Part One
Marvelous, Fantastic Heroes

Green arrow


The Green Arrow is a costumed vigilante whose career began in the Forties and has continued with several periods of hiatus to the present day. He originally operated in Star City according the comics. Star City was Los Angeles, California.

The Green Arrow was Oliver Queen, a millionaire and an anthropologist/archaeologist Queen was an expert on the culture and traditions of various Native American tribes, mostly Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Apache and Navaho. His interest in Native Americans was kindled as child when he spent most of his childhood living on a ranch near a Sioux reservation.

He had become an expert at the use of the bow and arrow during this time. In his late teens and early twenties he went to England his University training. He became enamoured of the legend of Robin Hood and became an expert at the use of long bow, cross bow. He also learned the compound bow. He also became interested the old legend of the Green Archer.

In early 1940 Oliver Queen received a telegram from a lawyer, asking him to visit his old stomping grounds of Montana on a rather delicate personal matter. Queen was surprised that according the will of Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Harper III, Oliver Queen had been designated as the guardian of their son Roy in the event of their death. Tragically they had perished in a fire which had also destroyed their ranch house. This had happened a week prior to Mr. Queen's having been contacted. Queen was at a loss; he was unacquainted with Mr. or Mrs. Harper. The lawyer asked if Mr. Queen had not been acquainted with Mrs. Queen when she had been Leona ______.

The Harpers had told the lawyer in confidence that their marriage although a happy one had been a marriage of convenience. Harper was a wealthy, widowed Rancher without any heirs and Leona was a girl in trouble. The boy she had been involved with had gone off to school in England and his family refused to see her. Roy Harper was Oliver Queen's natural son. In fact his first name had been chosen in honor of Queen. Roy was French for royalty. Queen remarked that it meant King not Queen. The Lawyer replied that the Harper's had not been likely to name their son Regine now were they? Oliver Queen agreed to become the boy's guardian. The lawyer then let Queen know some more shocking news. Rather than be adopted by a stranger, Roy Harper assisted by the former foreman of the Harper ranch had headed for the mountains. According to some of the Sioux ranch hands, they were heading for the Lost Mesa.

Efforts to find them had come to naught, not enough manpower, too much area to cover and an ongoing forest fire that was a concern to the nearby ranchers. Oliver Queen rented a small plane to see if he could spot them from the air and land on the mesa if he did not see them. The chartered plane was not in the best of condition and the wheel assembly broke when he landed on the mesa.

Over the next few weeks Oliver Queen led a Robinson Crusoe existence while he searched for Roy Harper and his Indian companion. The comics usually render the Indian's name as Quoag, although it was probably Kan`gi which means Crow. Queen found a boy he assumed was Roy Harper in some ruins. Some artifact thieves who were raiding a Hohokam burial site were holding Harper captive. They had killed Roy's friend and probably intended to return Roy to his family for a price.

Using his skill as an archer, Oliver Queen he freed Roy Harper. They escaped from the artifact thieves. Queen and Harper who turned to out to also be a bow aficionado captured the artifact thieves. They bound them and forced them to walk down the mountain. The thieves were turned over to justice once they had climbed down the mountain.

Roy Harper was a red headed bundle of energy. It was Roy Harper's idea for them to use their archery skills to become costumed heroes like Batman and Robin. Because the idea of really acting like Robin Hood appealed to Queen and because this seemed like an activity that he could share with his new-found son, he agreed. Oliver Queen could see the family resemblance between himself and Roy. As Roy became older his hair became blonder. (1)

Oliver Queen operated as a costumed vigilante in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Billings, Montana, whichever city his business and archeaological interests happened to take him. The comics picked up on Queen's and Roy's forays into crime fighting and wrote wholly unauthorized adventures which made The Green Arrow seem like Batman with a Bow. The comics Green Arrow had an Arrow -Car, Arrow-Cave, Arrow -Signal etc. About the only real similarities between the comics version and the real version were that they fought urban crime and it is true that Oliver and Roy designed some trick arrows. However these arrows were not as diverse or as complex as portrayed in the comics. For example the "punching glove" arrow was simple one that ended in a lead weight, the glue arrow was more of a distracting arrow than an immobilizing one, the net arrow was actually a net connected to two arrows fired simultaneously by Roy and Oliver.

If the Green Arrow was said to have an archenemy it was a psychopath who called himself the Bull's Eye. He mocked Green Arrow's non-lethal code and would do violent acts to goad the Green Arrow into shooting him in the Bull's Eye on his chest. The other part of his costume was a clown's outfit. He was a Joker copycat with suicidal tendencies.

In the comics Green Arrow and Speedy fought many colorful adversaries in this era such as The Cat, The Angler, The Skylark who appeared twice, The Blue Lancer, The Snare — collector of human trophies, The Storm King, The Mask, The Turtle, The Octopus, The Switchmen, The Rainbow Archer, and a variety of other misfits. In reality most of these were regular criminals with a streak of exhibitionism which exhibited in colorful costumes. The Octopus however was the same deadly foe fought by the Shadow and The Spirit.

The career of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow lasted from 1940 to 1957.

Oliver Queen kept up the pretense of Roy being his ward, to shield his and the boy's reputations. He did not think it would do either one of them any good for the press to get wind of the fact that Roy was his bastard son. This became a source of conflict after Roy grew up. After the Wertham book Seduction of the Innocent came out in 1954, Oliver had second thoughts about everyone thinking Roy had been his ward. He thought it would be better if people knew Roy was his bastard son and not his catamite. Oliver Queen went through the proper tests and procedures to have Roy declared his natural son and then formally adopted him and changed his name to Oliver Queen II. Roy was still under age in 1954, although barely and so technically still a minor so his objections to the name change went unheeded.

Roy was twenty years old and in college at the time. He refused to use the new name and continued to use Roy Harper. This caused an unfortunate rift between Oliver Queen and Roy Harper. They became estranged and barely talked. After college Roy became a photographer and also involved in the beatnik movement in San Francisco.

The Green Arrow disappeared in 1957 as did some mystery men from other cities across the nation. The Vigilante from Phoenix, the Crimson Avenger from New York, the Shining Knight from Denver, The Star Spangled Kid and Stripes from Boston. In 1972 it would be revealed that The Green Arrow and the rest of the costumed heroes had been killed by a serial killer calling himself the Nebula Man. He had preserved their bodies in tanks of formaldehyde. (2)

After Oliver Queen's disappearance in 1957, Roy Harper a.k.a. Oliver Queen II was pressured to take control of the Queen family business. He also felt pressure by the media to take over the role of The Green Arrow. Roy Harper did not respond to this pressure very well. In his college days he had become a drinker and from his beatnik days he picked up a marijuana habit. Although he was not physically addicted to pot this was part of his overall dependency problem.

In 1960 While patrolling as the Green Arrow Roy was forced to make a decision to take a life to save a live. The Bull's Eye finally got the arrow in the chest that he had so fervently desired. This agnonizing choice shattered Roy's confidence to make the correct decisions. To bolster his confidence he began drinking prior to going on patrol as the Green Arrow. This further impaired his judgement. He even allowed a groupie who called herself Arrowette to tag along on his patrols.

He hid this drinking problem from his public. In early 1963 Roy was contacted by the nephew of Barry Allen the second Flash, Wally West or something. The kid had an idea for a comic book series about a kids' mysterymen team something like the comics about the fictional organizatons The Justice Society of America or the Justice League of America. Oliver Queen had viewed comics with disdain. The comics use Queen's image and the image of his ward without permission or compensation citing that they were public figures and so were not entitled to private protection. This was especially true since the fiction about them were made with the absence of malice and in the spirit of satire. Queen believed that the comics also did a disservice by printing such fantastic tales about the costumed vigilantes, it made people's expectations too high it incited loonies to go against the costumed vigilantes in the hopes of getting a comic story of their own.

Roy suspected that Oliver's disdain for the comics had to do with them making the bowman out to be a second rate Batman. There was also the fact that the comics never made the Green Arrow a member of the JSA but instead relegated him to a loose connection of second string heroes, despite the fact that the JSA and all the other such organizations were fictional.

In 1961 the comics finally made their comic version of the Green Arrow a member of the Justice League of America. The new version of the Green Arrow was drawn slightly differently than previously demonstrating the comics' realization that another person had taken the role. Yet they still refused to cough up any cash.

When Wally West contacted Roy in 1962 about pitching the idea of a kid's hero team, he was enthusiastic, thinking that perhaps if the comics would not pay for the Green Arrow use then perhaps they would for Speedy. DC snapped up the idea and even hired Wally West to play Kid Flash in publicity appearances. The comics also put pressure on Bruce Wayne Jr. as the New Robin to make appearances as well citing the great deal of money that was given to charities in Robin's name. An actress was hired to play Wonder-Girl the niece of Wonder Woman. Roy however received the bad news that he was too old to play Speedy and since the name had already been in use prior to this, they felt no need to obligate him with a contractual agreement.

Roy began to realize that Oliver Queen had been correct, there was something personal about the way the comic company treated Green Arrow and his ward.

As far as his personal life as Oliver Queen II, (or Ollie Harper as the unforgiving press often pegged him) the constant drinking took its toll there as well. Although he had been an academic Oliver Queen had been raised as a millionaire and so was a fairly savvy businessman as well. He knew how to maintain a balance between cooperation and competition between his fellow financiers. Oliver Queen II however was unschooled in the predatory ways of high finance. Because he was untrained and because his drinking made him inattentive, the Wolves of Wall Street smelled blood. Oliver Queen II's fortune was stolen out from under him by the Board of Directors of his corporations. It was all quite legal since Queen had signed the papers giving key blocks of stock away as gifts. He was ruined financially and was forced to sell all of his residential properties across the nation for gift taxes for the wealth he had given away.

By late 1962 Roy Harper was working as an archer in a carnival sideshow under an assumed name. He was still drinking and bitter against those who had stolen his fortune. He caught a glimpse of one of the men who had stolen his fortune at the carnival he had been hustled into the carnival among a lot of bodyguards. The Ferris wheel had been stopped and all people were escorted off. When the Ferris Wheel was empty a seat was cleaned off with Lysol and Kleenex. A saturnine faced man took a ten minute ride. He was then hustled out of the carnival.

Roy left his carnival stand and followed the limousine to a well secured hotel. The man was on the top floor suite. He created costume that would hide his identity and yet not equate him with either the Green Arrow or Speedy. Roy planned to break into the rich man's apartment and have Mr. Big Bucks undo some of the financial damage that had been done to him. On his way to the hotel he saw a jewelry store being robbed. Without thinking he went to the aid of the store owner and shot a sap arrow at the robber. As it turned out the man holding the gun had been the store owner and the robber was the man with his arms raised. He was accused of being part of the robbery by the police who arrived on the scene; he fled and escaped capture.

At the hotel Roy learned that the rich man was planning on visiting one of his Aviation plants.

Roy decided to go there and give the man a real welcome.

Roy was still dressed in his outlandish purple archer's outfit when he arrived at Hughes Aircraft. He used some arrows with explosive tips to break into the plant. He planned to take Hughes captive. However upon Roy's explosive entry into the plant Hughes was hustled into a special room which was hermetically sealed. Moments after Hughes had been taken into safety Roy found himself under attack by a man in an iron suit. The Iron suit shot pressurized air or flame at him. He fired an explosive tipped arrow at the Iron Man's feet and then fled. The floor collapsed under the Iron Man and the heavy suit became trapped in the floor. (3)

Roy was fired from his job at the carnival and the notoriety of the encounter of the bowman and the iron suited man made him uncomfortable getting another job as an archer. He fell back on his hobby of photography as a profession. His skills were rusty and at first all he could get were jobs shooting models for men's entertainment magazines of the under the counter variety.

Although the pay was lousy, the settings were sleazy and the publishers were slime, the models were pretty and by 1965 they were often bring pharmaceutical supplements to allay the boredom of the shoots. Many of them did not mind sharing them with the photographer. Roy was not using either Roy Harper or Oliver Queen at that time but William King, which was a variation on his Ollie Queen name. Through the various models Roy was able to get better gigs and make interesting contacts throughout the city. While shooting lingerie and brassiere advertisements Roy as William King made the acquaintance of a young model who called herself Athena Trevor. She claimed to be Wonder Woman's daughter. However Athena was known to be a bit of a ditz because she was in an almost permanent fog courtesy of marijuana and other substances. Roy knew Wonder Woman and her daughter slightly; Athena was not Wonder Woman's daughter. She later admitted she made it up for publicity reasons.  Athena became good friends with William King and arranged for him to meet somebody famous she really did know, the Chief.

The Chief was Ken Kesey; William King became part of Kesey's entourage at his house in Big Sur and was among the people who got on the bus Furthur. Willie King was one of the cameramen who shot the forty-five hour film epic, Merry Pranksters in Search of the Cool Place.  While they were with the Merry Pranksters Athena and William King met Myron Victor. This would lead to them becoming part of Myron's street theatre improvisational freak out performance artist troupe known as The Inferior Five. This groups antics were experienced and often related to the press through a mad rushing delirium fueled by unregulated and constant doses of Dexedrine, Cocaine, psilocybin, LSD, mescaline, marijuana and alcohol.

William King's spent a two year period 1965-1967  working part time as a photographer and hanging out in chemically induced delirium with the other members of the I-5. After a while, everyone went their own way, to do their own thing…. William King drifted deeper into drug addiction. He became hooked on crank and Speedy became his nickname again for a different reason. To cool out from the crank he began skin popping heroin, then became a full mainlining junkie.

His life would have probably ended in some back alley from an overdose, malnutrition or foul play if he had not met a lunatic.

While on the nod sitting on a front stoop a few doors down from his connection's house he saw a flash of green and thought at first his father had come from Heaven to fetch him there.

Actually he saw a man dressed in a dirty outfit of dark green spandex with a crude green miner's lantern emblem stitched onto the chest. He wore a mask from a Green Hornet costume, one that was readily available with the popularity of the television show. On his hand was a garish ring with a large green stone.

The man in green was arguing with an older man who was carrying furniture out of an apartment and placing in on the street. Holding the ring hand out before him The man in green told the older man that unless he returned the furniture to its rightful place he would be judged by the ring. The older man told him that the law was on his side; no rent, no apartment. Jordan had been duly evicted. The man in green raised his ring but the older man sighed and pulled out a sheet of yellow paper from his pocket and held it in front of him.

Cursing the man in green walked away. He spotted Roy smiled and said. "Use a knockout arrow on him, Green Arrow."

Roy wondered how the man had recognized him. Roy looked a lot different than the "unauthorized" comic book version of Green Arrow and he did not have any of his Green Arrow paraphernalia on him. Roy then recognized the man in green; he was Hal Jordan, a friend of Barry Allen the second Flash, whom Oliver Queen had met on occasion. Jordan was a space case who wanted to be a mysteryman. Jordan claimed that aliens had taken aboard their ship and had given him a device similar to the one used by the Green Lantern in the forties, however this one did not kill its user. (4)   No one but Jordan could see the Green Lantern which powered his ring and no one but Jordan could see the ring emit green beams of energy which were shaped by his will.

Barry Allen had known Jordan before he became mentally disturbed and so tolerated his presence. However the comics portrayed Jordan as a real superhero which only added to his instability, he believed the comic adventures about him were true. The comic book company got out of paying Jordan any type of royalties by proving he was too mentally incompetent to sign any legally binding agreement. Roy had met Jordan a few times in the past, he wondered at the recognition but chalked it up to a side effect of the schizophrenia.

Roy told Jordan that he had lost his equipment and so was unsuited to attack the Landlord. Jordan told him he would find them. Once all of Jordan's furniture had been placed on the street he grabbed a suitcase full of clothes and told Roy to follow him. Roy asked about the furniture. Jordan told him that he had created it with his mind and so it would dissipate once he stopped willing it into being.

Jordan led Roy to an alley where an old refrigerator crate lay on one side. Inside was a swarthy skinned dwarf. Jordan informed Roy that this was a member of the Oan council. He had been sent incognito on Earth to observe the reality of conditions caused by the Quartantine. Roy saw that the little person was obviously not blue skinned but appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin.

The dwarf looked at Jordan and shook his head. He remarked to Roy that he should have never told Jordan his parents had been Tuaregs, the blue people of the desert.

Jordan informed the dwarf that Roy would be staying with them for a while. The dwarf shrugged, it made little difference to him.

Jordan announced that he was going to go recharge his ring and find the Green Arrow's stolen weapons and outfit.

Roy talked to the dwarf whose name was Ali Apsu. Ali Apsu would not talk about his past but only that he had met Jordan the year before and the Lantern had saved him from a terrible beating. They had been buddies ever since even though Ali thought Jordan was a raving loon.

Roy soon needed a fix and went to find one. A few streets away from the alley from where Jordan was staying he was mugged by some punks. One of them had a crossbow. When it turned out Roy not only did not have any money but was a junkie looking for a fix, he was shot in the shoulder by the crossbow and kicked a few times for laughs.

Roy walked to the local hospital emergency room but because he was a junkie without insurance, he was forced to wait a long time before an intern finally slapped a pressure bandage on his shoulder and sent him on his merry way. The hospital did not give him any painkillers for fear that they might react badly with his next fix and because they were more than certain that he would probably sell them.

Roy went to his apartment only to discover that the punks who had taken his wallet had visited it before him. They had trashed the place and lifted anything of value. He found the most important thing, his works and enough H for two fixes. Because he had been strung out and wounded the H hit him fast and hard.

He saw Ollie Queen come into his room and start screaming at him and calling him a worthless junkie. The face of Ollie Queen fluctuated between Ollie's face and Roy's. Roy came out of the drug fugue with Jordan sitting besides his bed, staring off into space. Roy's face felt swollen and sore. The mirror showed that he had been beaten probably by those muggers although he did not recall it.

He cleaned himself up a bit. Jordan was still staring off into space. He noticed that Jordan's hands were bruised as if he had been in a fight. An odd thought that perhaps it had been Jordan who had beaten him struck him but Roy disregarded that as foolish, Jordan was a harmless crank.

Jordan suddenly snapped into consciousness and told Roy that he had recovered his equipment. He escorted Roy to the living room where Roy discovered to his surprise was a compound bow, a quiver of arrows, a Robin Hood suit and a black domino mask.

Roy heard a knock on his door. He went outside but no one was in the hallway. He noticed an eviction notice plastered to his doorway. He had five days to vacate the premises. Roy went to the Landlord's office to complain and discovered to his dismay that his landlord was the same man who had evicted Jordan. When Roy began to protest his eviction the Landlord said to count his blessings he had let a junkie like him stay as long as he had but the noise and racket from the night before was too much. He was out.

Hal Jordan walked in dressed in his Green Lantern suit. He told the landlord he knew he was involved in all sorts of illegal activity and would be judged by the ring. The Landlord went for his desk drawer. Jordan slammed a punch into his forehead and knocked the Landlord unconscious. Jordan insisted they search the office for evidence. Roy found rubber ball that had been filled with coins in the Landlord's hand. Jordan claimed it was a hand grenade. To Roy's surprise they actually did find something illegal. The landlord had some heroin in his backroom that had not yet been doled out. The landlord was a drug supplier as well as a slumlord. Roy confiscated the heroin. This was enough to let him quit… gradually.

Roy knew that the landlord was probably not working alone in the drug trade and so thought it might be best if they hit the road. Hal Jordan agreed, he had received a message from the Oan Council that he, The Guardian on Earth and the Green Arrow should travel across the country conducting research for the Oan Council. They were also to right wrongs whereever they found them. He told Roy to meet him at his apartment in an hour or so. Hal Jordan showed up in a pickup truck, supplied by the Oans. They picked up Ali Apsu who accompanied them reluctantly, he had fought long and hard for that refrigerator crate.

Roy Harper spent from late 1968 to late 1970 on the road with Hal Jordan. In an effort to make the "confiscated" heroin last and also prepare him to quit the junk, he would let himself get really strung out until he was very sick with withdrawal. As a result he would often be unaware of traveling or arriving at places. When Roy was strung out or on the needle Jordan's mad visions often seemed quite real to Roy.

They traveled north and ended up in a mining town. The miners were striking for better wages spurred on by a youth singing protest songs. The owner of the Mine also owned the mountain and most of the homes of the people. He brought in strikebreakers and had the Sheriff deputize them. He evicted folks from their homes if they did not pay their rents. According to Jordan's version the thugs that the mine owner had hired were goose-stepping Nazis. The folk singer was arrested and charged with inciting to riot. Rumor had it that the mine owner intended to have him lynched. His arrest spurred a full-scale riot, which the Sheriff and his deputies put down brutally. Ali Apsu saved a little girl from a tear gas canister that exploded near her. Roy and Jordan became caught up in the riot.

The mine owner's actions were later investigated by the Department of Interior and found he had violated several safety regulations. He sold the mine to a conglomerate that modernized the machinery and cut most of the work force.

Roy remembered that they traveled through an Indian reservation in the state of Washington. There was some type of dispute over a logging rights and Indian ownership of the land. The treaty that had stated the Indian's ownership of the land had been lost. An elderly man was the only member of the tribe who had been at the treaty signing. He purportedly had a copy of the treaty. Roy went to see if he could retrieve the treaty copy while Jordan and Ali investigated the logging company. Roy found the old tribal member's house on fire. He rescued him but the copy of the treaty burned in the blaze.

The loggers and the young men of the tribe come to blows. Roy attempted to break up the fight and was attacked by Jordan who believed that Roy was siding with the loggers.

A congressional representative ironed out an agreement between the head of the logging company and tribal ruling council, the logging company could log but would provide money to the reservation under the aegis of charitable contributions.

Roy was pretty strung out when he was driving the truck on a coastal highway near Seattle. While crossing a bridge over the Seattle harbor Roy swerved out of the way of an oncoming truck and the pick-up went over the side of the bridge and into the drink. They were rescued by a crew of a freighter whose Captain refused to turn back and made the three men work for their passage. Roy had lost most of his dope and so was in a confused and agitated state for most of their trip. He remembered that a fire had broken out on board ship and that he, Jordan, Ali Apsu and the other members of the crew were forced to dump barrels of toxic waste overboard because it was highly flammable. The toxic waste had been enroute to Asia where it would be recycled into some sort of cleaning fluid.

They were spotted dumping the toxic waste by an U.S. Navy Destroyer who had responded to the distress signal. The U.S. Navy investigated the incident, deemed the Captain and crew had acted appropriately in order to save the ship and allowed them to leave. There was a member of the United States House of Representatives who wished for them to be hauled up before the United Nations or Interpol or whoever for violating international maritime law because they had violated environmental pollution laws. Since the Congressman did not know what he talking about the ship was free to go. (5)

Roy noticed that when Jordan was bored by the routine activity of the ship he would go into his trance states. Jordan eventually told Roy that he was communicating with the Guardians of Oa or else he was experiencing an adventure as Pol Manning, the Green Lantern of the 57th Century. The future people believed that his memory was wiped out every time he traveled back and forth from the past to the future but Jordan remembered bits and pieces of each trip.

Roy ran out of smack and became so involved with his withdrawal he did not consciously remember the rest of the trip. He remembered coming awake, feeling very sick, in a tenement home. The city they were in seemed to be composed of wall to wall people, many ill and unwashed. Roy inquired where they were at, Jordan told him the planet Malthus where overpopulation was a major problem. The Council of Oa had sent them there partially as a punishment and partially to see if they could do anything about the overpopulation problem. The Oans had even stripped their companion Oan of his immortality. Jordan had discovered that the problem of the overpopulation arose from a cloning factory which they had to destroy.

From Ali Apsu, Roy discovered that they were in Calcutta. Jordan was obsessed with a fertility clinic that even Ali Apsu found odd in this country where sterilization was being promoted by the government. Jordan insisted that the fertility clinic was run by evil people who had to be destroyed.(6) Roy talked him out of confronting the people at the fertility clinic. Jordan agreed. Roy felt the great desire to score some heroin or at least some marijuana to take the edge off of his need. Although he was unable to score the heroin he did score some very potent hashish interlaced with opium.

While Roy was out trying to score, somebody had torched the fertility clinic. The Muslims or Sikhs were blamed.

Roy convinced Jordan that they should be moving on back to the United States since they were in India without proper documentation. Ali Apsu surprised them by wishing to stay in India.

Roy and Jordan found work on a freighter heading towards Thailand. In Bangkok, Roy discovered almost anything could be bought, including heroin. He wanted to try some just to make certain he was over his addiction.

Jordan however became fixiated on a school for orphans run by an Englishman. Jordan claimed to have seen several people pick-pocketed or accosted by children from this school. Roy did not believe Jordan until two of the kids try to roll Roy while he was on the nod. Jordan insisted that they investigate the school while wearing their secret hero garb. Roy agreed; it might do some good and at the worst they would be mocked.

Roy and Jordan discovered that the owner of the school was thoroughly intimidated by the school superintendent, an Englishman named Grandy. (7)  The school was not merely being used to tutor children in thievery but it also catered to the horrid trade of child prostitution. Grandy kept order in the school with ruthless discipline. He kept this ruthless discipline with the unwilling aid of a little girl who had the psychic ability to compel minds. When Grandy became incensed at Roy and Jordan a flock of birds straight out of the incident at Bodega Bay attacked them on the street. (8)

Jordan told Roy in this case severe measures were warranted the children needed to be freed and the school of crime stopped. Roy concurred. Roy believed that if they drove the children and faculty from the school Jordan and he would have time to collect evidence that would they could release to Bangkok and American newspapers. The newspapers would provide pressure on even Thailand's corrupt police to act against Grandy. Roy's plan was to break into the school, plant wasp nests in various locations about the school and shoot them with his arrows, filling the school with wasps and driving the kids and faculty out. Roy would then drop smoke bombs and Jordan and he would explore the school and look for evidence.

Jordan and Roy split up to collect the wasp nests.

When this task was completed, Roy used an arrow poon to climb onto the school's roof. Entering the school from a sun window,  they began planting the wasp nests. Jordan pulled a disappearing act. Cursing Roy placed all of the wasp nests but one and then carefully took aim at them. Angry, stinging wasps filled the dorms. The children ran screaming out of the school. Suddenly they turned around and ran back towards him intent on attacking him. Rather than hurt the children Roy ran down stairs.

Roy made his way to the first floor and looked for Grandy's office. Roy saw that it was dark, opened the door and walked in. The light snapped on. Grandy was standing next to the door holding a gun. Hal Jordan was tied up in a chair with a yellow rope. Next to Grandy was a little girl. Grandy told her to make the Green Arrow shoot his friend. She refused at first but after Grandy slapped her hard Roy felt an overwhelming command in his mind to nock the bow and shoot. In his mentally weakened state he could not disobey, he nocked a bladed arrow and shot it. It took Grandy in the shoulder and the gun fell from his hand. The girl ran out of the room followed by Grandy. They ran into the basement. Roy freed Jordan and the place was rocked by an explosion, Jordan tossed a chair against at window and dove out. Roy followed suit. Jordan ran towards the children holding his ring extended. Whether it was the sight of the green man chasing them or the explosions that rocked the school, the children ran screaming towards the outside.

Roy later wondered how the school had exploded. Jordan said that the girl was obviously guilty about the crimes she had committed and had caused the boiler to explode. Roy believed that explanation for a few weeks until he found a blasting cap in Jordan's pack.

Roy and Jordan stayed in Bangkok for a month while they looked for berths to take them home or saved enough money to get a flight or ship home. During this time Roy once again became deeply addicted to Heroin. Roy and Jordan found working passage on a freighter traveling to Hawaii. Roy and Jordan were hired to be guards against pirates since the owner of the ship believed the comic book stories about them. They were also supposed to do some light seafarer duties on the ship.

Roy's disbelief about pirates was soon evaporated when a ship of them pulled alongside the freighter. His archery skills combined with some automatic weaponry wielded by the crew were enough to send the pirates on their way.

 As they arrived at the port in Hawaii, the captain told Roy and Jordan that their obligation extended until the cargo was unloaded in the morning. Sometimes hijackers attempted to steal shipments from ships in port.

Roy and Jordan patrolled the ship that night and nearly missed a small group of black garbed men breaking into the cargo hold. Roy and Jordan called for them to stop. Roy was forced to wound several with arrows. Jordan's ring also mowed down several. Roy noticed that the men that Jordan's ring immobilized were also the ones that Roy had shot.

Roy saw a lone figure dive overboard with a small package. Roy ran off the ship and gave chase. When the figure emerged from the water on a sandy beach a half of a mile from the pier. Roy shot an arrow next to the figure's hand. Roy saw a flash and great pain in his chest as he fell. He saw a woman's face staring down at him before he passed out.

Suffering from a chest wound and going through heroin withdrawal, Roy had some oddly pleasant dreams of love and passion.

Roy awoke laying on a futon in a small but well kept apartment. A young Asian woman came into to change his bandage. He grabbed her hands in a hard grip. She twisted her hands out of his grip easily and continued dressing his bandage.

She remarked with some disdain, she now understood why the hero Green Arrow was working for Yakuza drug runners, he was an addict. When he was well enough to travel he would leave, until then she would treat his wound since it was her responsibility for having caused it accidentally.

Over the next few days, Roy learned that her name was Kokuei and she worked for Japanese Intelligence. it was one of the few places where a person of her background could find gainful employment in Japan. She was Korean and African-American. Her mother had been Korean woman forced to be a comfort woman. A Japanese soldier had married her and brought her home. He had been killed in the war leaving the woman alone in Japan. She had become a prostitute and catered the occupying Americans after the war. Kokuei had been raised in an orphanage.

Japan's was tacitly investigating the Yakuza drug trafficking connections between South East Asia and the United States. Shadow had believed that Roy was one of the Yakuza when she had shot him. When she saw who he was she realized he must have been undercover. When he began undergoing withdrawal symptoms, she realized that he was a junkie and probably in the pay of the Yakuza. She remarked that Hawaii's state police had raided the ship an hour after he had left it and arrested most of the crew. (9)  The hidden narcotics were burned.

After Roy felt well enough to walk out of the apartment on his own, she showed him the door. Now that he was finally freed of Heroin, he determined to stay that way. Shortly after leaving Shado, Roy saw a pimp manhandling one of his prostitutes. Roy felt constrained to stop this and was turned on by the Pimp and prostitute as well. However in a few days it became known that Green Arrow was in town. As half expected Jordan showed up. Jordan said he had escaped from the ship when the Zamorians had invaded it. He had retrieved Roy's and his stuff and had gotten their pay.

Roy was glad to hear the latter because he wanted to return the mainland, back to Los Angeles.

Roy returned to Los Angeles via United Airlines with Jordan tagging along. Jordan told him how he had been a test pilot for the air force but then had seen the UFO that had the alien in it. The alien that had given him the ring and the lantern. (10)

Even though Roy had kicked the junk habit he still felt strung out. He was suffering from "protracted abstinence syndrome" which can continue for up to 32 weeks afterwards. The symptoms that continue over this time are: restlessness, disturbed sleep pattern, blood pressure, pulse rate, dilated pupils, feeling cold, irritability, change of personality and feeling, as well as an intense craving for the drug.

This anxiety manifested in a desire to do something, to take his mind off of the siren call of H. Roy began acting as the Green Arrow and patrolled the streets of Los Angeles and nearby environs. Most of the time he went alone although on a few occasions he was accompanied by Jordan, the Green Lantern. On one such occasion they heard a woman's scream coming from a tavern they were passing by. The tavern was surrounded by empty lots, parking lots and abandoned stores and was located in a secluded section of town. They ran to investigate.

 Another scream followed. Roy and Jordan entered the tavern; seven Satan's Slaves had a half-naked woman held down on a pool table and were in the process of gang raping her. Roy put three arrows through three knees and one through a shoulder before the Satan's Slaves were aware of their attackers. A hand flashed a knife. Roy pinned the hand holding a knife to a wall. Jordan tackled one of the Satan's Slaves, a behemoth weighing close to three hundred pounds, all muscle. Despite his insanity, Jordan was a good hand to hand combatant; Roy wondered what training he had really gotten. Using his bow and his fists, Roy was able to finish off the other two attackers. The owner of the tavern was no where to seen. Roy found him knocked out behind the bar.

As soon as the fight began the woman had fled; grabbing her tattered clothing and running out the door.

As Roy and Jordan departed the tavern, Jordan noticed one of the motor cycles and stared at it. It was fancier than most of the other motorcycles and had a black bird symbol on its fenders and one on the front section below the handle bars. Jordan said it was the Canary's bike and he wondered what the Slaves were doing with it. They went back into the bar and began interrogating the conscious Slaves about the bike. They were reticent. Jordan grabbed one by the jacket collar dragged in into another room. He told Roy he was going to use his ring to get the truth. He returned alone fifteen minutes later.

Jordan said that the Satan's Slaves had bought the bike off a bunch of Hippies living on a broken down ranch. He knew that Canary was in trouble and needed their help. Roy asked who Canary was.

Canary was Black Canary a vigilante; a beautiful woman who fought crime in the forties dressed in tight skirts and fishnet stockings. Rumor had it she was still kicking butt and still looked good.

As they were leaving the tavern, Roy noted splotches of red on Jordan's green painted boots.

They asked around about this group of hippies, it seemed that some ex-con had a great following up in the hills. His acolytes were mostly runaways but also included ex-bikers; ex-cons and middle aged occultists. His name was Charlie and he was supposed to be Jesus and Satan.

Roy and Jordan decided to go undercover and rescue Black Canary, they took Canary's stolen bike and hid it in the woods near the Ranch. Roy found Charlie very charismatic. He exuded a compelling vibe that reminded him of Jordan's charismatic insanity. In order to fit in with the festivities Roy and Jordan had to take LSD, they however refused to take part in the organized sex parties, especially when it became apparent that several of the followers suffered from sexually transmitted diseases. They stayed with the Family for several days searching for Canary among the women. Roy saw a few people using heroin. When offered some it would have been impolite not to accept and it also might have raised suspicion.

After a few days of this generosity, Roy was again hooked.

Jordan's odd behavior, constant questions and refusal to join in with the sex orgies made Charlie and several of the Family suspicious. Scouring through the ranch, a Family member found Roy and Jordan's cache that contained their mystery men outfits and Roy's bow and arrows.

Charlie was quite paranoid that the Green Lantern and Green Arrow had infiltrated his operation. He claimed that they were agents of the Establishment, of the Law- that force of the Universe that tried to prevent Change, to prevent the coming Helter Skelter, the race war. Charlie left and returned with a small handgun which he handed to a dark haired young woman. He told her to off the police pigs. She trained the gun on Hal Jordan and then on Roy but then told Charlie she could not kill them. She then trained the gun on Charlie and told him to release Jooleea. Charlie claimed he had no hold on her and that she was free to go or to stay. Jooleea did not want to leave but the dark haired girl with the gun told Jordan to carry her. Charlie came towards the dark haired girl with a knife. She shot him with the gun or rather tried to. The gun was empty. Charlie slapped it out of her hands. The Family jumped on Jordan, Roy and the dark haired girl and brought them down by sheer numbers. Charlie carved a small bird symbol on the back of the dark haired girl's hand. He then had them forcibly swallow large doses of LSD. He then cheerfully sent them on their way, telling them that he would have them shot on sight as trespassers next time the came on his land.

The girl made herself regurgitate as soon as they were clear of the Family's line of vision, the drug was only minimally effective after it was out of her system. The large dose of LSD seemed to have very little effect on Jordan. He guided the girl to the hidden motorcycle. She asked how they had found it. Jordan told her that Charlie had sold the bike to some bikers. She cursed Charlie, he had told her that he had just borrowed it.

Jordan remarked that they had not recognized her because they were looking for an older, blond woman.

Black Canary took them to her apartment. Once they were there Roy began to describe his bad trip. Still under the influence of the psychotropic, Black Canary and Jordan began to experience visual versions of Roy's trip. Harpies, Amazons and a Wicked Red Skinned Queen. Although through Jordan's input the Amazons became Zamorans and the wicked red Queen was his arch enemy Sinistro's sister, Black Canary would later understand where Roy's original trip had sprung from. The Harpies were Flying Monkeys the Red Queen was either Glinda or the Red Queen of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Roy's childhood haunted him.

Roy began to once again experience withdrawal symptoms. This time however Black Canary helped him through the cold turkey withdrawal.

While Roy was in his withdrawal state, Jordan sat on the Canary's sofa, staring off into space while he was experiencing times in the future when he the Green Lantern of the 57th Century. On one occasion he got out the telephone directory and ran his ring over it.

After three days, Jordan suddenly announced that his ring had told him who had poisoned The Green Arrow with heroin. He would achieve justice. He left. Canary was glad to see him go away because he was, in her opinion, one scary, creepy dude.

The Black Canary was the daughter of the original Black Canary, Dinah Drake Lance. Her mother had married Larry Lance, a private eye. Dinah Drake was 22 years old in 1969. Roy Harper was 33. Dinah found him exceedingly attractive, exciting and sexy.

While Roy was kicking the habit, Dinah learned that Hopper Pharmaceuticals had been attacked by a green clad man. The so-called Green Lantern had been subdued and taken into custody and was being examined for psychiatric disorders. His disruption had however begun an investigation into Hopper Pharmaceuticals, which had been using their legitimate business to produce illegal drugs.

In a week or so after Roy had flushed all of the heroin from his system and no longer had the physical addiction, Dinah told him all about herself. Unlike her mother and most of the other vigilantes she did not fight crime in general but rather looked for missing children. She had been tracking a girl from Missouri whose parents had hired her to find the kid. The girl Judy Taylor had taken come to Hollywood to be an actress but had drifted into the porn industry. Films of that nature were filmed at Spahn ranch. She had become involved with the Family and Charlie had renamed her Jooleea, after the Beatles Song.

Charlie had become suspicious of Dinah because she refused to take part in the sex games and she only pretended to take the drugs. She had tried to alleviate his suspicions by lending the Family her bike. When the bike had not reappeared after a few days Dinah should have realized that Charlie had sold it. As Roy had seen, Jooleea was a mind warped as the rest of them. Although Charlie had grandiose plans Dinah did not consider him much more than a B-grade Svengali.

Roy agreed to help Dinah rescue Jooleea. Dinah also told Roy what had happened to Hal Jordan. He was waiting for them to bust him out of Sinestro's trap. After hearing the details of Roy's adventures with him Dinah told Roy that it might not be such a bad idea for Hal to remain in the psychiatric facility. Roy was genuinely stunned when she pointed out that he had been Jordan's unwitting accomplice to theft, assault destruction and possibly murder. Jordan had undoubtedly stolen their outfits and Roy's weapons their money, their pick up truck and all of their supplies. He had caused the explosions of the school in Bangkok and the fertility clinic in India. Who knows if he had also committed murder? Roy concurred with some regret that Hal should be in a place where he could get some care.

Dinah called the facility where Green Lantern was being held but used a pay phone so as not to be connected with the crime spree, which Dinah was certain, the Green Lantern had committed. As she was making her phone call a car came roaring down the street. It crashed into the phone booth, injuring Dinah. Roy called an ambulance and although a piece of glass had cut her artery she was stabilized. She and he had the same blood type so he gave up enough for a transfusion. She told him that the Family had upped the stakes, the man driving the car had been Bobby Bozell. (11)

A month later when she was better and he had achieved a measure of emotional and physical control he had not in year; he and Dinah made another call on Charlie's Family. They went in and forcibly removed an unwilling Judy Taylor from the clutches of the Family. Although Charlie called down threats upon them they were able to escape with only a few punches. Roy sent an arrow through two of the Family's legs.

Of course had they known what Charlie had planned two months later, they may have been more aggressive with them and injured them so that they would not have been able to enact wholesale murder. (12)

Dinah and Roy returned Judy Taylor to St. Louis. They had become a couple by this time. Roy announced that he would no longer be using the name Roy Harper. This was to break with his past; Roy Harper was a junkie and spoiled brat who dishonored the man who had tried to raise him with an admittedly inflexible moral standard. Roy was now going to be Oliver Queen II, and hoped to make his father proud.

Oliver moved in with Dinah, over the original Black Canary's objections. Dinah ran a florist shop, worked as an investigator of missing children and patrolled the mean Los Angeles County streets with Green Arrow. Oliver went to work for George Taylor Jr. who ran the Los Angeles Daily Star. Oliver was a photojournalist with a weekly column. The reformed drug addict went after drug pushers and manufacturers with a vengeance. His various exposes caught national attention and he received job offers from the Daily Sentinel in Detroit, the Daily Planet in New York, the Daily Bugle also in New York, the Independent News Service in Chicago. He had an offer from the troubled CrimeWays magazine and a personal offer from Dan Farrell of Crime Magazine.

When his articles turned up information that the police had been holding back as evidence, Queen was arrested and interrogated to discover how he knew what he knew. When he refused to divulge his sources, the Judge sentenced him to six months jail time for contempt of court. After Oliver served his time, Dinah and he decided to make a fresh start in Seattle.

Several major incidents took place while Ollie and Dinah lived in Seattle. Due to the cooler weather and his advanced age of thirty-five he adopted a suit that was more reflective of the historical Robin Hood rather than the film version, this included a hood.

During Ollie and Dinah's investigation into drug smugglers who were bringing in a new psychedelic nicknamed the brain homogenizer they were assisted by a medium sized dog with a white coat which displayed super strength and great jumping ability. After helping them capture the drug dealers the dog disappeared. It was only much later that Ollie realized that this dog was Superman's pet dog, Krypto which he had always thought a comic myth, like his own Arrow-car.

Shortly after this the drug cartel pushed back hard at the Green Arrow and Black Canary. Ollie became harsher in return and stopped using his sap arrows and net arrows, using only razor and spike points.

Black Canary was captured by the drug cartel and was tortured and raped. Ollie tracked the abductors, killed her torturer and freed her. Green Arrow spent his time as the protector of Seattle while Dinah recovered. He took on several criminals, drug dealers and criminal organizations. It was during this time that his secret identity was uncovered and Oliver Queen unmasked.

A government operative of the Drug Enforcement Agency began to work with Oliver Queen in his private war on drugs. The DEA agent Eddie Fyers was actually a CIA agent who had been coopted by The Shop. (13)  Fyers to force Queen to work for them. He refused and Fyers made it appear as though The Green Arrow had blown up a drug company ship on the suspicion that it had contained illegal drugs. The explosion had nearly wrecked the Panama Canal. Oliver became a fugitive who tried to gather evidence against Fyers to clear his name. He was ineffectual in this. It was only through the efforts of Bruce Wayne and his friends in the government that Oliver Queen was exonerated. There was however a price to be paid. The government wished to use his services, he had shown great ability at infiltrating, disguise and command ability. In return for being compensated monetarily, the government job would give Oliver Queen great ability to travel the world and held eradicate the drug problem on a greater scale.

Unwilling to compromise his Green Arrow persona, out of memory of his father Ollie adopted a new outfit and used the code name Arsenal because the government really did provide him with the trick arrows and other devices that he was shown having in the comics. For the CIALD job he used his birth name of Roy Harper.

Although he acted on solo missions for the most part, one of the main components of the job was to train with and accompany on missions the covert Federal Felon Reduction Program Taskforce otherwise known as the Dirty Dozen or The Suicide Squad. Criminals with certain skills were offered the chance to reduce their sentences by going on covert missions with for the government. If caught they would be denied, if attempting to escape, they would be killed. If they spoke about this they would be denied and their pardon's revoked. Although the majority of the members of the Suicide Squad were average skilled criminals there were quite a few of the masked maniac type.

Ollie's double life took a toll on his relationship with Dinah. They took separate apartments and eventually she moved back to Los Angeles. In 1975 a young girl of six years old was left inside Dinah's Floral shop. The girl did not speak English and Immigration and Naturalization did not have any records of her. Dinah used influence to be named the girl's foster mother while she began procedures to adopt the child. As a result of her injuries she could not bear children and never knew how much she wanted to be a mother until Lian had entered her life.

Ollie's vigilante career in Seattle and his job with the CIALD kept him very busy and took him all over the world. He was barely aware that Hal Jordan had escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. Part of him was pleased but mostly he was uneasy about Jordan being on the loose. After having worked with several costumed crazies in the Suicide Squad, Ollie could now clearly see signs of Jordan's insanity.

Rumor had it that Jordan formed an organization called the Green Lantern Corps, which was pro-environment, anti-industry and had a UFO based religion.

In October of 1989 the Arsenal and several members of the Suicide Squad were called in on a domestic mission to prevent terrorists from causing a meltdown at the Oconee Nuclear Power Plant near Greenville, South Carolina. The Suicide Squad had been chosen for this particular mission because of their expendability and because Arsenal knew the head terrorist. It was Hal Jordan and his Green Lantern Corps. The Corps were convinced that the Earth was going experience implosion unless they acted quickly. Hurricane Hugo and the San Francisco Earthquake coming in a short time of one another demonstrated to the Greens that the Earth was experiencing severe trauma.

Ollie and the Suicide Squad confronted Jordan and what was left of the Green Lantern Corps. A few of the members of the Corps had wished to leave and so Jordan had shot them with his power ring's force shaped like a green painted .44 magnum. Jordan saw Arsenal as Sinestro, which made it a little easier. When Jordan raised his gun Ollie shot him with a yellow painted arrow. As expected Jordan stood "powerless" before the yellow shaft. The shaft caught him right in the chest and exited from his back.

The ambulance with Jordan on it exploded. Oliver was certain this was the government's work, to make certain Jordan never again threatened the country. (14)

Ollie left his position at CIALD but was kept on reserve status. He returned to Dinah to see if they could work things.

Things went along very well for them at first. Green Arrow and Black Canary partnered once again. Then Dinah's adopted daughter returned from the University of Montreal for the summer. Upon seeing her Ollie blurted out. Kokuei! She was puzzled but Ollie said she reminded him of someone he had known a long time ago. Dinah looked at Ollie and at Lian very intently and began swearing.

Both Lian and Ollie looked at her oddly and she calmed down. She said that it was very clear to her that Lian was Ollie's daughter. Lian looked at Ollie asked if he were the Explosion. Her father had been named the Explosion; she remembered that much from her mother. The explosion or Happa.

Stunned Ollie nodded he had been named Happa. Ollie and Lian went to get tested and the results were positive. There was 98% probability that Oliver was Lian's father. She added Harper to her last name. Lian Lance Harper.

Despite the fact that this had happened prior to Ollie even having met Dinah, she cooled towards him. She knew it was silly but the idea that he had a child with another woman when they could not have children was too hard for her to bear. Ollie did not pressure Dinah to resume their relationship but remained friendly.

The CIALD called upon Ollie to infiltrate a terrorist organization called Eden Corps. This seemed to be an offshoot of The Green Lantern Corps, this time lead by a spectral figure of a man who called himself the Wrath of God. He was seldom seen and acted through a proxy leader named Hyrax, a socialite loony. Some in the government believed that the Eden Corps was an operation of the supposedly defunct SPECTRE, others believed it was just a well funded collection of loonies.

Oliver infiltrated the Eden Corps moved up in the ranks by playing up to Hyrax. He discovered that the governments suspicions were correct on all accounts, it was a collection of loonies, it was run by a mysterious figure called the Wrath of God who phoned his orders in sporadically and it did receive some aid and materiel from SPECTRE. Oliver soon discovered that he was not as trusted as he believed. He was on a plane to Metropolis, New York with a bomb carrying a bacteriological weapon that would be released over Manhattan. Oliver Queen would get the blame for the terrorist act.

Oliver freed himself by using an explosive tipped arrow he took out of his quiver with his teeth, the explosion had taken off one of his fingers, broken several more and started a fire on the plane. Arming himself with his bow, Oliver worked his way through the plane shooting terrorists. He took a few bullets but kept on going. He finally reached the cockpit and was forced to kill the Pilot. Oliver piloted the burning plane away from New York. The plane exploded over the Atlantic.

Shortly after Oliver's death, Dinah received a young caller. A blond haired man of Asian features. He said that he was named Connor Hawke. He had been raised for the most part in a Shaolin monastery. His foster parents had placed him there when they had been so he could learn more about his "culture". Of course it did not matter to them that he had spoken Japanese when had been found, not Chinese. Dinah started when he said he had spoken Japanese. His name was Happa Kana; the INS had rendered it as Connor Hawke.

He had never met his father but had learned who he was. Dinah introduced Connor to his sister. Even though Ollie had never married her and although they had never had any children themselves, Dinah was glad that at least she could consider his children as part of her legacy from him.

Dinah hung up her fishnets for good in 1994. Lian took over as the Black Canary and Connor Hawke became the new Green Arrow. He was had vowed never to take a life and for the most part tried to stop crime and criminals by disabling criminals without killing them. Lian took a cue from the comics and created a Sonic Scream, a device which broadcast disabling and disorienting blast of sound set to affect certain frequencies a human ear. She wore special earplugs that filtered the sound. She became one of the agents of the mysterious Oracle Foundation.


1. The comic version continued to draw Roy Harper's hair as Red and the sixties and seventies version of Oliver Queen's hair as yellow to make it seem as though they were two seperate people.

2. What his purpose in tracking down, killing and preserving these heroes is unknown since had died while resisting capture in 1972.

3. The Marvel comics published a version of this tale in the Tales Of Suspense No. 57. featuring Iron Man and the archer Hawkeye. Hawkeye proved to be such a popular character that Marvel added it to their roster of heroes, once again without compensating Roy Harper.

4. For the story of the 1940's Green Lantern please visit Jess Nevin's Secret Wars articles.

5.International agreements preventing the dumping of pollutants and toxic waste were not enacted until 1973.

6. This fertility clinic may have been an early one established by Dr. Sarina Kaur to learning techniques and conducting early testing for the Chrysalis project, the Eugenics project which resulted in Khan Noonien Singh. See The Eugenics War Part One by Greg Cox.

7. The Englishman's name had originally been Gallico and he had been a stage magician, a master of disguise and a designer of many illusions. He had turned to murder to redress his greviences. Escaping from justice he lived for a short time in hiding as a beach bum before coming to Thailand. He should not be confused with his cousin Dr. Gallico or as he was popularly known Dr. Goldfoot, the robotics expert whose dastardly fembots were copied by Dr. Evil or was it the other way around.

8. For the true story behind the incident at Bodega Bay please visit A Timeline for the Birds and other Avian Terrors by Mike Winkle

9.This was undoubtedly portrayed on one of the episodes of Hawaii Five-O

10.  Green Lantern. The story of Hal Jordan appears to be that he was a test pilot for the United States Air Force. During a test flight he saw a UFO. He reported it. On another test flight he saw another UFO. His airplane crashed and his body was not found in the wreckages. One day later he was found wandering 100 miles away from the test flight. He claimed that while the plane had broken up around him he had been saved by little grayish blue aliens with big foreheads and big eyes. They had conducted tests on him. He had reported this to the Crash Investigation Team who believed he was disoriented from crash and had walked away. Military Intelligence and the CIA were not so certain. They interrogated him and as part of their ongoing MK Ultra experiments conducted a section of the interrogation using LSD, Electro-Convulsive treatment and hypnosis.  He spent six months "recuperatiing" from the crash. He was programmed by the CIA to become a civilian assassin if given the correct key words and code phrases. This was merely done to see if it could be done. After his recuperation Jordan was released from the Air Force with a honorable discharge and set up with a job testing planes at Ferris Airplane. Jordan witnessed Robert Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk in 1961. This somehow triggered part of his programing. The conflict between his deep hypnotic personalities and his regular personality caused Hal Jordan to become psychotic, a violent psychotic capable of carrying out acts of theft, murder, terrorism and find some logical excuse to justify it, the logical excuse that his mind developed was that he was a superhero carrying out acts of heroism. Some theorize that Jordan's inner conflcit was complicated by the fact that he had been given psycho surgery by the aliens that had picked him up. No one believed his story about the aliens but they do match descriptions of the Zeta Reticulans otherwise known as the Roswell Grays. His mind transformed them into the inscrutable Oans.

11.This was undoubtedly Bobby Beausoliel of of the Family members who would actually commit murder on Charlie's orders.

12.  In August of 1969 members of the Family would murder and mutilate several people in murders that were collectively known as the Tate-LaBianca murders.

13.  For more on the shop see the Stephen King novel Firestarter, the novella The Langoliers. For more information on their activities in the WNU see  article on the Invisible Agent

14.  This was actually Jordan's work. He had awakened in the Ambulance and saw that the arrow had been removed from his body. He had been wearing kelvar under his suit. The arrow had hit his chest, bent around the kelvar and poked out in the back. He believed that the yellow arrow had killed him and that he had been resurrected to do God's work. The Green Lantern was dead, The Spectre the Wrath of God arose in his place.

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