Part One
Marvelous, Fantastic Heroes


10,000 BP Donar is born to XauXaz and Jord.
5,000 BCE. Heracles (Tarzan) visits the pocket universe known as Themyscrya or Paradise Island and had a romantic liason with the queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta. This results in the birth of Diana. Because she had lain with a man besides Ares (Jadawin) he takes Diana away from Hippolyta. Jadawin biosculpts Diana to be the perfect consort for him when she is mature. He is distracted by other concerns and leaves her in stasis for nearly six thousand years.
1870 Nemo Arthur Pym born
1875 Nemo Arthur Pym fostered among the surface dwellers with lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry.  He uses the name Arthur Curry.
1900 Nemo Arthur returns to the sea.
1909 Edward Hyde assaults Jada Grimm
1910 Oswald Cobblepot is born in the environs of Innsmouth, Massachuessets
1916. Bruce Wayne is born to Thomas and Martha Wayne
         Clark Kent is born to Martha and Jonathan Kent
1923 Oswald Cobblepot's sailor father disappears while on an Antarctic expedition. Oswald turns to crime to support himself.
1925  Nathaniel Roberts infected with the DNA of a Founder.
1926 Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered in street robbery as Bruce watches in horror.
1928 Comedian Joe Napier is maimed and assaulted by gangsters. He is sentenced to prison for killing his attackers. In prison he abused and poisoned. The Joker emerges from this ordeal.
            Reid Roberts is born.
1928: Birth of Barry Allen
1929 Richard Grayson is born to John Grayson and Mary Ribble
1930 Kirk Langstrom bit by a vampire named Monk. He is exposed to sunlight while in the midst of a transformation into a bat form and frozen there. Monk seals him up in a wall.
1931 Barbara Gordon born to James Gordon and Barbara Lane.
1938 Batman becomes involved with Lord Greystoke and the Catwoman in an adventure that takes them to Africa.
        Deep Sea divers are killed by soldiers of Y'Psoodsn
1939 Batman takes on a kid partner, Robin
        Matthew Murdock (Murtagh) born to Charles McNider and Grace Helder
1940 The Joker first terrorizes Gotham City
         District Attorney Harvey Kent is maimed by the Joker during his trial. Kent becomes Two-Face.
         Catwoman returns to Gotham city.
         Susan Russell is born of Kitty Caroll and John Russell
1940 Diana flees with Steven Trevor from Paradise Island where using her biosculpted abilities, plus objects of super science, such as the invisible plane, the girdle of Hippolyta, the golden lasso she embarkes on a career as a mystery woman.
1940 Careers of the Green Arrow and Speedy begin.
1941 Barbara Gordon begins acting as Batgirl
1943-1945 Batman works occasionally with the OSS on overseas missions, during this time, Robin and the Bat-Girl help keep crime down in Gotham.
1943 Kitty Caroll marries Franklin Storm, he adopts Susan
1944 Johnathan Storm born to Kitty Caroll and Franklin Storm.
            Peter Parker born although his true name is Peter Mc
1945 Batman and Robin team up with Captain America and Bucky against the Red Skull and the Joker.The Joker will eventually end up in Nazi and Soviet prison camps. He did not find them funny.
1946 Diana Prince marries Steve Trevor.
           Lyta Trevor Howard is born
1947 Dick Grayson enters Columbia University. Appearances by Robin decrease.
1949 Joel Kent born to Clark Kent and Lois Lane
1949: Birth of Wally West
1950 Bruce Wayne jr. born to Bruce Wayne and Julie Madison
           Selina Kyle voluntarily enters prison.
1952 Te-Li bears Shang-Chi the product of her seduction of Bruce Wayne. Shang-Chi will be told that he is a son of Fu Manchu's and an American Woman.
1953  Kara Kent born to Clark Kent and Lois Lane
         Bruce Wayne and Julie Madison divorce.
         Namor suffers amnesia as the result of wounds sustained in a battle.
1954 Y'Psoodsn destroyed in hydrogen bomb test.
1955  Rocket containing Kara El arrives on Earth.
          Bruce Wayne marries Selina Kyle upon her release from prison.
          Dick Grayson and Horace Cranston form the Cranston-Grayson Law firm.
          Dick Grayson marries Barbara Gordon
1955  Barry Allen takes "Improved Accelerator" and becomes the second Flash.
1956  Angela Grayson born to Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon
1956  Kane, noticing Iris West's reports on the Flash, sends the Rogues to capture him
1957  Supergirl first appears on the scene
         Helena Wayne born to Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle
1957 Robert Bruce Banner is exposed to "gamma" radiation and becomes a full blown theriomorph
         Oliver Queen I and several other mystery men disappear.
1958  James Grayson born born to Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon
1960  Charles Grayson born born to Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon
         Experimental Moon Rocket piloted by Ben Grimm and Reid Richards exposed to harsh cosmic radiation. It crashes near New York.
1960 Benjamin Grimm undergoes his first theriomorphic change.
        Namor is discovered living among the denizens of skid row by Johnny Storm.
        Roy Harper (Oliver Queen II) becomes the second Green Arrow. Forced to kill Bullseye, he loses his confidence and takes to drink.
1961 Dick Grayson becomes the second Bat-Man.
        Alvin Samuels (Dr. Henry Jekyll) succeeds in releasing Mr. Hyde.  He begins a long time emnity of Dr. Donald Blake and the crime fighter Thor.
1961  Marriage of Barry Allen and Iris West.
1962 Bruce Wayne jr. becomes the second Robin.
        Oliver Queen II loses his fortune.
1963 Wally West comes up with idea of "Teen Titans", and suggests it to Ollie Harper and Bruce Wayne Jr., as well as DC Comics.
        The Flash ages ten years in a failed attempt to save JFK and decides to retire.
        Roy Harper works at a Carnival as trick bow named the Hawkeye. He has a run in with Howard Hughes and the Iron Man Project.
1964 Bat-girl starts calling herself Bat-Woman.
         Bruce Wayne begins serving as Police Comissioner of New York City.
         Batman II and Robin II discover and thaw out a frozen Captain America.
         Reid Roberts and Sue Storm marry
        Roy Harper abandons his mystery man persona and his real name and calls himself Willie King. He works as a "fashion" photographer. He accompanies the Merry Pranksters on their trip across america.
1965 Supergirl starts calling herself Power-Femme, the press calls her Power-Girl.
1965 A highly addictive super speed drug, a modification of Accelerator called Velocity 9 appears on the streets of Kansas City, drawing Barry Allen out of retirement.
        Mock Super Hero Team the Inferior Five begins its career.
1966 Helena Wayne, without her parents, permission begins fighting crime as Bat-Girl. Press dubs her Bat-Mite
         Franklin Roberts is born to Reid Roberts and Sue Storm.
         Kara Kent becomes Supergirl II
1967 After Iris Allen is killed by the Anti-Flash, Barry Allen is forced to kill the Anti-Flash in self defense. Although acquited he retires once more.
1967 Lyta Trevor becomes a CIALD agent and briefly dons the Wonder Woman guise.
        Inferior Five disbands
        Roy Harper becomes a stone junkie
1968 Samuel Kent born to Mei Lei and Joel Kent
         Roy Harper and Hal Jordan aka The Green Arrow and the Green Lantern go on a Hard Traveling Trip.
1970 Helena Wayne becomes the second Bat-Girl
1970 Joel Kent takes over the role of the Question
         Oliver Queen II becomes Green Arrow full time.
1970 Barry Allen enters a warehouse which explodes. He is never seen again.
1973 Bruce Wayne resigns as Police Comissioner of Gotham City. He takes the position of Director of CIALD
         Anthony Gordon elected Police Commissioner of Gotham City.
1974 Timothy Drake born to John Drake II and Angela Grayson
1974 Disgusted by Watergate Steve Rogers takes a leave of absence as Captain America. Joel Kent takes his place.
1974 Captain America (stand in Joel Kent) and Power Girl held raid a Symbionese Liberation Army compound and free a hostage newspaper heiress.
1975 Bruce Wayne jr. marries Kara Kent
          Lyta Trevor becomes Wonder Woman II
1976 Steven Rogers returns to being Captain America
1977 Lana Wayne born to Bruce Wayne jr and Kara Kent
        Selina Kyle is killed by falling from a roof while attempting to steal fake evidence that would have falsely accused her of murder.
          Helena Wayne becomes the Huntress.
          Johnny Storm and Alicia Masters marry.
1978 Barbara Gordon-Grayson is shot by the Joker and suffers permanent spinal damage. Her father James Gordon is kidnapped and tortured to death.
1979 (Batman II) Richard Grayson is nearly killed by Two-Face and retires as the Batman. Bruce Wayne jr takes over the role.
1980 Lyta Trevor (Wonder Woman II) marries Hector Howard
1981 Antiope Howard is born
1982 Bruce Wayne disappears while on a mission for CIALD  and is presumed dead.
1984 Mr. Hyde is captured by Wilson Fisk. He is subjected to cybernetic augmentation, brainwashing and genetic manipulation using kryptonite.
1985 The altered Hyde aka Doomsday is sent on a programed path of destruction throughout Metropolis, the primary goal is to kill as many costumed vigilantes as possible. He succeeded in causing the deaths of Superman and Power Girl. He is finally stopped by Wonder Woman, Captain America and others.  His body is bured in a New Jersey wood. Over time his body rejects the cybernetic implants and genetic mofications as he regenerates.
          Timothy Drake becomes Robin III
1988 Admiral Donald Winslow Director of CIALD retires.
          Lyta Trevor Howard becomes Director of CIALD
1990 Lana Wayne becomes Batgirl III
          Antiope Howard Becomes Wonder Girl
1990 Mr. Hyde emerges healed of his wounds from his grave.
1994 Oliver Queen II dies saving Metropolis from a terrorist attack.
        Lian Lance Harper becomes the New Black Canary
        Connor Hawke (Harper) becomes the New Green Arrow.
1999 Antiope Howard becomes Wonder Woman III
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