that it would be compatible with human hormonal activity, as a result he needed to make the gland chromosomatically female.

11. You may have noticed that a few bits of information that had surfaced about the Organization otherwise known as Chrysalis Corporation. They were heavily into genetic engineering and had been for some time. Long enough to have manipulated the DNA of Allianora to create a mutation such as she possessed. They possessed cloning and cryogenic technology. They kidnapped several scientists to use as slave labor. They ran a series of fertility clinics and now we see that they train children to be soldiers. These are also elements of other similar projects.  The Centre for one with its Nu Genesis fertility clinics. The study of genetics and the use of Eugenics formed the Centre in the early twenties By James Clarke Wildman with the idea to improve the lot of mankind. As part of its program it also provided information and later fertility aid  and adoption to childless couples. After James Clarke Wildman jr disappeared in the forties, the Clinic lost its funding and sought revenue otherwhere, It became co-opted by the Nine and was used to further their aims of genetic research and social control. At the Centre were created Pretenders who were to be the ultimate infiltrators.  See Brad Mengel's Pretenders Among Us for further information. The Nine were also involved in various military projects including the many Super Solider projects.

An outgrowth of the genetic engineering studies done at the Centre culminated in the Nine sponsored Chrysalis project created by Dr. Sarina Kaur which managed to create a highly sophisticated scientific city in the middle of the Great Thar Desert in 1974. The project was infiltrated and stopped by Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. They rescued several of the children before the project director Sarina Kaur destroyed the facility with a self destruct mechanism. Among the children that were rescued was a clone of the child who would become the ultimate Pretender, Jared. Many scientists also escaped. Some of them went onto form the Chrysalis Corporation. Others such as Maggie Erikson Walsh went to work for the United States government usually working for the SWRB, among whose many projects included the Quicksilver Project, the Tommy Walker Project, the Initiative and Project Manticore. The latter used genetic material from unknowing donors to create embryos which were also subjected to recombinant DNA sequencing, creating children with enhanced characteristics due to animal traits. Project Manticore was run almost exclusively by a military black operations personnel, the children were trained to be soldiers and killing machines.

The Chrysalis Corporations seems to be a synthesis of these various programs under a central authority.

12. This compound was based on the Village where special retired BSS agents are sent. The ASS compound did not recreate the various mind games and psychological tests and challenges which the BSS used to keep their retired agents mentally and physically sharp should they ever be needed again. This compound was also is very likely the same one that Jaime Sommers was sent to when she attempted to retire from OSI as seen in the last show of the series, On the Run.

13. Being a British Agent Jonathan Steed seems out of place in this retirement community for U.S. espionage agents. What exactly was he doing there? He was doing a two fold job. Ostensibly he had been loaned to the Director of ASS to look into the feasibility of instituting the regime of challenges that the Village utilized and keep the retired community occupied. Too many retired agents were spending their golden years writing memoirs which were being smuggled out and made into books or dramatic presentations. This was a practice the government wished to end. Steed also was on assignment for the BSS and was searching for an IRA assassin who had long ago infiltrated the NSA. Steed was to terminate him. The cover story that Steed gave his fellow "retirees" was that the US government was holding him temporarily until he could be safely transported back to England. It was rather well known in the annals of spiedom that the last time that Britain had asked the United States to hold one of their agents for them, the fellow had escaped almost every place he was put in. He was even put in Alcatraz and escaped from there.  The United States had been forced to give the prisoner, John Patrick Mason a conditional pardon if he help end an act of domestic terrorism on the defunct Alcatraz prison site. Mason had succeeded but also perished doing so.

14. The foreign dignitary was a Pakistani diplomat with ties to terrorist organizations. This was actually an assignment given to Purdue prior to being declared rogue.

15. How did the assassin know where Fawkes was at? He saw him. When quicksilvered Darien had the ability to see other invisible people or objects because the quicksilver covering his eyes allowed him to see in a wider spectrum that usual. The assassin while not invisible had taken an invisibility formula for year, although his body had eventually become immune to the serum and began to react badly to its use it did have lingering residual effects on his physiology. One of the reasons he was such great marksman was because it had enhances his visual acuity, allowing him farther and with greater detail and also to see in the infra red and ultraviolet range. He prudently kept this information to himself.  The name was Mason Fawkes, Darien Fawkes father. Unbeknownst to Darien, Mason Fawkes was also Frank Griffin jr.

16. It was shortly after this that Mason Fawkes once again began testing invisibility protocols. Yet these remained unsuccessful. The name he used needs some explanation. Forrester came from his biological mother's married name. Purdue was simple the University that Frank Raymond had attended in happier times.

17. Although one of the goals of the Nine was to create an alternate source of immortality rather than their elixir, the goal was to create immortality for themselves and a few of their servants. Chrysalis was probably not one of the organizations or institutes fostered or sponsored by the Nine directly. Rather it seems to have been a private project by someone with Nine ties, a servant of the Nine striking out on his own. After XauXaz had died or appeared to have died. After Grandrith and Caliban had succeeded in killing off most of the core members of the Nine, a new Nine had formed although it was fragmented, decentralized and often at cross purposes. This lack of control allowed for servants to gain power that they had not previously had. One of these was the mysterious figure known as Stark whose shocking story can be seen at this location.

18. For one thing given its rather strict hiring practices it is unlikely that Fawkes would have been hired as a special agent since he did not have a degree of any sort. Also if he were hired as support personnel it is unlikely that he would have been put on a case so rapidly, he would have had to gone through intensive training and indoctrination.

Invisibles Timeline
1897 Invisible Man by H.G. Well (John Hawley Griffin. OIM Original Invisible Man)
1898 League of Extraordinary Men (John Hawley Griffin)
1922 Invisible Man (John (Jack) Griffin)
1929 Invisible Murderer with William Carpenter as the Invisible Man
1931 Invisible Man's Return (Frank Griffin----- with Geoffrey Radcliffe as the IM
1935 Invisible Man's Revenge  (Robert Griffin) the IM
1938 Invisible Woman (Kitty Caroll)
1942 (twenty years after Invisible Man) Invisible Agent (Frank Griffin a.k.a. Frank Raymond)
1948 Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Geoffrey Radcliffe IM)
1949 Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (Tommy Nelson IM)
1966 Invisibility Affair Willard Morthley and Kerry Griffin inventors of the OTSMID (Omnidirectional Total Spectrum Molecular Interpenetration Device) which can render objects invisible
1974 Daniel Westin  becomes an Invisible Man
1998 Darien Fawkes surgically implanted with quicksilver gland to become an Invisible Man
1999 Sebastian Caine has a brief and deadly career as an Invisible Man as seen in The Hollow Man

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