Part One
Marvelous, Fantastic Heroes

Wonder Woman

    According to the comic book origins of Princess Diana, the Wonder Woman, she was the daughter of Queen Hippolyte of Paradise Island. Having longed for a child she was instructed to mold the form of a child out of clay and the goddess Aphrodite bestowed life upon the child. Hippolyte then named the child after a Roman Goddess of the Hunt.

    Diana was a remarkable child displaying incredible strength and agility even as a young girl. She received her bracelets of submission and drank from Paradise Island's fountain of youth, which provided her with immortality so long as she stayed on the island. She became trained in a variety of skills including martial arts, horsemanship and medicine.

    In early 1941, Lt. Steve Trevor, an United States Army Intelligence officer crashed his plane near the waters of Paradise island and was found floating in the wreckage by Diana who had never seen a man. Trevor was very close to death and their conventional methods of medicine could not save him so Diana developed a purple healing ray that helped restore him. While nursing Trevor Diana became infatuated with him much to Hippolyta's distress.

    Also according to the comic book origin the god Ares taunted Aphrodite with the fact that most of Earth's nations were at war. Aphrodite wished to send an Amazonian representative to America so that once it entered the war it would be inspired by the Amazonian creed of love. Hippolyta was directed to hold a contest to see which would be chose to be Amazon to leave with Trevor. Her mother forbade Diana to enter the contest. She entered disguised and won anyway. Her mother reluctantly allowed her to leave with Lt. Trevor. She was given some magical implements to help with her work in the Man's world, an invisible plane and a golden unbreakable lasso which could compel the will of anyone captured in it.

    She adopted the code name of Wonder Woman. As Wonder Woman she dropped off Trevor at a hospital. Afterwards She almost immediately foiled a bank robbery. Her thwarting of the robbery was seen by an agent who offered her a job as an entertainer. She did this for a while until Trevor was out of the hospital. She eventually acquired an identity in the man's world by taking the name of a registered nurse Diana Prince. Miss Prince resembled Diana a great deal and used the money Diana gave her to follow her fiancée to the West Coast.

    As Diana Prince, Diana joined the U.S. Army working as a yeoman in the office of Colonel Darnell, an associate of Trevor's. Diana Prince eventually would become an Intelligence agent as well.

    This origin of Wonder Woman brings to mind a few questions:

    Where was Paradise Island? Who were these Amazons? How large a population did Paradise Island have? What was the clay that Hippolyta used? Why did she name her daughter after a Roman goddess? What was the game bullets and bracelets? What were bracelets of submission? Where did this advanced science the Amazon's possessed originate?

    According to most Greek legends the land of the Amazons was located in an area around Scythia near the Black Sea. To the Greeks that may have been a remote region but to the twentieth century Europeans, the Black Sea was one of the most heavily trafficked waterways in Europe in our Universe and therefore most probably in the WNU. Therefore a hidden city was or region was not likely to be very well hidden in this area, especially when it had to have a fairly large population.

    Why do we believe it had a large population? Well it had to have a large enough population so that Diana would be able to compete masked and remain incognito without having her identity unmasked  by a simple head count, so we can imagine that Paradise Island was comprised of several communities composed of several hundred women each.

    Although there is some recent archaeological evidence for a matriarchal society in this area that may have given rise to the myths of the Amazons, we can eliminate that source just by the apparent culture of the Amazons. While they are matriarchal it is by default because there aren't any men. The culture also seems like a romanticized Hellenic influenced society rather than one that arose from the Black Sea area such as the Scythians. According to the Greek legends the Amazons would hunt for men to mate with and capture them. Once they had served their purpose the men were either killed or enslaved.

    Since Diana had not seen a man before we can speculate that the Amazons did not as a rule go on man hunts any longer. Therefore it had been a long time since a man had wandered into the environs of Paradise Island. Discounting its physical location in the Black Sea area this area being heavily traveled. There are legends of an Amazonian city in the Libyan region but this does not seem to coincide with Trevor's flight record or his admittedly spotty recollections.

    Besides appearing to be a romanticized version of the Hellenic myths of the Amazons, the Amazons also possessed implements of advanced science among which are an indestructible, will-sapping rope, an invisible flying machine, a purple healing ray and indestructible metal jewelry. Yet these artifacts are unique and said to be gifts from the Gods. While it is possible that these women living in virtual isolation for millennia could achieve a civilization of high technology one would suppose that they must have had an island brimming with abundant mineral resources. Beyond those artifacts mentioned there does not appear to be any other high technological achievements, the main technological level seems to be about that of the Hellenic civilization.

    So if these artifacts were created by the Amazons why are they unique? And why isn't there any evidence of the technology necessary to create them? If they were from outside the Amazon's civilization, where did they come from?

    The Amazons worshipped Ares and Artemis. Both were according to the comic book stories living beings that the Amazons interacted or had interacted with in the past. If these Gods provided the high technological gifts to the Amazons we must ask who were these Gods were they actually deities from the Hellenistic pantheon? Or were they like the aliens who had been worshipped as deities but had left the Earth in the distant past? (1) Or were they something else.

    According the surviving records of the Nine they were once enslaved by a group of beings who were long-lived, had weapons of lightning, chariots that could soar through the air and had the ability to create objects or change objects. The Nine eventually overthrew them. Mythology knows these powerful beings as the Titans, in reality they were  A squad of Thoan soldiers find themselves stranded on Earth, having followed a Thokina patrol into a decoy gate. The Thoan were equipped with skimmers, beamer weapons and personal e-m converters. Although these Thoan were gone by 20,000 B.P. some of their artifact still remained. Among these were belts that were combinations of force fields, gravity stabilizers and strength enhancers. Three of these remained up to the modern age.

    Around 7, 750 B.P. Red Orc a Thoan discovered accidentally discovered a primitive world which seemed an exact duplicate of the Thoan home universe, yet he could not discover any traces of Thoan creation machines. He did to his shock discover traces of extra terrestrial travel. He wondered if this was the original universe or if it were just a more advanced copy of the Thoan home universe. Either way since one of Red Orc's worlds had died from disease, he substituted this one for that one and eventually began to believe that he had created this world.

    Seven hundred years later his nephew Jadawin created the World of Tiers and began to populate it with people taken from Red Orc's planet. Jadawin was fascinated by the cultures of earth and created several romanticized versions of them on his world of Tiers. Yet although he had a level of his world called Okeanos, which was populated with people from ancient Mycenea, as demonstrated by Jadawin-Wolff's wife Cryseis and the soldier Ajax. This level was more of a pleasure spot rather than an actual re-creation of Ancient Greece. He also had a level called Atlantis, which was also populated, with some Myceneans and this level may have been based on Hellenic Greece but that level was destroyed by a successor to Jadawin. The King of Atlantis however had a Cretan name so the level may have been based on the Minoan culture.

    Despite his fascination with Earth's history and culture he seems to have lacked a level based on Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome or any of the Eastern civilizations. Naturally he had to pick and choose what he wanted on the World of Tiers. Yet that does not necessarily mean that he did not recreate the cultures mentioned. We know that after having achieved the ability to create their own universes, with each individual Lord creating one or more universes, after a few millennia of this the virtual immortals grew bored and began to covet the universes built by other Lords. An elaborate game of traps and lures was begun. We know that despite the World of Tiers being his favorite world and his main hobby, prior to having his memory wiped Jadawin also participated in this game and he probably did so in the company of one or more of his sisters. It is not unlikely that he accumulated a couple of other universes and that he reshaped them into designs of his liking, placing among these universes those cultures and cultural institutions he also enjoyed but are oddly enough missing from the World of Tiers.

    Paradise Island was a small pocket universe that Jadawin acquired from another Lord early in his career. Oddly enough the pocket universe was not one created by the Thoan but rather by the Thokina. Jadawin believed that it was a staging area for Thokina troops. The Lord that Jadawin had trapped had never taken advantage of the few pieces of Thokina equipment left behind.

    Jadawin reshaped the small universe into a small ocean with a rather large island. He created beautiful cities for the Amazons and then shifted them there. They were at first an admixture of Scythian and Mycenean peoples with a matriarchal society, worshippers of the Great Mother. He shaped their mythos and belief system into one more Hellenized and one that made them into more of the legendary Amazons. He did this by allowing several generations to pass; he weeded out the men and made the women the bulk of society. Once the culture was as he wished he introduced the chemicals that gave the inhabitants of most Thoan universes a highly expanded life span.

    The Amazons were, in essence, toys with which Jadawin and his sisters amused themselves; they were part harem and part sporting event. However their static culture, even though he had created it, soon bored Jadawin. He only visited when he wanted a little variety. He would use the guises of Zeus or Ares depending on his mood and his sisters would be Hera or Artemis.

    Jadawin had set the gates so that when the female population of Themyscria fell below a certain level, it would open a gate. The gate was a large one, encompassing a mile circumference in the Black Sea area. When Trevor's plane crashed and landed inside the gate, the gate closed. Jadawin had also set the gate so that if the population fell drastically  below a certain level the Queen would receive commands to send out a party of Amazons to capture men.

    After Trevor was healed of his wounds the mating games were held to see which Amazons would be allowed to mate with him. As soon as it became known that a man was on the island, the communities began holding competitions to see who would be chosen to mate with him. The winners of these games traveled to the capitol to compete. Since Diana and Hippolyta were the designated consorts of Ares and Artemis, they were not allowed to compete.

    Diana however entered the games. In the comics she was disguised so that no one knew who she was. Her wearing a mask would be suspicious if she was the only competitor doing so. Besides unless Paradise Island had a very large population her very absence as an observer of the games would be noted. While we believe that Paradise Island had a large population, we don't think it was so large that a woman such as Diana could enter as the only masked person in the competition and not be recognized.

    All of the women wore ritual masks to hide their identities, in this way favoritism could not be a factor in the final judging of the competition. It is also likely that Hippolyta and others did recognize Diana once the competitions had begun but could not stop her from competing once the games had begun.

    Diana probably did not use her full capabilities in the early competitions, just enough so that she barely won each game. Her augmented physiology would have been also easily recognizable. Once the games became ritualized they could not be stopped Diana played to her fullest easily defeating her competitors.

    After the competition, Hippolyta, according to the comic version, relented and allowed Diana to travel to the Man's world and gave her the special gifts of the lariat and invisible plane. In reality since Trevor was not going to be leaving Paradise Island except when he had successfully impregnated one or more women, and when he left he would be sent to the God, this part of the tale is also a fabrication. Hippolyta awarded Trevor to the next runner up of the contest.

    Diana had naively believed that once she had won the contest that her mother would have given Trevor to her and they would have been allowed to live out their lives in peace. Her mother evidently did not tell her about her own travails at the hands of men, or of Hippolyta's fear of incurring the wrath of Ares. (2)

    When exactly Jadawin created the pocket universe containing the Amazons is unknown but it appears to have been just prior to the heroic age.  Hippolyta was apparently active during the period when the Heracles mythos was being formed. There were three or four men who were Heracles, that is there were three or four men who did the deeds and actions often associated with the mythic and legendary actions and deeds of Heracles.

    During one of the "labors" of Heracles he was supposed to obtain the girdle of the Queen of the Amazons for Admeta, the daughter of Eurystheus, the King of Tiryns for whom he was compelled to serve. Since many accounts have Theseus accompanying Heracles, the journey to Amazonia may have taken place a few years after the voyage of the Argo, both Heros having taken part in that epic Journey.(3)

    There are variations on the myth of the arrival of Hercules and Theseus to Themyscria; the comic book version of this event is also different. According to the mythic version, the Queen of the Amazons was so impressed with Hercules that she fell in love with him. After he told her what he had come to Themyscria for Hippolyta gave him the girdle. While Hercules and Hippolyta were sequestered in a love nest, Hera in the guise of an Amazon incited the Amazons to attack the men who were abducting their queen. When the Amazons attacked, Hercules fearing treachery killed Hippolyta.

    Yet another version has Theseus stealing away with Hippolyta. Another version has him taking an Amazon named Antiope with him.

    In the comic book version the Amazons greeted Hercules and his men with peace and love, Hercules and his men took advantage of this and fell upon them and enslaved them. It was only with the help of the Gods that the Amazons regained their freedom.

    So what happened? The most likely scenario is that the Amazons of course did greet Heracles and his men cordially. They had contests of skill and various other forms of entertainment, leading up to the Amazon's sexual use of the sailors. In defiance of Ares orders, Hippolyta found herself attracted to Hercules and became his lover. She gave to him the girdle what he sought. (4)

    There was however some conflict at the outset. Hercules wished Hippolyta to leave with him. She wished him to stay there with her. Neither was going to change their mind so this relationship was doomed from the start. However other of the Amazons were not of similar minds, Theseus and a few of his men had persuaded Antiope and some others to leave with them when they left Paradise Island. Instead of enforcing Ares' command that all men must remain, these Amazons decided they did not want to remain celibate for years on end and so agreed to leave.

    It was Jadawin's sister who stirred up the Amazons into attacking the men, she had either been observing the action or just happened on the scene for a visit. She however left when the real fighting began. Antiope's Amazons believed that the other Amazons had been sent to stop them from leaving, while this probably would have occurred eventually, this was not the true cause. Hippolyta believed that Hercules and Theseus had reneged on their agreements and tried to abduct her subjects. She attacked Hercules and he knocked her unconscious.

    Theseus, Hercules and their crew along with several of the Amazons fled Paradise Island. Ares having been informed that trouble was brewing in his little refuge visited Paradise Island. He was wroth that Hippolyta had taken another as a consort when she was supposed to be his alone. He was also angry that several of his servants had escaped. He dispatched a cohort of Amazons to capture the fled Amazons or die trying. (5)

    Ares then made several safeguards so that the wantonness and sentimentality that allowed his subjects to escape would not happen again. They gate was structured so that men would only be allowed to enter Paradise Island if the population fell below a certain level, if fell to critical levels then parties of Amazons would be dispatched to kidnap men. It would then open only at sunrise or sunset for a few minutes each day for four months.

    He instituted the mating games in which incognito Amazons would compete for the honor of mating with the captured males. The captured males had a three month period in which they would impregnate as many women they could. After they had fulfilled this unpleasant duty, they would be sent placed in the Temple of Ares and a flash of lightning would dispatch them. All male children were to be similarly dispatched. (6) This way Ares kept his women from becoming emotionally attached to their male captives.

    As it would turn out Hippolyta was pregnant by Hercules. Ares allowed her to carry the child to full term and then took it away from her. He told Hippolyta that he would reform this child to make her a fitting Queen for the Amazons, a fitting mate for a God. Ares said he would enhance her natural abilities and make her the most beautiful woman in the world.(7)He would one day return her daughter to her but only after he thought she had suffered enough for her betrayal. Hippolyta would never again be allowed to bear a child or to take another lover.

    As Jadawin became more and more involved with his World of Tiers he spent less time on his other projects. The Amazons although they retained their martial culture also became farmers, poets, philosophers, and artists. Jadawin was a bit perturbed that many began worshipping Aphrodite as their primary cult rather than Ares or Artemis but since he was not actively involved in this universe, let it run its course.

    Centuries would pass between visits to the Amazons. On one visit he introduced a new animal that he had designed, he thought that Paradise Island would be the perfect sanctuary for it and it would give the Amazons something to do in the absence of war. The animal was a large, domesticated cross between a camel and a Kangaroo, used as a riding animal.

    Since he was gone so much and since the Earth had changed so much, he gave Hippolyta and the Priestess of Ares the ability to open the gate should they ever be invaded by a renegade Lord or suffer some great devastation. Should the gift be abused of course the wrath of the Ares would be visited upon them.

  Jadawin's last visit to Amazonia was circa 1900. It was then that Hippolyta pleaded with him to finally give back her child. Jadawin had either forgotten about the child, or decided that Hippolyta should suffer all this time. He brought the transformed baby out of stasis gel and gave her to Hippolyta. He named her Diana after his sister Vala, preferring the Roman name for her. He shortly thereafter became involved with battling with a Lord who was attempting to take over his World of Tiers. The end result was that Jadawin ended up with complete amnesia and stuck on Earth.

    Diana was a remarkable child displaying incredible strength and agility even as a young girl, due to her Wold Newton family heritage and to her augmented body created in Jadawin's bio-labs. Although Diana was approximately forty-one or forty-two when Steve Trevor landed on Paradise Island, she was still physically and emotionally about twenty years of age, the eternal youth process of the Thoans having kept her and the rest of the Amazons at their prime.

    Diana had never met a man since up that point. The martial society of the Amazons had become a peaceful and stable if static society; therefore not enough deaths had occurred through passion or misadventure to open the gate to Paradise Island. A few days before Steve Trevor found his way on Paradise Island, two Amazons had been killed attempting to break a wild Kanga (as the Kangaroo type riding animals would be known in the comic book) two more had been killed as a result of a love affair gone bad. The jilted woman had killed her former girlfriend and had then been executed by the Queen's justice.

    Steven Trevor's plane crashed on the shores of Paradise Island, it had flown low enough to enter the gate which had automatically shut down as soon as a living male had been detected entering it (8). Trevor was critically injured by the plane crash and while Amazonian medicine was very good at first aid, it lacked advanced medical techniques beyond primitive surgery. I am aware that this is opposite of what is depicted in the comic but the longevity process of the Thoans also eliminated the threat of most diseases, it aided in bodily regeneration and it kept the body from suffering maladies associated with geriatric illness. What need would they have to develop advanced medical techniques?

    Rather than let the male die without first giving the Amazon's a chance at his seed, Hippolyta authorized the use of the healing ray from the Temple of Ares. This did not cure him completely but it did keep him from death's door and it did allow for them to reset his bones so that he would be able to function properly when it came time for him to perform his manly duties. Diana had taken over nursing duties for Trevor and he taught her English as she nursed him. Hippolyta indulged her daughter in this believing that she would discover how duplicitous and crude males were first hand. She did not realize that Diana was falling in love with Steven Trevor.

    Diana found Steve Trevor's descriptions of the Man's world to be frightening and fascinating. When he was pronounced by the Priestess of Asclepius to be physically well enough to mate without expiring, the mating games were commenced.(9) Diana entered incognito and won. To her dismay her mother awarded Trevor to the next runner up and forbade Diana from having anything to do with him. Since Diana had defied her will as Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta had to reassert her authority, despite Diana being the favored of Ares. She had Diana escorted to Ares' Palace and had her placed in the bracelets of submission.(10)

    After which Diana was to be escorted under armed guard and kept in a secluded area until Trevor had been sent to Ares. Whether it was because of her augmented physique or perhaps the strength of her love for Trevor Diana was not entirely affected by the bracelets and did not become the docile, highly suggestible woman that usually resulted from exposure to the bracelets. Diana overpowered her guards, stealthily made her way to Trevor's rooms. She overpowered the woman who had won first chance at Trevor. The woman was in the process of seducing Trevor by doing an exotic dance, when Diana crept up behind her and knocked her unconscious.

    Knowing that there was no turning back, Diana fled with Trevor. She returned to Ares' palace. She stole his plane (11) and his golden rope (12) and used the flier's gate opener open the gate and flew out into the Man's world, leaving behind her friends, her mother and her chance at eternal youth.
Although the comics portraying her returning to Paradise Island fairly often, in reality she returned once or twice, if that.

    As per Steven Trevor's instructions, she flew him to a hospital in Washington D.C. landing in a park across from the hospital and into the hospital. When she was told it would be weeks before he was well enough to leave Diana pragmatically let the Doctors do their work and went out to make arrangements to live in her new home, the Man's World. From discussions with Trevor she knew that she would have to get shelter, clothing, food and the wherewithal to acquire them.

    Diana had not walked very far from the hospital when she stumbled onto a bank robbery. She probably would not have known what was going one except one of the robbers had taken a hostage, a young woman. Using her enhanced abilities, Diana defeated the robbers, actually doing the bullets and bracelets routine for the first time. A local show promoter saw her fight with the bank robbers and wanted her to recreate the bullets and bracelets bit. (13) He designed a costume for her, which well in keeping with war time patriotic themes was based on the American flag. He even called her Wonder Woman. Diana was wearing a ampechonion, diplax doubled over the chiton poderes and a girdle with clasp-fastened chitons when she arrived but the outfit designed by the promoter became her standard costume when in the Wonder Woman role.

    According to the comic book origins, Diana read that Steve Trevor had been released from the hospital and returned to duty. This would mean that she had a command of written English. It would also mean that she had not visited Trevor while he was in the hospital. While the former does not sound impossible having inherited a great intellect from her father and mother, it does seem rather odd that she did not visit Trevor. The fact is that she may have tried several times but was turned away by Military Police. Steve Trevor was in hot water.

    Consider the military's position. Steve Trevor left from his base in Turkey or Persia, looking to take photos of the Nazi invasion of Greece in early 1941. He disappeared and was gone for months. Suddenly he appeared inside a Washington D.C. hospital wounded, although partially healed. He claimed to have been rescued by a Greek girl flying an invisible plane, an angel perhaps. Military Intelligence was after him to come up with a more coherent story of how he had gotten to America and received his wounds. They believed Trevor had been captured by the Nazi's and tortured. That he had turned up in America was unsettling to say the least. They wondered if he had been comprised and if so who else he had compromised. Until that mystery was cleared up he was not going to receive visitors.

    Of course by the time the Army began to believe his story about a woman "rescuer", discounting the invisible plane, the persistent woman had disappeared. So a story was printed to try bring her to Trevor. Diana was out of town for a week or so doing shows.

    When she returned she read that Trevor was recovered and about to be released from the hospital.

    Diana informed the promoter that she was giving up show biz. Furious he attempted to cheat her out of her money, she managed to convince him to give over her earnings. Since he was a highly regarded promoter with strong ties to the community it is unlikely that he would have tried to flee with the money but rather used the tried and true methods of agents and promoters, chicanery and trickery.

    According the comic book origin, Diana met a woman named coincidentally Diana Prince who bore a striking resemblance to her. Even more coincidentally this Diana Prince was a nurse working at the same hospital where Trevor was staying. Diana Prince was upset because her fiancée had moved to California and did not have the financial means to bring her with him. In exchange for her identity Diana gave the money to the woman so that she could travel to the West Coast to be with her sweetheart.

    Diana disguised herself as Diana Prince and managed to get assigned to Steve Trevor as his nurse. When he was released from the hospital and returned to active she took a job with the Army as his superior's secretary.

    This is the story that was publicly released to the writers of the official Wonder Woman comic book; it is for the most part a fabrication. Upon learning that Steve Trevor was going to be released from the hospital, Diana went to the hospital still dressed in her Wonder Woman garb, she noted the increased amount of soldiers and was immediately wary. Disguising herself as a nurse she sneaked into Trevor's room. He quickly explained that they did not believe his story and that they were searching for her.

    Diana was perhaps a bit naive when it came to trusting authority; she simply gave her self up to the Military Intelligence that grilled her. After grilling her for days in which she demonstrated her strength and showed the invisible plane, Military Intelligence could not come up with a plausible explanation for her, so they turned her over to Bureau 13. When the experts at Bureau 13 were done with her, they were convinced that either she was the genuine article or firmly believed that she was. They could not find a plausible theory for her plane or golden lariat, nor did there seem to be anyway to reproduce them.

    When Bureau 13 was convinced that Diana wished nothing for than to be near the man she loved and to help his country win the war against great evil. They aided her in creating a new identity so that she could live and work in America. To keep her close and under watch, she was given a job in Military Intelligence. Only a few people, including Steve Trevor, knew that Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. To publicize her efforts with the War effort, National Periodicals was given the go ahead to create a comic book about her. The underlying hope was that this would help with the propaganda for the war effort and inspire girls and women to take on more responsibilities while the men were away fighting. Diana insisted upon a writer who was who was sympathetic to women's issues. The writer chosen was Dr. William Marston, a noted psychologist who had previously written favorably about the intelligence and abilities of women. Dr. Marston was indeed sympathetic to women's issues but he also had his own agenda to disseminate his psychological views. As it turned out he had some unique ideas about male female relationships. (14)

    Diana soon established her bona fides with the United States Army Military Intelligence
when she discovers that Eva Brown had been leaking defense secrets to the Nazis and captured the Nazi spy Gross. A few weeks later, Diana and Steve Trevor prevented the poisoning of the local water supply by Dr. Poison, a criminal chemist. In the course of this adventure, an appendectomy patient named Etta Candy assisted them. Candy, who was enrolled at Holliday College and a member of the Beta Lambda Sorority, became a fast friend of Wonder Woman. (15) Dr. Poison was originally thought to be a man, however Dr. Poison turned out to be Princess Maru, a Japanese saboteur who wanted to destroy America.

    One of the most recurrent villains was Baroness Paul Von Gunther, a female "Gestapo" agent. Of course since the Gestapo was an internal police force, it is more likely that this woman was a member of Abwehr. She was a bit of bumbler as a spy and a saboteur perhaps because her heart was not really in it. One of her plans was to devalue the United States economy with counterfeit bills (16), a tactic that if done properly could have caused major problems in the Allied War effort. Although in the comic book version her plan was to inflate the price of milk in America; so that the poor would not be able to afford it, and they would grow up weakened and dwarfed. The next generation of Americans would be easy prey for Germany. She eventually became a friend and ally of Diana's after being sent to Transformation Island to have her evil turned into good. That's the comic book version, in reality she was only half hearted Nazi in the first place and when she discovered the reality of the Final Solution, she turned against the Third Reich altogether.

    Another recurrent villain, in the comic books at least was the so called Duke of Deception. He was according to the Comic Book origin, an agent of Ares, a master of illusion and lies, an immortal of unknown origin who used lies and convoluted stratagems to make life miserable for Diana and the United States. Since the character was popular, the Duke of Deception encountered Diana more often in the comics than he did in reality. He was not a tool of Ares except in the sense that he promoted war and violence among mankind for the thrill of it. He appears to have actually been an Immortal of the "Highlander" type and was possibly Kronos, the leader of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--a bronze age band of Immortal brigands that spread murder and terror throughout Europe and Asia. (17)

    The Duke's powers of illusion that he utilized against Diana and others were not as a matter of fact his own but rather from one of his minions, Dr. Psycho. Kronos or the Duke had an uncanny ability to find and use social misfits to accomplish his goals. One of these was the infamous Dr. Psycho, who later become a staunch foe of Diana.

    After The Duke's first encounter with Diana he fled leaving many artifacts in a house that was combination of museum and fortress. Most of the identifiable artifacts were returned to the nations from where they originated, other ended up in museums. One ended up in the hands of Wonder Woman; this was the girdle of Hippolyta, stolen from Hippolyta so many years before. Over the years it had been damaged so that all its features no longer functioned, the protective force field no longer worked, the stealth technology no longer worked, It however did enhance Diana's augmented strength to a level near Superman's. However the belt's power source had also been damaged and it would not hold a charge for very long. She could use the belt at full strength for fifteen to twenty minutes before it would have to be recharged.

    Although Diana and Steve Trevor mainly went against fifth columnists, enemy saboteurs on the home front and double agents, the U.S. Government also used them as a publicity tool. Diana, like many Immigrants, was more gung-ho about America and American institutions than many Americans born upon its shores. Her patriotism and symbolism were used as incentives to inspire more complacent Americans to participate in bond rallies or rubber, paper, metal drive. As part of this program Diana and Steve often found themselves aiding local authorities with various criminal elements, many of whom were suspected of either being active intelligence agents or double agents for the enemy. (18)

    Because of her "superpowers" Diana also found herself working with esoteric threats drafted by Bureau 13 or Section 31, unofficially of course. Among these missions were her fight against Fausta the German Wonder Woman. Fausta was merely a normal German woman who through film trickery was seen to have the same powers as Wonder Woman, so far as German newsreels were concerned. However, Hitler and Himmler were not in on the charade and insisted that she be sent to America to capture the American Wonder Woman. The Propaganda Ministry attempted to capture Diana by gas and have it appear as though Fausta had captured her. The gas overcame Diana and Fausta did capture her but only for a short time. As soon as Diana he recovered her full strength she escaped and captured Fausta.

    Another episode was Diana's fight against the Amazons of Atlantis. In reality these undersea dwellers had no relationship to the sunken cities of Atlantis except in that like Namor they were of human-Dyzan (Deep Ones) heritage. These women represented another offshoot of the hybridization of the Deep Ones and Human interspecies mating. They were quite humanoid in appearance, although larger in stature than most humans, possessed gills as well as lungs and were parthogenic.

    They had raided a navy ship and taken several of the crew as captives. The men were forced to participate in games to win the right to life and to mate with one of the women. The Undersea Amazons needed to bring in human genetic material once every generation in order to maintain their human appearance. Steve Trevor was among the men captured and Diana went to his rescue. He successfully defeated his opponent as Diana defeated "Queen Clea", giving her the right to assume leadership of the colony. Her only command was to take men with the swastika symbol as captives. (19)

    In one episode Diana went against Batman's old foe, the Joker, who was actively working for the Nazis (20), although he stayed successfully in the shadows. There was little doubt however that the hideous disease that afflicted American workers in epidemic numbers and threatened to curtail American war production dubbed the laugh mania was a modification of Joker Gas. Diana discovers that Axis agents have been kidnapping and impersonating American war-plant workers and then infecting their fellow worker's coveralls with the deadly "war laugh mania germs." or rather placing on their clothing a powder which acted much like the Joker Gas only in  much slower fashion. Diana, Steve and Etta capture the Axis agents and put an end to the "War Laugh Mania Epidemic. (21)

    We know that Diana and Steve Trevor would use her invisible plane to infiltrate behind enemy lines, carrying out missions for Military Intelligence and OSS. She worked on a couple of occasions with Sgt. Rock and Easy Company, although by the time the stories were printed in the comics of the 1970s they had been greatly exaggerated. Diana also worked with Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner and the two men called the Human Torch. Although there was a comic book put out by Timely Comics which depicted Captain America, The Sub-Mariner and the Torches as a cohesive team of allies, in reality, they mostly worked separately, although did have several conjoined missions. It is possible that Diana worked with but not nearly as often as depicted. Timely Comics did not have the sanctioned Wonder Woman license and so created characters similar to Diana but different enough not to cause a fuss. Miss America and Spitfire were actually based on Diana's exploits. (22)

    A couple of cases made Diana aware of secret undercurrents in society and politics, of hidden history and the reality of some mythology. She may have also been made aware of her peculiar heritage. Diana came up against the Nine or at least the titular head of the Nine. Even now the exact details of these cases are not known, even Marston was only given the sketchiest information about it. In the comic version Diana confronts Odin with his Valkyries who were collecting dead men's souls from Earth's battlefields. Diana defeated him and destroyed his kingdom of the dead, Valhalla, but a few months later he had reconstructed it again, and they clashed once more. His second defeat was so decisive that in despair Odin committed suicide! (23)

    The reality can only be speculated. Xauxaz was apparently working with or rather using elements of the Nazis to further his own aims. His influence with the Nazi's may be one of the reasons there was an upsurge in old Norse mythological themes in parts of the Nazi subculture. Whether or not he had convinced Hitler and cronies that he was in fact Odin, was an adherent of the Old Religion or had some other means of influence is not known.

    During one of the overseas missions Diana was trapped and captured by Xauxaz. She may have been transported to the original Caverns of the Nine in Europe, where she was tested through trial by combat for admission to the ranks of the Nine's servitors. Diana however had no desire to live forever indebted to any group that would work so closely with the Nazis.

    Diana used her belt enhanced strength to destroy the original caverns of the Nine and defeated Xauxaz army of Valkyries and Berserkers. These were probably the caretakers of the caverns, descendants of the original female and berserker warriors carrying on their traditions or possibly, they were the originals kept young by the elixir.

    The others convinced Xauxaz that Diana's abilities warranted another offer to join them, or if not then she should be enslaved and made to breed as they wished. The Nine once again trapped Diana, this time as she aided some Basque freedom fighters, who were struggling against Generalissimo Franco. She once again defeated the Nine's forces and was going to be put under a death contract with a bounty when one of the Nine's Nazi biologists made a startling discovery. Diana was the daughter of the Undying God. (24) When this was discovered Xauxaz commanded that she be left alone. Even those who did not always listen to his commands followed his one, not wishing to anger the Undying God. Since the Nazi's defeat was imminent, according to most Blind Seer predictions, Xauxaz extricated himself from involvement with them by putting out the story that he had committed suicide after his second defeat.

    Diana would also confront Loki, the brother of Odin. He was a brother only in the sense of being a blood brother. It is not certain if this was indeed the immortal Loki who was Odin's Xauxaz'  sometime friend who also may have been of the Athanor. Nor is it clear as to why he made a point of seeking her out and convincing her to compete in an Olympiad that he claimed took place in the future. The prize was the freedom of women in the future world. The outcome was however rigged against her. (25)

    It may have been nothing more than Loki the Trickster living up to his name but since it prevented her from accompanying Captain America on the mission which took his life, it could be that Loki had some other purpose in detaining Diana. Whether he wished to make certain that she did not perish, to make certain that Captain America did  or had some other purpose is not known.

    Another villain who plagued Diana from time to time was a purely domestic one, called Gargantua in the Wonder Woman comics. She was female gorilla who had been turned into a beautiful woman yet retained many of her bestial traits. This of course was Paula Dupree whose tragic life was documented in the films, Captive Wild Woman (Universal 1943) Jungle Woman (Universal 1944) Jungle Captive (Universal 1945)

    One of Wonder Woman's most vicious and bizarre foes would eventually go to work for the government, something that had she known would have disgusted her. This was the man code named Dr. Psycho in the Wonder Woman comics. Dr. Psycho was actually a psychiatrist and neurological researcher named Henry King. He was a dwarf with a twisted back and large head. The progenitor of his genius as well as his distorted physique was his ancestor the seriously genetically twisted George Gordon, Lord Byron.(26) His maternal grandfather was Miguelito Loveless (Lovelace) jr.

    According to the origin of Dr. Psycho in Wonder Woman comics, the good doctor was a bitter lonely man looked down upon by most people because of his short stature and deformities. He became a sexual psychopath strongly desiring women but also despising them as worthless chattel to be used and abused. Although he did not act upon those impulses, so far as can be determined until he learned of his supernal abilities. While researching psychic phenomenon discovered that he could use a medium to draw ectoplasm from the spirit world and shape it into what ever forms he wished and control these forms purely through the power of his mind. He was however forced to use a medium. In the early tales his medium was a woman that he had hypnotized into loving him. She was his unwilling medium. Later after her demise he discovered that he could use Steve Trevor as a medium.

    The truth seems to be even stranger. To this day it is not truly known what exactly Dr. Psycho's powers were. Scientists and psychic researchers are divided on this question. Among the various theories are that he was a powerful projective telepath that made people believe that they were seeing, hearing, feeling three-dimensional images when in fact it all took place in their minds. Other researchers, more cognitive of his ancestral history believed that Dr. King using a variation of his ancestor's Mover (27) power had the ability to draw energy from the Phantom Zone and give it substance and animation through his own psyche. Others of course believe that he actually did contact the spiritual realm and commanded the souls of the dead to do his bidding, an ability derived from vampiric heritage.

    Whatever the truth of his abilities Dr. Psycho's use of a medium was apparently derived from his psychosexual dysfunction. From all the evidence now at the disposal of Bureau 13 it appears that King did not actually need a medium. This was just a psychological crutch based on his need for human companionship. It now in fact appears that his first medium, Marva was in fact his first psychic manifestation. She was based on a former student of his whose body was discovered circa 1979 preserved in formaldehyde hidden in a wall of one of his former residences. Forensic pathology revealed had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Forensic psychiatrists believe that Dr. King had tried to seduce the girl and had been violently rebuffed. Enraged he had assaulted and killed her. The killing rage and the ensuing guilt and denial had unleashed his psionic gifts. King had created an illusion of the girl he had murdered, so great was his denial that he actually believed that the illusion was her.

   When or how he became involved with the Kronos, the Duke of Deception is not known. Kronos pretended to befriend the friendless Henry King, seeing in him a potential tool When King demonstrated his amazing gift to Kronos, Kronos demonstrated his immortality to King, telling him that if King would work on Kronos behalf, King would be given the secret of immortality.

      There is some evidence that he was somewhat schizophrenic for he went through periods where he did not need a medium to create his illusionary or energy animates. Others have proposed psychological reasons for Dr. Psycho's periodic use of mediums. One is that the ability waxed and waned with his confidence in his abilities, that the medium was more of a focal point, a psychological crutch. Another theory is that the mediums were the focus of his sexual obsessions. The focus of his first sexual obsession, the rejected woman was his first medium and his use of Steven Trevor came about when Trevor became the object of his sexual desire. Dr. Psycho hated Diana above all other women not only because of his misogynism and because her beauty, strength and personality made her seem to many the ideal woman but also because he considered her a rival for the affections of Steven Trevor.(28).

    Dr. King would be incarcerated in the fifties but would be released to work for the CIA's notorious MK-Ultra program. He would design several chemical compounds that would incite psychological changes in individuals, some beneficial, mostly were however ultimately destructive.

    One of the most relatively powerless yet most annoying, oddly enough, most dangerous of the villains that Diana faced was a woman who called herself the Cheetah.  Priscilla Rich becomes the Cheetah for the first time when Mr. Darling (29) go with Wonder Woman to a party rather then taking Priscilla to dinner. She becomes quite jealous of WW and it causes her personality to split and she becomes the Cheetah. Like Jekyll and Hyde, at odd times her repressed savagery wells up and takes control of her personality. Though she has tried to reform, Priscilla Rich has no control over The Cheetah part of her mind. (30)

    As a result of her mental instability the control of the family fortune fell to the ministrations of her brother, Richard who parlayed a modest fortune into one of great proportions. Richard's son was a child prodigy and also became a wealthy young man at a very early age. A comic book company specializing in children's comics published exaggerated depictions of his adventures.

    After World War Two ended Diana stayed with Military Intelligence and CIALD for a few years, operating against die-hard fascist threats and up and coming Communist threats. She also helped fight crime in the Washington D.C. area, although concentrating on street crime rather than other sorts of crime particular to that region.

    In 1946, she finally consented to become marry Steven Trevor. It had taken her several years to become accustomed to this idea of a male-female relationship, something totally beyond her experience and knowledge.

    In late 1946 she had their only child Hippolyta Trevor. The changes to Diana that Jadawin had made were genetic and so her child was born with the propensity towards great strength and agility coupled with her innate Wold Newton mutations. However since Jadawin had believed that any progeny that Diana would have would be sired from him and so would have his enhancements as well, Lyta Trevor's abilities were somewhat less than her mother's. She was also born with her father's blond hair.

    Although she excelled at sports Lyta did not compete since her parents thought that her abilities were too much of an advantage over the other children. Demonstrating a very early and earnest desire to follow her parents in Intelligence work Lyta trained with her parents at their various skills; including martial arts, investigative techniques and the sort of work that prepared her for a long, healthy career in this field.

    In 1960 Diana semi-retired from field work as an intelligence operative for CIALD opting for a more normal life while their daughter was in her formative teenage years. She would occasionally, when truly needed by the government, put on the Wonder Woman outfit and help out her old friends.

    In 1967, having graduated from college, Lyta Trevor became an intelligence operative. Lyta had an early solo mission when the U.S. government with Diana's approval decided to alleviate criticism about sexism by re-launching The Wonder Woman program with a new generation. Lyta however felt that she needed to earn the right to wear her mother's strength augmentation belt and so was confined to using her own natural strength and abilities. Despite successfully completing her mission, the details of which were of course kept top secret, the public at large did not respond to the appearance of this blonde haired, powered down version of Wonder Woman and so the program was shelved.

    Since the blond haired Wonder Woman had so much exposure, Lyta dyed her hair black and assumed her mother's intelligence code name of Diana Prince. Although she joined CIALD she soon became one of its liaison agents with the United Network for Law and Enforcement. Using her mother's code name she opened a small boutique which was in reality a front for the small branch office of Diana and her co-agents much like Del Floria's tailor shop was for the offices of UNCLE. (31)

    Although she worked with several agents during this time period, her partner was an older Chinese gentleman code-named I-Ching. I-Ching was a master of martial arts with phenomenal reflexes and instincts who owned a dojo down the street from "Diana's" boutique. In addition to be a great martial artist he had a wide knowledge of arcane sciences and he had once been a member of an American Intelligence Agency under a General Stuart, during which time he had possessed his vision. I-Ching's remarkable abilities are not entirely unexpected given his family history.

    I-Ching real name was Yu Caine and he was the descendent of Kwai Chang Caine and Po Li, his father had been John Caine. John Caine had returned to China in 1899 after his father had married Lily Montgomery. He had studied at the Shaolin temple and became a teacher and artisan. He had married in 1910 to a woman introduced to him by a mutual friend. Their union produced a child in 1920.

    In 1928 the Shaolin temple was destroyed. When the Emperor Piu Yi fled to the province of Manchoukuo Johnny Caine took his family there, feeling the need to guard the Emperor. I-Ching was a blind seer,(32) through his lineage via Po Li the grand daughter of Master Po and through his mother's family. When Chinese Nationalists captured the province of Manchoukuo in 1945 and his country men arrested the Emperor, Johnny Caine stayed to share the Emperor's fate but he made arrangements for his family to escape.

    Yu Caine heard that the Communists had sentenced his seventy-four year old father to a hard labor camp where he died after several months of torturous treatment. Yu Caine hated the Communists and joined the Nationalists. He became a sort of liaison between the Americans who were providing covert aid, the Kumontang and the Tongs. He married into the Tiger Tong in early 1946 and had a daughter later that year.

    In 1950, I-Ching discovered that his wife was part of a faction of the Tiger Tong who was collaborating with the Communists for drug concessions, etc. Upon further investigation he discovered that she was not merely part of it but had run the entire operation. Realizing that he had unknowingly given her information that had lead to the deaths of several of their agents, Yu Caine took the responsibility upon himself. He executed his wife. His father in law, the head of the Tiger Tong kidnapped Lucy Caine. (33) Yu Caine spent a year tracking her down only to discover it was a trap. Yu Caine had his eyes seared and he was sent out in the Mongolian wilderness to survive.

    Amazingly enough Yu Caine did survive and learned that the experience had made him more attuned to his senses. He managed to make his way to Taiwan, where he learned to deal with his disability. It was around this time that he decided to become an American. He began to look for a sponsor among his American contacts. General Stuart told Yu Caine that he would sponsor him if he worked for him for a time. Yu Caine readily agreed.

    In the mid sixties, feeling that he could accomplish more for China working with a more international organization I-Ching parted amicably with General Stuart and went to work for the UNCLE organization.

    I-Ching was Lyta Trevor "Diana Prince's" partner for five years. During that time while operating out of the Boutique and Dojo, they fought the machinations of Dr. Cyber, a female terrorist and international criminal. Dr. Cyber's mostly female organization was the remnant of the organization previously thwarted by Derek Flint. Dr. Cyber operated on an international level in America, Europe and Asia. One of her plots was to kill congressmen by planting bombs in children's toys and sending them to the lawmakers. This ploy was tried in a different form against some British politicians and was foiled by dedicated agents from the Ministry. What connection if any there was between Dr. Cyber and the robots also fought by the Ministry is either unknown or not currently released for public dissemination. (34)

    Lyta and I-Ching pursued Dr. Cyber to an underwater lair, to England, Norway and to China. While in mainland China pursuing Dr. Cyber they also take time to do some selective sabotage and spread sedition in episodes which are still too sensitive to this very day to release all the details for public consumption. To fill the gaps in "Diana's" continuity the comic book did what they always did, create fantastic stories. They had Lyta returning to Paradise Island for a series of crisis.

    In China Lyta and I-Ching discovered that Dr. Cyber was connected to the Tongs and that I-Ching's long lost daughter Lu Chan was one of Dr. Cyber's top agents in Asia. The reunion between father and daughter was not a very touching one for upon learning I-Ching's identity, Lu Chan shot him for having killed her mother.

    Lyta managed to get I-Ching to Hong Kong. Dr. Cyber borrowed a page from her male counterparts and killed all of her male Tong minions. Then she announceed that she possessed a machine that could cause Earthquakes at will. Unless she was made ruler of the earth, she was going to unleash her machine's power. With the unwilling help of one of Dr. Cyber's female soldiers, Lyta tracked her down. A fight ensued in which Lyta destroyed the Earthquake machine and electrocuted Dr. Cyber.

    Lyta returned to Hong Kong only to find I-Ching missing. He had followed Lu Chan into Red China. Lyta went after him. She caught up with him when he had stopped at village he had visited several years before. This village was threatened with extinction by collectivization. They manged to move the entire village and got the people to Hong Kong.

    Lyta and I-Ching returned to the United States. Their first investigation was to see how much Communist indoctrination that the so-called juvenile gangs possess. As a favor they also tracked down a fugitive who had sold poisoned drugs. They were assigned to manipulate the politics of a small Eupropean nation, called Daldonia. They Prisoner of Zenda type plot in the comic book masked a much more subtle and involved operation that made certain that a Soviet double using IMF type masks was not crowned Princess of Graustark. Graustark, after decades of non-existence, had broken away from being a Soviet satellite to become an independent monarchy once again. Some more astute political analysts believe that Latveria, who had wished a buffer state between it and the Soviet Union, fostered the resurrection of Graustark.

    I-Ching and Lyta next investigated the death of an agent at a place called the Inn of the White Horse. They obtained some information by meeting up with the criminal contacts that the dead agent had utilized. After the meeting, some of the criminals began ending up dead. Lyta and I-Ching discovered that the Innkeeper and his wife were really ghosts sucking the souls from the Inn's guests. To be more accurate the Innkeeper and his wife were among the few remaining Toc and Ogs that did not leave Earth in 1970. They drained people of their life force to retain their corporeal existence.

    During the next year Lyta and I-Ching foiled an assassination plot against President Richard Nixon and infiltrated Symbion, although it was called the Tribunal in the comic story arc. They were aided in this effort by a private detective named Johnny Double. Double had been hired to find out why a magazine publisher and nightclub entrepreneur had been targeted for assassination by the seemingly overly moralistic Tribunal. Although the comics called the publisher/club owner Fellows Dill, think Bunny Rabbit and you will know to whom the story truly refers. The Tribunal was disgusted by Dill's exploitation of women.

    The Tribunal was as it turned out a radical offshoot of Symbion, created by women who were disgusted by Dr. King's voracious sexuality and desire for the debasement of women. The Tribunal had been  infiltrated and commandeered by Dr. Cyber. Her face and body had been crippled and disfigured in her previous fight with Lyta. She had taken over this female run organization to find the perfect candidate for a new body to house her magnificent brain. (35)The operation would be performed by Dr. Moon, an associate of Ras al Ghul (Fu Manchu). Since Lyta stumbled onto the scene however Dr. Cyber wished to use her body.

    This episode ended up with Lyta and I-Ching having gathered quite a bit of information about the actual Symbion, with the break up of the tribunal, the arrest of wanted war criminal Doctor Moon and the death of Dr. Cyber.

    Lyta and I-Ching got word from Johnny Double that I-Ching's daughter had been making inquiries about a mysterious object in Chinatown. Johnny Double disappeared and a group of Asian assassins failed in their attempts against Lyta and I-Ching. Before one perishes he gasps out the words Fist of Flame.

    I-Ching recognizes this as object of worship of a cult of monks living in Tibet. Lyta received a note stating that Johnny Double will perish unless she locates the Fist of Flame. They travel to the cult's temple in Tibet accompanied by a beautiful woman that Lyta found oddly familiar. While they were climbing the mountain and Lyta saw the woman swing on a rope, she realized that this was the Catwoman (36). Catwoman revealed that she had hired Johnny Double to find the Fist of Flame and that Lu Shan had gotten wind of the inquiries and had moved in.

    The cultists were wary of outsiders for they had recently helped a young man with a scarred face. The young man had eventually seized control of the sect and then abandoned it. The cultists forced Lyta and the Catwoman to fight to the death over the Fist of Flame. I-Ching managed to steal the gem while the women fought. He slipped into the fighting area. For some reason the gem began glowing and he grabbed Lyta and Catwoman, somehow sensing the change in luminosity.

    Lyta, Catwoman and I-Ching were transferred across the dimensions to the world of Newhon. A stunned Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser greeted them, they were stunned of course not by the appearance of strangers appearing in their dimension but rather by the beauty of Lyta and the Catwoman. The Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser were yanked out of their home dimension and to Lyta's world. The two barbarian heroes helped Lyta, I-Ching and Catwoman locate Lu Shan. Lu Shan possessed another gem; a nearly identical gem called Eye of the Ocean. Together they created a dimensional energy transfer matrix machine.

    After a tremendous battle, Lu Shan, I-Ching, Lyta, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser were transported to Newhon. Diana and I-Ching returned to Earth. Lu Shan was stranded in Newhon, neither Lytaa or I-Ching had any desire to bring her back to Earth.

    Lyta and I-Ching returned to their cover identities and normal everyday lives. A few weeks after they had re-established ties to their community, a Smersh agent struck them down with a machine barrage right into Diana's boutique. Despite his nearly superhuman reflexes and precognitive skills I-Ching was killed mainly because he chose to leap in front of a innocent little girl that wandered onto the scene just as the shooting started.

    Lyta Trevor suffered a head wound and several serious gunshot wounds. She awoke up with amnesia. The amnesia was only partially caused by her head wound but was mostly was hysterical in nature. Lyta was devastated by Yu Caine's death for Yu Caine had been more than just her teacher, mentor and partner, he had been her friend and her lover.

    While it is true that twenty-five or so years separated the two, I-Ching was a strong, virile man. To forestall those who may feel compelled to point out that such a relationship was not even hinted at in the book let me ask this. How likely it is that even in the "enlightened" seventies was it that a comic book icon like Wonder Woman would be depicted as having an intimate relationship with an Asian man a couple decades older than herself?

    Although Lyta's injuries were serious they were not critical and with her inherited physical enhancements she healed at a rather rapid pace. Physically, that is. She remained in a deep depression and became obsessed with searching her roots, with discovering the Amazonian part of her heritage. Diana saw that Lyta would not find any peace until she had accomplished this task, so steeling herself she flew Lyta to the site where Paradise Island was located and used the gate opener in the invisible plane to get to Paradise Island. Knowing she was forbidden from touching the land again, Diana had the vessel hover while Lyta lowered herself onto the ground.

    Diana told Lyta how to open the gates and return home via the temple of Ares or Artemis. Diana flew back to the Man's world leaving Lyta to discover her roots.

    All was not well however in Paradise, the last thirty years had been bad ones for the Amazons.

    The land was ravaged by war and Queen Hippolyte was in a comatose state. The Amazons were enslaved. Lyta fortunately stumbled across a  small force of freedom fighters who were roaming the lands of Paradise Island. An Amazon revealed that  (Ares) had punished the Amazons for allowing one of their own to leave. This should be intepreted merely as a religious belief since at this time Jadawin was living as Robert Wolff and unaware of his previous existence as a Lord.

    After Diana had departed with the male, a few other males had arrived in a crashing flying device. They had advanced weapons and were not afraid to use them. They called themselves Deutsche or Nazis. After they had forcibly usurped command of Paradise Island, they discovered how to use several of the devices in Ares temple, which increased their control of the island. Learning the manner of traveling between worlds, they traveled to several of these pocket universes. In one such pocket universe they found persecuted Beastmen whom they invited to live on Paradise Island. By bringing in these Beast-Men the Nazi's formed their own army. Hippolyta had taken a blow to the head and lay in a coma, only the waters from the fountain of life kept her alive.  Lyta revealed that she was the daughter of Diana and ralliee the Amazons to fight at her side against their foe, which outnumbered them five to one. (37)

    Lyta later donned battle armor and led the Amazon army against Deutsche's Beast Men. During the battle the enemy snatched Hippolyte. The Amazons recovered their queen in a raid led by Lyta, and they withdrew to a mountain pass where they intended to make their last stand against the Nazi's troops.

    Lyta and a small group sneaked to the Temple of Artemis. She studied the dimensional transfer devices, that is the gates that travel between Jadawin's pocket Universes and others. Lyta had thought of traveling to other dimensions to get help just like the Nazi's had.

    Lyta and her small force ended up on the world of Chalandor where they battled black-hued beings called Shadowmen and helped the King of North Ambria regain his usurped throne. (38)

    Lyta had a solid ally in the North Ambrians. She began traveling the other dimensions connected to Paradise Island via the gates.  She discovered a dimension where King Arthur and other heroes of legend still existed and asked for their help in repelling the Nazi's troops. But none of them wish to go to war again. Finally after competing in a tournament, Lyta wins enough respect so that Roland and the other heroes from Arthur's realm joined them. This world of Chivalry seemed based on the works of Malory, Chretien de Troyes and other medieval romance writers rather than on historical reality. Although given the extended life spans of humans in these outer realms it was quite possible that these were the actual persons referred to in the works Malory and Pyle.

    Lyta and her Amazon freedom fighters next discovered another barbaric world, one in which the ancient Norse held sway, although like the Arthurian world this seemed based more on the legends of the Norse than on historical reality. A fight began between Lyta and Siegfried, but the Valkyrie Brunhilde stopped it. Brunhilde told Lyta that she and her Valkyries would be proud to aid the Amazons. Thus, Lyta returned to Paradise Island with the Nordic war-women, medieval knights and an army from North Ambria.

    The combined army began their final engagement against the Nazis' army of Beastmen. The Nazi's army was defeated and the defiant men were slain.  Hippolyte never awakened from her coma. Lyta was chosen Queen by right of blood. She stated that Paradise Island is no longer a prison, women can depart freely to find new challenges or start new lives in other dimensions if they wish. Lyta appoints an Amazon named Leda as her Regent.  Roland, Brunhilde, and all the other heroes and Valkyries departed. Paradise Island was rebuilt and shortly thereafter Lyta returned to the Man's world, believing that she has earned the right to call herself Wonder Woman.

    By drinking from the Fountain of Life i.e. the Thoan longevity treatment on Paradise Island Lyta had become fully restored to health, what's more the treatment had rejuvenated her to about the physical age of 22 and like her mother it slowed down her aging process. Upon returning to parents she told her mother that she believed she was ready to carry on her heritage as Wonder Woman. Lyta however redesigned the costume slightly replacing the eagle on the halter with two W's. Diana gave Lyta the rope, the invisible plane and the girdle of Hippolyta.

    Rejoining CIALD Lyta was given a job at the United Nations as a translator attached the United Nations Crisis Center. The next twelve months of Lyta's life have been labeled the twelve labors of Wonder Woman. Despite being fictionalized, the reappearance of Wonder Woman brings out a variety of foes. Lyta first saved the life of Indira Ghandi from assassination. The details of other missions have not been fully disclosed but among them are: Wonder Woman fought killer robots. She prevented a rogue Air Force general from starting WWIII with a stolen jet and A-bomb. She worked with the current Green Arrow to stop plot created by the Duke of Deception, a.k.a. Kronos to plunge the United Nations into war. Lyta stopped a false astrologer who made her dire predictions come true through a network of terrorist acts. Wonder Woman saved the Statue of Liberty from destruction by the Quebecois Liberation Front. She ceased the kidnapping and brainwashing of top feminist leaders by a right wing, political organization. This one had a familiar feeling to it. There was another attack by Kronos which was more typical to his name in which he sabotaged the clocks at major financial institutions based in New York. Finally Lyta once again confronted someone thought to be dead, the resilient Dr. Cyber.

       Lyta fought Wonder Woman in the last of these twelve successive cases that were nicknamed her labors. This Wonder Woman was a robot duplicate created by the same Dr. Dale Coba who created the realistic wife robots in Stepford, Connecticut. As you may recall Dr. Coba was a robotics expert who worked for Disneyland. This was where the duplicate Wonder Woman came from, a group of sentient robots believed that Wonder Woman's legendary immortality could be used to make Walt Disney immortal. Lyta was shocked to discover that Walt Disney had been directing her abduction, especially since he had reportedly died several years prior. As it turned out the real Disney had died and the Walt Disney in question was a malfunctioning robotic duplicate.

    As Lyta continued in her cover of working for the United Nations Crisis Center she met and began a relationship with Hector Howard.(39)

    Over the next five ensuing years, Lyta was a CIALD agent and also used the identity of Wonder Woman. She fought against SCYTHE, a terrorist organization which sought to force America to free its captive leader, against Scorpia, Kobra and The Cartel. During one of her undercover missions she joined NASA's astronaut program but left before becoming an actual astronaut. Lyta had successfully thwarted an attempt to hijack a space shuttle.

    Further missions pitted her against the following criminals; Poison Ivy- A former botanist who used her knowledge of arcane plants to create deadly poisons and hybrid plants for the purposes of eco-terrorism, The second Cheetah, The Red Dragon--a Chinese villain who wished to return his homeland to its feudal past and Dr. Psycho.

    In mid-1980, Lyta Trevor married Hector Howard and began to curtail her actives as Wonder Woman. She had a daughter Antiope in 1981 and went into semi-retirement. Diana was feeling restless in retirement and began acting as Wonder Woman on occasion. The elder Wonder Woman had graying hair and wore the original version of the costume. It was an open secret that there were two Wonder Women, one of which was obviously the daughter of the original. The press would occasionally call Lyta the "New" Wonder Woman but usually both women were just referred to as Wonder Woman.

    Diana was asked to investigate rumors that a prominent Nazi War criminal was not only alive and well but also starting up a new fascist organization in South America. She had had the misfortune to meet this Nazi war criminal at one time and it was thought that her knowledge would be an asset in this particular case. Diana was partnered with Keith Griggs, an expert on clandestine organizations. The person they were looking for was none other than the notorious Dr. Mengele, (40) whom Diana had the misfortune to meet during WWII. Dr. Mengele had been reported dead only a year or so in the past. Dr. Mengele, called Karl Schlagel had a two fold plan to bring down America's military. This was not simply revenge for Nazism having been defeated but also because he knew that the absence of the United States as a military power would create world wide chaos.

    Dr. Mengele had created an army of beast men, which hearkens back to his time as Dr. Moreau. He also created a weapon powered by the minds of children whom he has kidnapped from around the world. This weapon delivers a blast equivalent to an atomic bomb. Unfortunately it also burned out the brains of those children that powered it. With the help of Black Canary and Elongated Man, who had been working on the missing children angle, Diana defeated Dr. Mengele and freed the children from Dr. Mengele's deadly device.

    Dr. Mengele escaped however and Diana and Keith Griggs continued the search for him. They discovered that the beast-men of Dr. Mengele were not animals that had been physically surgically or genetically altered into humanoids but rather were men who had been altered to give them the attributes of animals. These changes were done by the legendary Circe.

    Circe was one of the lesser Goauld using sophisticated machinery stolen millennia ago from one of the Ancient's worlds. Diana battled Circe and managed to free many of her beast men from the animalized effects. However Circe disappeared into a mirror.

    Diana discovered that the true villain behind these schemes is Tezcatlipoca, one of the Goauld System Lords who has access to a few Trans-dimensional "mirrors". Diana managed to defeat the Goauld System Lord by driving him from his human host. When Diana defeated Tezcatlipoca she also freed a group of South American "Amazons". These women lived in an alternate dimension accessible through a South American temple which had an obsidian mirror. They were however unconnected to the Grecian Amazons in any way except for the common denominator of being women warriors who also served as the cannon fodder/harem of a "god".

    Wonder Woman's next few publicly known missions once again pitted her against Dr. Cyber, The Cheetah and Dr. Psycho in separate incidents. These missions were however carried out by Lyta Trevor Howard using both the Diana Prince and Wonder Woman identities. CIALD felt that it was important that the Diana Prince cover identity be publicly seen as a different identity from Wonder Woman.

    Another mission took Lyta to Ecuador where as Diana Prince she took on her mother's recent enemy, Tezcatlipoca who had found another human host.

    Diana on the other hand fought crime in the Washington D.C. area as Wonder Woman. She received a call that a monster was destroying Metropolis. A monster so terrible that it was getting the best of Power Girl and Superman. She flew her invisible plane to Metropolis and joined the battle.

    The monster had killed Superman and Power Girl. It took the combined forces of her augmented strength with belt at full power, her unbreakable, will sapping rope, the strength and weaponry of the Spider and Captain America to bring down the monster.

    When her friend Superman died, Diana lost most of her enthusiasm for costumed adventuring. It made her realize as never before the finality of mortality. It made her see how old her husband had gotten and how precious was the time they had left. Her grand-daughter had gone from an infant to a five year old in a blink of an eye. Diana put aside her double life and devoted as much time as she could to spending time with her family.

    Lyta who had also worked with Superman on a few occasions was similarly affected, she transferred to a non-field status agent and became Assistant Director of CIALD. When Director Winslow retired in 1988, Lyta Trevor Howard became the Director of CIALD, her code name W-Squared.

    The Wonder Woman dynasty did not die out however in 1990 with her mother's begrudging approval, Antiope Howard, began a closely supervised, (by mother and grandmother) and limited career as a costumed adventurer. She was dubbed Wonder Girl by the press. In 1999, she made her first public appearance as the new Wonder Woman. Antiope was given all the trappings of her predecessors. In her first public case she captured a serial killer known as the Spectre, The Wrath of God, (41). Some of the tabloid's however labeled him the Spaced Ghost. This serial killer had worked a variety of odd jobs and had moved often, and had killed from coast to coast. He had killed those who he deemed had invoked the Wrath of God.


1. In one of the Starship Enterprise's missions (depicted in Star Trek, Who Mourns for Adonais) the God Apollo makes an appearance. He is revealed to have been part of a humanoid Alien species that had an extra organ in his chest that gave him powers of electromagnetic nature and matter-energy conversion. He was one of several such creatures that posed as Greek Gods according to the episode. The records of the Stargate project reveal that parasitic aliens called the Goauld took over the bodies of Humans and Humanoid species and using combinations of innate electrical and psychic powers, high technology implants they posed as Gods of the Egyptian, Greek and various other Pantheons. In my article Aliens Among Us I theorized that the Apollo alien was actually a member of the Goauld and had used his energy powers to hide the fact from Dr. McCoy's tricorder. Apparently the child of Lt. Palamas, who had become Apollo's paramour and was pregnant according to James Blish authorized depiction of the story, did not have such powers. This would only be natural since  the Goauld only make physical changes only to the hosts they reside in but can use their host bodies to reproduce humanoid or human children to make hosts for their biological offspring. Other Earth born Immortals such as the Athanor and the Highlander type immortals and the Nine also posed as Gods. This of course does not mean that they all did so at the same time but rather probably did so at differing time periods and may have never  interacted.

2. Exactly how much of his assumed role of Ares Jadawin actually portrayed on Earth is unknown. Since he relationship with Red Orc the secret Lord of Earth was somewhat cordial then, it may be that Jadawin and his relatives were among those powerful beings who were later placed into an interrelated pantheon. Although it could very well be that the beings comprising the pantheon existed at differing periods in history and never actually interacted. Red Orc also claimed to have merely watched the Earth without interference like a good anthropologist but he was such a liar that this could also be untrue. It could be that during the prehistoric age, Red Orc was indeed active but later became secluded.

3. This particular Heracles was John Gribardson the main character of Time's Last Gift. Gribardson was an assumed name of John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, a.k.a. Tarzan of the Apes. When he realized that he had fallen into the role of Heracles, he reluctantly continued doing so, lest his refusal somehow alter history. However since the myths were often so variant and since he knew of other men who were acting out other parts of the Heracles mythos, Tarzan probably acted in his usual manner and not like brutish character that Heracles was sometimes portrayed. So this would make Diana, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, a daughter of Tarzan. For others please see The Daughters of Tarzan by Chuck Loridans

4. The girdle of Hippolyta was a belt that generated a protective force field, which also had stealth technology, camouflaging or projecting an illusion and augmented the wearer's strength. It was issued to some Thoan soldiers during the Thokkina War. Like much of the technology from his era, it has been lost. Three of the twelve that came to Earth were known to exist. One taken by Hercules, another which became the source of the great strength of Thor and later his sons Magni. The last one may have ended on a parallel world or it may have been used by Namor the Sub-Mariner. Jadawin may have another of these belts may not even had known about its disappearance, preferring to use his own augmented muscle power.

    There was also one found in another pocket universe by John Scully. Scully had been on a passenger plane that passed through a portal located in the region of the Bermuda triangle. The Triangle may be a point where many Universes have a "weak" spot and people pass through into any number of Universes when the conditions that create a natural gate occur. Scully ended up in pocket universe controlled by an alien that may have been a Thokkina, albeit a mad one. (See Skull the Slayer, Marvel Comics 1975) The Pocket Universe entered by Scully and his fellow plane passengers appears to have been a Preserver laboratory in which different epochs were recreated through the use of biological and robotic simulacra. However this pocket universe was a bit of a trap since none of the people who lived in it could figure out how to escape it. This was until the physicists Dr. Corey and Anne Reynolds deciphered enough of the machines open a gate back into their world or a close enough version.

5. The Amazons who went to retrieve Antiope never returned. Theseus’ brazen act sparked an Amazonomachy, a great battle between the Athenians and Amazons. Most of the great heroes in ancient Greece fought in an Amazonomachy, and Theseus could not be left out. The Amazons made camp in Attica on a hill that has been described as "bare and rocky." On this hill they offered a sacrifice to Ares, and the hill to this day is called the Areopagus. It would become the most famous court of law of ancient times.

    Even though Antiope bore a son to Theseus, who was called Hippolytus, she was cast off when Theseus had eyes for Phaedra.  Some sources paint Theseus in a more favorable light, saying that Antiope was dead before he and Phaedra were wed.

    As for the Amazons who were defeated in this battle against Athens, those who could escape into Anatolia and Libya, where they formed Amazon colonies, often joined by women seeking to escape the male dominated society. Still filled with hatred against the Greeks, some Amazons fought in the Trojan War on the Trojan side. Achilles fought with Penthesileia and killed her. Her beauty was so great that he defiled her after her death. The two Amazon colonies were small however and eventually died out, especially since they were no longer granted immortality.

6. What happened to these discarded male lovers and male babies? Were they disintegrated by a sophisticated Thoan machine? No, why waste perfectly good material? The altar of Ares was a gate that transferred the males to one or more of Jadawin's biolabs where they were transformed by Taloses (biological robots) into his various creatures, the Ravens and Eagles with human brains, the Half-Horses, Satyrs etc. He may have also had a system in other cultures in which took female sacrificial victims as well.  According Maker of Universes and A Private Cosmos many of the Half-Horse tribes were originally Scythian in origin, which would be around the area where Paradise Island's gate was located.

7. This is actually not that uncommon, most of the Lords or Thoans had some augmentations to their physiques, Jadawin had made his body more muscular with denser tissue and bone structure, giving him great strength and endurance. He had made his favorite woman on the World of Tiers into a very exotic beauty.  Podarge the Harpy Queen of the Eagles, had been bio sculpted so that her upper torso, at least her head , shoulders and breasts were copies of Anana, Jadawin's sister. Diana's superior musculature and quantitative strength were enhanced by Jadawin's treatment. Her face however was sculpted to resemble Vala; Jadawin's other sister who was probably the one who pretended to be Hera and Artemis.

8. If the population did not increase within nine months the gate would reopen, if another population decrease was detected the gate would open automatically. As it probably did when Diana left. In the account written by Roger Two Hawks, edited by Mr. Farmer it told of his disappearance through a gate into an alternate world. Roger Two Hawks was from an alternate world to even that of the Wold Newton Universe in which the Kaiser had remained in power up to World War Two. At the same moment Roger Two Hawks bomber squadron was making their raid, Allied Bombers, on world that could have been the Wold Newton Universe , were also making a bombing raid in the same location and were met with Nazi opposition. Some of the Nazi airmen fell into the same gate as Roger Two Hawks.  A few others landed safely but upon trekking across the land, found themselves shunted to Paradise Island.

9. Let me discuss one of the contests in the mating games, which has become well known through its association with Wonder Woman, Bullets and Bracelets. While it is true that Diana did possess the necessary speed and eye hand coordination necessary to actually deflect bullets from firearms using these bracelets of an unknown alloy, most Amazons did not. The game of Bullets and Bracelets was played on Paradise Island with lead slugs thrown from slings from single to multiple throwers; a variation on this was Bolts and Bracelets in which blunted arrows were shot at the Amazons who had to deflect them

10. According to the comic book version all Amazons wore bracelets of submission hearkening back to the day when Men had enslaved them. The free bracelets demonstrated the broken chains of Man's domination of them.  If an Amazon allows them to be joined together she would become docile and powerless punishment for allowing a Man to dominate her.  If she had them removed she would run amuck.  The truth is a bit more insidious than that. The bracelets of "Amazonian"  were mostly symbolic. The actual Bracelets of Submission were a device used by Jadawin to deal with those Amazons he desired but were reluctant to service even the God. On occasion he would take them by force but generally preferred not to, (he was after all soft compared to the other Lords). So he used a device in which the Amazons were strapped in by their wrists and were subjected to some psychological conditioning, possibly a combination of optical hypnosis and subsonic suggestion.  The Amazons were temporarily docile and highly suggestible to the point of becoming wanton sex slaves for the male Lord even if such was not their natural sexual orientation. So that he would not have to go through the process every time that he wished that particular woman, Jadawin planted a post hypnotic suggestion that when ever the bracelets that the Amazons wore were connected, the Amazon would become a docile plaything. Should the Amazon's remove their bracelets they would suffer great pain until returned to their wrists. The latter was also one of the methods he used to prevent escapes.  By Diana's time most of the older Amazons, had received this conditioning in one way or another either through Jadawin or Vala. Diana's experience with the Bracelets of Submission left her a moderate form of the conditioning.

11. The invisible "plane" was a product of  the Thokkina. It seems to have been a cargo transport vehicle. After Jadawin acquired it he used it to sneak into other Lord's worlds to steal animals and people, using its stealth capabilities to good use. He also used it to bolster his image as a god. The stealth technology could be regulated in the vehicle so that sections of the plane could be made visible; this was probably done for identification purposes or for cargo inspections. Jadawin made it appear as though he were swooping down from the sky without any visible means of support other than his own "power".

12. The golden rope was designed by Red Orc. Originally it was used to capture "wild" lebbiybib, but when it was discovered that it worked on Thoans as well as the lesser breeds, The Thoan council of Nine forbade the production of any more. How Jadawin acquired this one is unknown.

13. Although as she discovered the deflected bullets were still deadly for they cracked windows and punctured a car door.  Diana did not use this technique as often as depicted in the comics since there was always the ever present danger of wounding innocent bystanders, although she did become good at deflecting them where she wanted them to go, it was not 100% accurate.  When there was not anyone around she would do so. She usually avoided the bullets with her superior speed and reflexes.

14. William Marston lived many of his years with two women having two children by each of them. For more on his background and his psychological views please see, Wonder Woman: the Complete History by Les Daniels,  Chronicle Books, 2000

15. Although Wonder Woman's association with the Holliday College girls was to become fodder for sordid accusations, the truth of the matter is the Holliday girls provided Diana with a necessary psychological cushion. Despite being a strong willed and highly intelligent woman, Diana was a fish out of water in the Man's World. She had grown up surrounded by Women, had never known such things as disease, old age or men. The Holliday girls provided Diana with the company of women, something that was comforting in the wonderment and weirdness of the Man's world.

16. Another such scheme was developed near the war and millions worth of counterfeit American 100 dollar bills and British pounds were dumped into Lake Toplitz. See Hitler's Lake for more details.

17. As seen in the Highlander episodes Comes a Horseman and Revelation 6:8

18. The Anti-American suspicions often targeted against the criminal element were mostly unfounded. As it turned out that even most crooks, thieves and murderers were good patriotic Americans, who would not sell out America for any price.

19. Here Dina is showing some of the compassion that marked her career. Another superhero might have been prone to wipe out this colony of women, horrified at the thought of men being used as slaves and sexual objects. Diana instead provided the "Atlantean" Amazons with a new resource of males, which benefited the land dwelling world by ridding it of some of the Nazi menace. The Atlantean Amazons appear in Wonder Woman #8

20. The Joker's involvement with the Nazis and especially with the notorious Red Skull is depicted in Batman and Captain America DC comics 1999 by John Byrne, The Joker paid for his treachery by spending a few years at a Nazi labor camp and then at a Soviet labor camp.

21. War Laugh Mania Epidemic appears sans the presence of the Joker in Sensation Comics 23. The Joker was never directly confronted by Diana and was only suspected of being behind the insidious plot.

22. These missions and some others, including the epic confrontation with Superman will be discussed in the forthcoming article (s) Marvelous, Fantastic Team Ups.
23. Diana's confrontations with Odin were depicted in Comic Cavalcade 17 and Wonder Woman 23

24. The discovery was made when it was discovered that this prospective subject had very genes that were very similar to those of the Undying God. The Undying God's genetic code had been mapped out from one of the Sacred Hairs that were all that the Nine had to certify his existence, which over the Millennia even they had begun to doubt. Of course the fact that Lord Grandrith did not match the genetic sequence of the Undying God was explained that the Passage through Time's Bowels had Changed Lord Grandrith into the Undying God. The Nine were cognizant of the advanced genetics and even the DNA through aid from outside sources such as the Capelleans, Eridaneans and others.
25. Loki's appearance in the Wonder Woman Comics came in Sensation Comics 83.

26. If all the research about Lord Byron is correct, he was not only a Capellean-Human hybrid, he was a Mover for the Tocs and Ogs, he also carried the Highlander type strain of immortality  as well as a form of vampirism. The latter two manifested after his "death".

27.See the article Aliens Among Us. Toc and Ogs for more on the Mover

28. Dr. King's bisexuality was not generally known until testimony from Symbionese cult members began to appear in the mid-seventies. Dr. King headed the Symbion.  Symbion is also mentioned in the Superman article in this series.

29. Mr. Darling was the grandson of Michael Darling who once traveled to a land called Never-Never accompanied by his younger brother, sister a fairy and eternally youthful boy.

30. Priscilla Rich appeared in WW #6 & #28, and Comic Cavalcade #11.

31. This modern, plainclothes  but powerless version of Wonder Woman appeared in Wonder Woman Comics from 1968 to 1973. In the second season of the Wonder Woman television series, Wonder Woman works for a modern day Intelligence Agency.  Although neither version accurately portrays reality, they do however contain elements of truth.

32. For more information on blind seers, please read the article Daredevil in this series. The Caine family or at least the Eurasian branch has often had close ties with Blind Seers. The original Kwai Chang Caine was taught by Master Po, a blind seer and had  a son by his daughter. His son also unknowingly married into a family that carried the genetic background making Yu Caine a blind seer. Kwai Chang Caine's other family branch from his American wife, Lily Montgomery also had a blind seer connection. Kwai Chang Caine's grandson Peter was adopted by Peter and Anne Blaisdell. Peter Blaisdell was a man with a mysterious past  most probably in military intelligence. His wife Anne was blind and possessed many of the qualities of a blind seer. She had been introduced to Blaisdell by a man named Steadman who may or may not have been John Steed.

33. Lucy Caine had her name Sinoized and it became Lu Shan. Lu Shan grew up to be a professional criminal and terrorist working with the Tiger Tong and for the terrorist/international criminal Dr. Cyber.

34. As seen in the classic film, In Like Flint. 20th Century Fox 1967. Dr. Cyber's origins are unknown, although it is possible that she might be of Asian extraction having ties to the Tongs and also to the organization of Dr. Fu Manchu. Fu Manchu is called Ras Al Ghul in this Wonder Woman book as well.

35. Although this sounds much like the modos operandi of the Ultrahumanite/Braniac  Dr. Cyber does not appear to have been one of this master criminal's stolen bodies.

36. This was the second Catwoman who had assumed the identity much to the displeasure of Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman.

37. This was depicted albeit much more differently in Wonder Woman 183-184

38. This tale was presented in Wonder Woman 190-192

39. In the comics he is referred to as Steve Howard, Steve Trevor II or Hector Hall. In the television program he is referred to as Steve Trevor Jr. Hector Howard's main claim to fame was his being the nephew of publisher Glenn Howard.

40. Dr. Mengele, at least this Dr. Mengele, was in reality the immortal Capellean Marra who was a staunch believer in the Adversarialist Promethean philosophy of social and biological development. Over the centuries on Earth Marra has used many names, many of them borrowed from real persons whose identities he stole or used to create chaos. Among the names he used were Dr. Moreau, Dr. Mabuse, Moriarty, Murtagh and Miles.

Dr. Mengele's demise was falsely reported in 1975 in what CIALD called the Hitler Clone Crisis. Several young boys had their father's murdered by members of Odessa in an attempt to recreate the social and environmental conditions that shaped Adolph Hitler. CIALD however has never revealed if in fact these boys were genetically identical to Adolph Hitler.

41. The serial killer was a product of the MK Ultra program. He was an unfortunate who had been convinced by Dr. Psycho that he was a superhero and that he possessed powers beyond imagining, channeled through a magic ring and powered by his own will. Dr. Psycho apparently borrowed the idea from the ill-fated Green Lantern program. The MK Ultra subject had also been a test pilot for an Aircraft company. Somehow his eyewitness account of seeing Robert Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk triggered his sleeper program and he began believing he was a super hero. When he failed to prevent a deadly hurricane from devastating Florida's coastal cities, he believed this was his fault. His consorting with low companions had brought about a punishment by God. He was shot bythe vigilante Green Arrow while attempting to reignite the sun by causing a nuclear meltdown at the Orlando Nuclear powerplant.. Upon waking up, he believed that he was a ghost, a Spectre and had a mission to punish the wicked. His name was Harold Jordan.

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