Dennis E. Power

    There have been three recorded instances of  the experimentation of Dr. Moreau and experimentation by a self styled Dr. Moreau.

    The first had taken place in 1887, the second in 1930 and the third incident took place in 1956. The ersatz Dr. Moreau was discovered in 1995.

    Although most people believe that there but was once such incident there have been three accounts of these incidents which differ from each other in many particulars.

    The first incident which took place in 1887, a young man named Edward Prendick was rescued at sea having been adrift in a life boat after the Lady Vain went down on February 1, 1887. He was picked up by the cargo ship Ipecacuanha and attended by a youngish man named Montgomery who had some medical training. The Captain took an instant dislike to him and forced Prendick to get off with Montgomery and his cargo, which consisted of foodstuff s and live animals. The owner of the island was a Dr. Moreau, described a large elderly man with white hair. Prendick eventually discovered what Moreau was doing on the island. Moreau used vivisection, blood transfusion and grafting to create sentient, speaking humanoid creatures out of dumb animals. Moreau was killed trying to capture a half-transformed female puma. His death created chaos among the beast creatures he had created. They had regarded him as a god, a bringer of life and pain. Moreau's proven mortality was a virtual death sentence for the other two men on this island. Indeed Montgomery was torn to pieces by several of the creatures. Prendick was regarded with some fear and ambivalence by the beast-men, since he had nothing to do with the horrendous pain of their creation; they bore him little animosity except as an intruder on their territory. He had a gun and a whip, which he used with effect to keep them a bay. He also pretended that the Great Father, (Moreau) was a spiritual being who would return with a vengeance. Prendick built a raft and escaped the island. Although he was rescued and safely returned to England and civilization, he was never quite the same. He would forever see the bestial origins of behavior rising out of even the most civilized of people and could not stand to look at people.

    The second incident took place in 1930. In 1933 the film The Island of Lost Souls  was released and it purported to be based on H.G. Wells novel but the storyline was substantially different. Wells hated the film. As it turns out screenwriter Philip Wylie had heard about a similar incident to Dr. Moreau 1887  having happened recently. He investigated and wove the facts of the new incident into the screenplay based on Well's novel

    In the Island of Lost Souls a young man Edward Parker was found adrift by the S.S. Covena, a cargo ship. Edward Parker was the lone survivor the passenger ship the Lady Vain. He was cared for aboard ship by a man named Montgomery who claimed to have been a doctor...once. Montgomery was overseeing the shipment of live animals to a small Island owned by Dr. Moreau. Edward Parker had been enroute to Apia where he was to meet his fiancée Ruth Thomas and be married.

    He sent a cablegram to her telling her that he was alive and had been picked up the S.S. Covena. When Parker was well enough to stroll on deck, he saw Montgomery's cargo of wild beasts. He also met Montgomery's servant, a hideously ugly man named M'Ling. Captain Davies of the S.S. Covena was a drunken lout to took to beating the unfortunate M'Ling when the servant accidentally spilled slops for the animals on him. Parker hit the Captain on the jaw and knocked him out.

    When the Covena arrived offshore of Moreau's Island and rendezvoused with Moreau's schooner,  Captain Davies literally tossed Edward Parker overboard and onto the deck of Moreau's schooner. Captain Davies refused to let him back aboard. Moreau promised to allow Parker to use the schooner to go to Apia the next morning.

    As Parker was lead the mile and a half distance from the harbor to Moreau's house, he saw many men with distorted features and limbs unloading the cargo and moving through the jungle.  Moreau's house was like a fortress with stone walls and steel gates.

    Moreau had plans for Parker that would not allow for him to leave the island. So the schooner suffered damage that night. courtesy of restless natives, that stranded Parker on the Island until the next supply ship.

    Parker discovered that Moreau's great work was to transform animals into men, or rather what seemed him to be parodies of men. He was disturbed by this tinkering about with Nature.

    Moreau introduced Parker to his ward, Lota,  a young and beautiful native girl. She showed affection for Parker and he nearly succumbed to it but remembered that his fiancée was waiting for him.

    His fiancée however was not waiting for him. She met the S.S. Covena and determined that Captain Davies had flouted maritime law and dropped Edward Parker off in a place outside of the shipping lanes. The American Consulate censured him and Captain Davies divulged the coordinates to Dr. Moreau's Island. Ruth Thomas then arranged for a Captain Donahue and his ship to take her to Moreau's island.

    Lota, the "native girl" was actually Moreau's finest creation. Moreau wished for her to mate with Parker to see how fully human he had truly made her. Parker however was not cooperating and refused to become seduced by her charms. Parker accidentally discovered that Lota was one of Moreau's creatures and was horrified. Lota's fingers were becoming claws once more. The stubborn beast flesh came creeping back. Moreau told Montgomery to prepare the House of Pain, the laboratory where Moreau did his work. He would operate on Lota once more. Montgomery was secretly in love with Lota and was dismayed by this.

    Moreau changed his plans however when Ruth Thomas and Captain Donahue arrived on the island. Moreau told Montgomery that Parker might not be needed any longer.

    Parker wished to depart immediately for the ship but Moreau convinced Ruth Thomas that it would be much safer for them to travel the mile and a half through the jungle by daylight. Ruth Thomas had seen the twisted beast men in the jungle and swiftly concurred.

    Moreau offered his room to Ruth Thomas for the evening. Montgomery noticed that Moreau oddly enough allowed Ouran, one of the Beast-Men to remain in the compound after dark. The beast man climbed up to the room where Ruth was staying, pulled the iron bars out of the window and began to climb in the window to attack her. Her screams brought Parker and Donahue. Their gunshots drove Ouran away. They agreed that staying in the house was no safer than being outside. Captain Donahue proposed that he dash for his ship and return with his crew wh would bear guns and torches to escort Parker and Ruth Thomas to the ship.

    As Captain Donahue left the compound Moreau told Ouran to stop Donahue in the jungle, by putting his hands around Donahue's throat until he no longer moved.

    Ouran did as he was bid. The beast men looked upon Captain Donahue's body with agitation. Ouran had broken one of the Laws. Not to Kill. Furthermore and more importantly, a Man like the Creator had been killed. They realized HE could die. When accused of breaking the Law, Ouran states HE told me to kill.  The Creator had killed order a Man like him to die. He had also broken one of the Laws to do it. The Sayer of the Law solves this philosophical dilemma by declaring all Laws are thus void or "No more Law. He can die."

    The Beast-Men attacked the body of Captain Donahue. We are lead to believe that they consumed it. Dr. Moreau saw that he must stop this and demonstrate that he is to be feared. While he was out in the jungle routing the Beast-men with pistol and whip, Parker, Ruth Howard, Montgomery and Lota decided to make a run for the skiff tied up at the dock. They left the back way leaving the gate open for Moreau should he want to make a run for it.

    As they ran along the trail, Ouran jumped on Montgomery but Lota attacked him. Lota and Ouran killed each other in a battle to the death. Montgomery, Parker and Ruth Thomas made it to the boat.

    We are shown Moreau making a final stand but he is overwhelmed by numbers. The beast men carry him to his House of Pain and use his surgical instruments on him.

    We are shown fire consuming the house.

    The third incident was shown in the film The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977). A young mad Andrew Braddock was one of two survivors in a lifeboat from the sunken ship Lady Vain. The other man expired of sunstroke and starvation. The boat eventually drifted close to an uncharted Island where the sea deposited the young man's lifeboat. He pulled it ashore and walked deliriously through a jungle. He was chased by several odd and distorted men and collapsed at the feet of an older man and a middle aged man.

    Montgomery and Dr. Moreau nursed Braddock back to health. He was told that the date is February 1, 1916. Braddock had been an engineering officer of the ship Lady Vain that had broken apart in a storm on January 13. Braddock was told that the island was quite a bit off the established shipping lanes. The Doctor offers him the use of his extensive library. When he is sufficiently strong enough to walk about he toured Moreau's compound. He saw several odd looking men and women. He also saw the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. When Montgomery noticed Braddock staring at her, he told Braddock that the girl was Moreau's property.

    Moreau told him that the girl's name is Maria and that he had bought her from a whorehouse in Manila. He invited Braddock to dinner. At dinner Montgomery displayed a bitter, boisterous humor which manifested as sarcastic asides to Moreau's attempts at conversation. Moreau explained that Montgomery had been a mercenary in his youth and so lacked manners.

    Montgomery displayed an odd tendency to call Moreau Herr Doktor.

    From Maria Braddock learned that before Moreau the Island was uninhabited. The natives were never allowed to see the supply ships.

    Visiting Moreau's library he found a medical Who's Who. This entry caught his eye Moreau, "Paul born April 12, 1858 in Boston Massachusetts. Moreau explained how a journalist sneaked into his Boston laboratory and described the "horrors" he had found there of a dog flayed and horribly mutilated. Moreau left the country and eventually found his way to this island.

    Braddock saw the Doctor's manservant M'Ling lapping up water in the jungle. The next day he saw a wagon drive up the compound. Out of the wagon was pulled a chained M'Ling. His face was altered, longer and broader and the teeth were sharper.

    Braddock took to exploring areas of the island forbidden to him by Dr. Moreau. He also examined Moreau's laboratory when Moreau was not around. He discovered a bear with a partially human face.

    He demanded to know what sort of work Moreau did there. Moreau explained that he alters animals into human forms by chemically altering their chromosomes. Yet the process was imperfect and the animals suffered regression into their bestial form. Whenever Moreau became frustrated he took his anger out on the lab animals and beat them. Braddock objected to this. He also believed that the creatures that Moreau had created were human enough to be treated as human beings. Moreau found this laughable.

    Braddock had hidden the lifeboat he came ashore so Moreau and Montgomery knew nothing about it. He plannned to escape from the lsland with Maria, with whom he has become intimate and has fallen in love.

    The rate of degeneration among Moreau's creations increased. They have begun to chafe at the Laws he had created to give them Human social behavior.

    Having overheard Braddock's conversation with Maria about leaving the island, Dr. Moreau decided to carry out an experiment on Mr. Braddock. While Braddock was in bed with Maria Moreau injected Braddock with a drug that paralyzed him. Taking Braddock to his lab he then injected Braddock with a mixture of his gene altering chemicals. In order to understand the process of regression better, Moreau would transform Braddock into a beast man and watch him regress to being a man again.

    Even the normally unflappable Montgomery was sickened by this when he discovered what had has happened to Braddock. He demanded that Moreau release Braddock and reverse what he had done to him. Moreau pretended to agree and then shot Montgomery dead. M'Ling ran to tell the other beast men that one of the two Givers of Pain was dead. To prove it he crept back into the compound and removed Montgomery's body. The Beast-Men realized that if Montgomery could be killed so could Moreau. They decided to kill Moreau. He helped their causing by riding out among them and demanding Montgomery's body.

    As the beast men advanced on the compound chanting "He can die!" Maria used the distraction to free the now bestial Braddock from the chains that bound him.

    The beast-men surrounded and mauled Dr. Moreau. Maria and Braddock fled past his body towards the lifeboat. The beast-men followed Braddock wanting to kill him too.

    Braddock realized that Dr. Moreau had to give the beast-men booster shots of his concotion to keep them in humanoid form.

    Braddock and Maria launched the boat and a few days later they were spotted by an ocean liner. When Maria smiled she revealed puma fangs in her mouth.

    The account of Edward Prendick was given to his nephew Charles Edward Prendick, who attempted to have it published. No one would believe the tale and thought that it was too outlandish to be published even as fiction. Frustrated Charles Prendick sought out respected journalist and author Herbert George Wells. Wells agreed to publish the novel under his byline, although he was not certain if he believed all of the particulars he did believe it to be a suitably cautionary tale. However most people believed that this cautionary tale was pure fiction.

    When the film version of the Island of Dr. Moreau was planned, author Philip Wylie was picked to write the script. His novelistic "biography" of the strange Hugo Danner was still quite the sensation. Wylie had heard of a Moreau type situation that had just occurred in the last year or so. Using the same investigative skills that had lead him to uncover the true facts about Hugo Danner's life and death (including the fact that he was native to earth and not some alien being as some less reputable journalists had speculated) (1) Wylie investigated the rumor of a second appearance by Dr. Moreau.

    The trail lead to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parker of Long Island. They refused to discuss the matter. Although Edward Parker, over his wife's objections, had given Wylie a lead to a Richard Montreville who lived in the Bronx. Montreville was an Englishman eking out a marginal living as a writer of fantastic fiction, mostly to the bottom of the barrel sensationalistic magazines such as Bizarre, Outré Stories and the like. He mostly wrote tales of forced evolution, of intelligent beasts that ruled the world, of a seductive Cat People whose Queen enslaved men for her pleasure. He also wrote tales of piracy and adventure in the South Seas. Montreville needed only as much money as it took to pay the rent, buy enough food to keep starvation at bay and enough alcohol to make him oblivious to the rest of the world. Having been apprised that Montreville was a tippler, Wylie brought three fifths of scotch with him. Licking his lips, Montreville cracked one of the bottles open. Wylie held his hand over the bottle and said one word, "Moreau". A tale poured forth as the bottles of scotch were slowly drained.

    Philip Wylie investigated Montreville's tale further but came to several dead ends. He could not prove Montreville's tale. He did find the court records in London of a Richard Montreville arrested and convicted for performing an abortion while still a medical student. Although the operation had been a success with no lingering problems, the girl had an attack of conscience. The girl was scolded for her transgression, Montreville was jailed. Sentenced to prison in 1918 but Montreville escaped authorities and was believed to have fled the country. If Wylie tried to make the account of the second Dr. Moreau as factual, it would be dismissed as the drunken ramblings of a dipsomaniac. (2)

    Wylie did the next best thing; he incorporated elements of his investigation into the second Dr. Moreau into the tale about the first. The studio like the updating of the character, Mr. Wells did not.

    This investigation indicates that the incident of 1930 did occur, so who was the Dr. Moreau of 1930 and who was the Doctor Moreau of 1956?

    The original Dr. Moreau was an old man by 1887. Long time readers of this site may remember that I originally stated that Dr. Moreau was an alias of the Capellean scientist Moreau. I no longer stand by that theory, which was a bit of misinformation given to me by site contributor David Vincent Jr. I believe that the original Dr. Moreau was descended from Marra who had used the name Moreau and I believe that Marra encouraged Dr. Moreau's work and gave him some "pointers". Moreau's desire to forcibly "evolve" animals was something that interested Marra given his interest in expanding the frontiers of the human genome and also his desire to create chaos on Earth.

    The first Dr. Moreau perished on his island, killed by his creatures and this is verified by an eyewitness account, as written by Edward Prendick. The second Dr. Moreau was the original Dr. Moreau's son. Yet there seems to be an age discrepancy. The original Dr. Moreau stated he had been on the island for eleven years and given the volume of creatures inhabiting the island created by vivisection this was probably an accurate statement. This would mean that the second Dr. Moreau would have had to been born no later than 1876. If the first Dr. Moreau perished in 1887 and the second Dr. Moreau appeared to be a youngish man in 1930, then we might more appropriately believe that the second Dr. Moreau was the original Dr. Moreau's grandson.

    While this may in fact be the truth, given Dr. Moreau's early work in genetics there is a possibility that the second Moreau was the son of the first despite the age discrepancy. In the third incident Andrew Braddock discovers a medical who's who which listed a Dr. Paul Moreau born in Boston in 1858. This was the son of the original Dr. Moreau and this was in all likelihood the second Dr. Moreau.

    This would make the second Dr. Moreau seventy-two years of age in 1930 and yet he appeared to be a youngish man. Although this could merely have been because of the younger man who played Dr. Moreau in the film version the reason a younger man was chosen to play Dr. Moreau may have been because Parker and Montreville accounts also verified this.

    After the second's Dr. Moreau's experiments were publicly exposed and publicly condemned in Boston of 1888, Dr. Moreau had been recruited by the Nine, at least by two members of the Nine. Iwaldi and XauXaz were approaching the end of their greatly extended life spans but they were not ready to die. (3)They spent considerable time and fortune following even the slimmest of leads to discover the process that would not only extend their life spans but would rejuvenate them. Moreau's experiments might be a dead end but at least they could also use his genius for other projects as well. Moreau does not seem to have been an acknowledged servant of the Nine and he may have been told a completely false story of the motives, scope and source of the organization that recruited him.

    Andrew Braddock rescued remnants of Moreau's journals. The surviving entries indicate that Moreau was not all that interested in his sponsor's motives or history, all he cared was that that they would give him the time, the seclusion and the supplies and equipment to carry out his experimentation undisturbed. In return he would work on projects for them. He was told that there was a minute amount of the age delaying elixir and so long as he held up his end of the bargain he would receive it, if he did not he would age and die like anyone else. Part of his work for the organization to try to isolate the active element for the age delaying elixir and to find a similar or synthetic chemical that would achieve the same results.

    There are indications that Moreau believed he was in fact working for the British Government. Upon his recruitment in 1888, Moreau moved to England and began working for various projects for a man named M. He did this for ten years before being called into to examine an oddly evolved form of mollusk which could breathe air and water. His task was to examine its biochemistry and develop a drug or a bug that would kill these creatures but not kill humanity. He developed an airborne virus by modifying a mammalian influenza virus this would effectively shut down the respiratory functions of the mollusks. Moreau would later learn that the Martian invasion had been stopped by a common cold and would feel a twinge of stung pride, "common" cold indeed!

    Moreau worked on various projects for which he could see no practical purpose but as was he was ordered he kept mum about it. In 1914 to 1919 he was assigned to work on methods to increase the stamina and health of British soldiers. Also to counteract the inventions, evil devices and horrific chemical agents of Herr Doktor Krueger, Herr Stahlmaske, Chu Lung and others of their ilk. In 1918 he was put on a special project and partnered with Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Edward Jekyll, an eminent specialist in glands. (4)They were assigned to discover an effective treatment for a pandemic that had suddenly appeared on the front and was quickly infecting much of Europe and Britain. It resembled the flu but unlike most cases of the flu it was most deadly for people ages 20 to 40. This pattern of morbidity was unusual for influenza that is usually a killer of the elderly and young children.

    Isolating the virus from various cultures, Moreau had a sinking feeling. This virulent virus, although mutated was the same one he had created in 1898 to fight the Martians. It had either mutated on its own; transforming as it passed through various mammalian hosts or it had been deliberately modified as a bacteriological weapon. He had heard that the quack Von Bork had been working on something like this and the French were the first to have gotten the disease.

    Despite the valiant efforts of Dr. Moreau, Dr. Jekyll and hundreds of physicians and researchers throughout the world, the new pandemic killed somewhere between 20 and 40 million people between 1918 and 1919. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as "Spanish Flu" or "LaGrippe" the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.

    In that latter part of 1919, Dr. Moreau approached his sponsors and asked that he allowed to work on his original research, he had faithfully carried out their orders for thirty years and now wished to be allowed the same amount of time to work on his own project.

    The Nine kept their part of the bargain. Funding from Nine sources and manpower from Nine servants built Dr. Moreau's island retreat/laboratory. Although they probably considered his research a dead end from their point of view the idea of having servants who would be bred to be loyal without having to be bribed by the elixir was an attractive idea. If Dr. Moreau came up with nothing in thirty years then they would use his services once more.

    The period of experimentation on the island laboratory that the Nine provided ended in disaster in 1930. From our viewing of the film we know Dr. Moreau to have died at the end of that incident. Or do we? The account of events that happened on that terrible night is taken from the statements of Dr. Montreville. At the time of Moreau's supposed death Montreville was fleeing or his life out the back gate of the compound. Whereas in the film Moreau's death is depicted we actually do not have an eyewitness account. We know that Montreville, Edward Parker and Ruth Howard saw Moreau flee for the compound with the Beast-Men on his heels. We know that they saw him futilely attempt to hold back the gate only to have it pushed open and the Beast-Men pour into the compound.

    Montreville and the others heard shots, heard human screams, heard Moreau's screaming "No!" There was a commotion in the House of Pain and then an explosion followed by a quickly burning fire.

    They assumed that Dr. Moreau had perished, killed by his creations. Actually what seems to have happened was that Dr. Moreau fought his way into the House of Pain and kept the Beast-Men at bay with gun, whip and finally chemicals. He kept shouting no at them in an attempt to make them obey. When this failed Moreau set the House of Pain on fire using volatile chemicals. Jumping through the flames he ran to his armory and loaded up with several pistols. Then he made a mad dash for freedom out of the front gates. He shot several of the Beast-Man and was clawed and bitten several times on his gantlet run. Once on the dock he jumped into the ocean and swam for his schooner. The schooner had not been destroyed as he had told Parker but rather two of the cargo holds had been filled with water to make the ship list oddly. Moreau cast off, started the pumps and shot any of the Beast-Man who dared swim near the schooner. When the ship had been pumped dry enough to steer correctly, Moreau departed this Island of Dr. Moreau, This Island of Lost Souls.

Dr. Paul Moreau 1930

    After the debacle that ended in 1930, Dr. Moreau's sponsors were not happy with his performance, especially when the film came out in 1933. Too much publicity.  Moreau was sentenced to death, the slow, lingering painful death that we call mortality. XauXaz and Iwaldi cut Paul Moreau off from the Elixir and condemned him to a normal span of life, yet they still required his services.

    Dr. Moreau was sent to Mexico where he lived in seclusion for five years. What research he was working during this time is not known. It does appear that one of his lab assistants was named Krupp, a German-Mexican. Krupp would later go onto become a notorious criminal dubbed El Murceilago in the Mexican Press. Among Krupp's achievements were the creation of what he called a Human Robot and Electronic Zombies. Fortunately each time he tried to use his mad genius, he was stopped by either Santo or The Angel (two or possibly just one) of Mexico's heroic luchadors. (5) It is possible then that Moreau and Krupp were working on early forms of cybernetic technology. After 1935 Moreau was sent to work in Germany which was on the rise to once again become a major economic and industrial power. Although Dr. Moreau was generally apolitical, considering politics to be of little importance next to his work, he did find much to admire in the Nazi ideology. A proponent of applied Darwinian theory as applied to medical research, Moreau found the racial theories of the Nazi's to be intriguing. He was assigned an umbrella project called Uber Alles. He worked along some German scientists who had been his enemy counterparts during the Great War, such as Dr. Krueger. He also worked with new colleagues such as Dr. Werner Schmidt, Basil Frankenstein, Dr. Mabuse, Dr. Rotwang (6) and several others.

    Moreau barely noticed when the tensions between England the United States and Germany exploded into an all out war. Which made him a traitor. Moreau never knew the applications for what his work was being done only that immediate results were required. For the notorious grinning masked Nazi leader named the Red Skull Moreau created a gas that would cause paralysis of and rigor mortis type symptoms. A more virulent form of the gas also caused death and was accompanied by hair loss, the skin became devoid of moisture and drew dry and taut across the skull and the victim's mouth was pulled into a rictus giving the victim the appearance of a grinning skull. This was to be used on violent criminals. Moreau did not come up the basic formula on his own but rather modified a venom developed by an American psychopath named the Joker. (7)

    Although he was not directly involved in these projects he did know about the Dr. Noah virus and the development of the Iron Cross suit. (8) Dr. Moreau worked on a component of the so called Super-Soldier serum. The scientists involved in this Nazi version were given strict orders to emulate the serum but not use it as created since it had been developed by Dr. Reinstein, a Jew The German scientists were unaware that there was quite a bit to the Super Soldier program that successfully created Captain America. There were components that not even its originators knew about including alien science and genetics. Their German formula was not a success. Like the so called Accelerator drug, the long term effects of the serum was to destroy the physiology of the recipient. A series of ersatz Master Men were sent on various missions against the allies but they were usually failures stopped by the verdammit Captain America, Wonder Woman or Namor, or delayed from reaching the target by the fighting until the serum reached critical mass and exploded the victim's heart. (9)

    In mid 1943, Dr. Moreau was assigned to what was called Projekt M, a Nazi response to the American operation of the same name. The scientists were to use their knowledge to create monsters that would counteract the monsters that the Allies were using. Others in Projekt M included Dr. Mabuse and Dr. Mengele. Dr. Mabuse was in charge of psychological monsters, i.e. Zombies or mind controlled pawns, Dr. Mengele worked on the genetic aspects attempting to create perfect beings cloned from S.S. soldiers but needed to understand the process of cloning so he spent his time on studying natural clones. His twin research at Auschwitz became notorious.

    Dr. Moreau was spared working inside a concentration camp but he did work with German prisoners, mostly political prisoners and deserters from the Army. He did not however experiment on them but rather used them as sources of genetic material. He was also supplied with animals. He was able to combine preliminary work of Mengele on genetics with his own previous genetic work. He began creating animal and human hybrids with even better success. One of his more successful creations was The Hyena who achieved nearly full humanity and had only a remnant of the animal in him. However Hyena failed in his first mission which was to get a blood sample of either the Human Torch or in Wonder Woman who some said received her powers from a transfusion from the Human Torch (10). The Hyena was captured and without further treatments from Dr. Moreau, he once more became a beast. He ended his days an oddly blue eyed Hyena at the Washington D.C. Zoo.

    He was assigned to create were-wolves, that is humans who could shift from human into animal form. Moreau discovered that despite the tales surrounding lycanthropy, a mere bite does not transfer the trait. There were some genetic elements that he did not have the time to isolate although he did begin some work on it. (11)

    Another method would have been to clone the lycanthrope they used as a test subject but again the technology just was not suitable as of yet and each attempt died. His Nazi employer's insisted that he used data sent to him by an agent of the Third Reich who had become a scientist at the Allies Project M. His name was Peter Drury. (12)

    Due to time constraints and fear of his "employers" Dr. Moreau did the next best thing, he used his old methods to create humanoids out of Wolves and pass them off to the Nazi's as being akin to the Wolf-Men that had been heard about for years.

    In 1945, Dr. Mengele and Dr. Moreau were hustled out of Germany by Odessa and smuggled into Argentina. Dr. Mengele would hideout and later use his accumulated genetic knowledge to make clones of the Fuhrer which he and Odessa distributed about the world circa 1961 in an attempt to recreate the Fuhrer's life.

    Dr. Moreau slipped away from his captors in early 1946 aided by a mercenary named Mountford.

    Mountford and interesting history he was a South African of English Hungarian descent. He had fought as a mercenary all over the world yet had strong affinity towards South Africa. Mountford agreed with the Nazi ideology, which many South Africans also approved, of superior races ruling the lesser races, to this end he joined a Silver Shirt organization in South Africa. When arrested and jailed for sedition he fled South Africa and offered his services to the Nazi's. His mercenary days had prepared him for the many atrocities that he encountered in the war but not for the atrocities that the Nazi's inflicted upon civilian populations.

    Mountford's is stint as a hunter of partisans in his mother's natal home of Hungary brought him the honor of guarding Dr. Moreau and a few other top scientists. (13) In a way it was a relaxing tour of duty after his strenuous combats duties. Yet guarding Dr. Mengele was the worst experience of his life, the Doctor's experiments on children horrified even the cold hearted soldier he had become.

    He was with Mengele and Moreau when they escaped from Germany. Mountford agreed to flee with Moreau when they arrived in Argentina. Mountford wished to put as much distance between himself and Dr. Mengele and the Nazis as possible. Dr. Moreau's promise to create life was also heartening, after the horrors Mountford had witnessed.

    Stopping first at small port in Africa, Mountford used his big gaming contacts to get a shipment of exotic animals. In Tasmania they picked up a crew of Polynesian carpenters and stone mason. Dr. Moreau returned to the island laboratory he had created earlier and rebuilt the burned sections of the laboratory. Fortunately most of the fire had been confined to the House of Pain.

    Mountford watched in horrid fascination as Moreau once again took up the work of creating human beings out of animals. This time he was equipped with a greater understanding of genetics courtesy of his and Dr. Mengele's work. He did not rely on surgical techniques yet the House of Pain was reborn as the lab animals writhed in torment as their genetic structures were rewritten. It took several treatments at first for the animals to be transformed into humanoid form. Moreau discovered that the exotic animals that remained on the island from his previous excursion there, that is those who were the descendents of his original subjects took to the transformation with more ease and more permanence.

        With his more refined treatment Moreau was able to create several females of various hybrid species. These eventually mated with the males and gave birth. It seemed that the species despite his tinkering bred true to hybrid form, dog to dog, cat to cat etc. The offspring were a mixed bag however, some appeared to be human for years and others were born with strong animalistic traits and had to be treated to become humanoid.

    His greatest achievement was as before, a female, which he named Maria. She was a second generation hybrid, born human looking but aging to puberty in five years. After reaching puberty however her aging process normalized and she aged at the rate of a normal human female.

    Moreau made a serious mistake in recreating the Society of the Law among the Beast-People. His strict adherence to corporeal discipline also remained. Some people just do not learn from their mistakes.

    Mountford had become a drunkard in the years on the island and he spend much of his time working with the specimens that had not been altered animals and in maintaining discipline among the Beast People.

    In 1956 Andrew Braddock arrived upon the Island of Dr. Moreau. Braddock claimed to be a victim of a shipwreck who had barely survived in a life boat, which had overturned just off shore of the island. Braddock had been found wandering in the jungle pursued by curious Beast-Men.

    An explanation should be given about the date, 1956. In the theatrical version of the Island of Dr. Moreau and the novelization of the 1977 film in which Andrew Braddock is a character the date is given as 1916.

    While it is chronologically possible for this time period to have to have been the first appearance of the second Dr. Moreau, there are some subtle hints that the incident with Andrew Braddock as a participant occurred after the Island of Lost Souls incident and not before.

    The Dr. Moreau of the incident with Andrew Braddock is a man in his late fifties to his early sixties whereas the Dr. Moreau in Island of Lost Souls Incident was from all account a younger man. The Elixir of the Nine retarded aging it did not rejuvenate which is one of the reasons why XauXaz and/or Iwaldi sponsored Dr. Moreau. Moreau had been receiving the elixir or a form of it up until 1930 whereupon he was forever denied the elixir and began aging normally. This explains his advanced age in 1956.

Dr. Paul Moreau 1956

    The technology and the genetic knowledge that Dr. Moreau uses in the incident with Andrew Braddock is more advanced and sophisticated than was seen in the Island of Lost Souls incident.

    Although Mountford (Montgomery) refers Moreau several times as Herr Doktor, although the Doctor had been born in the United States and had worked in England and "Montgomery" was purportedly of English extraction. The "Herr Doktor" seemed unconscious at times and yet at other times seemed purposely said to annoy Dr. Moreau.  Mountford had gotten used to using the phrase Herr Doktor. Where else would he do this except around a lot of German doctors or Scientists? The title may also have been used to irritate Moreau and yet to let him know that despite Moreau's threatening manner, Mountford had as much of a hold on Moreau as Moreau had on Mountford. They both had secrets in their pasts, that if revealed, could end both of their lives.

    The 1916 date however was not in the film without a reason. When the research was done for the film, the authors of the screenplay were able to get a hold of some classified documents. In fact they were able to get a hold of some shredded copies of classified documents which they pieced together. Much of the story was missing and they filled in the blanks using material cobbled together from the previous versions of the Dr. Moreau story. They did see the date "February, 1916- Dr. Moreau's experiments first placed under observation." "Moreau, Paul apparent age late fifties" They also discovered the Who's Who's entry for Dr. Paul Moreau which listed his birth date at 1858. They logically strung together the following scenario. Dr. Paul Moreau was born in 1858. In 1916 he was observed experimenting on animals. At the time he seemed a man in his fifties but was actually in his seventies.

    Moreau and Mountford were both suspicious of Andrew Braddock's miraculous arrival on their Island. The first thing Mountford did was to search for a ship off shore. Moreau became even more suspicious when Andrew Braddock, the common sailor, turned out to be surprising well read. Braddock also recovered very fast from his near month of starvation and exposure. Once he was on his feet he ignored Dr. Moreau's explicit instructions of where he was allowed to travel on the island. He was also seen observing and talking to the Beast People. Braddock was also charming and beguiling Maria, gathering information from her.

    Moreau and Mountford had good reason to be suspicious of Andrew Braddock because as history would prove, they were correct, he was a spy. Braddock was a member of the Diogenes Club, the ultra secret organization that was both part of and apart from the British Secret Service. The Diogenes Club investigated and acted upon various incidents which the regular Secret Service could not. The Diogenes Club had been watching Moreau since he had worked for the Quartermaster branch of the Service through favoritism. When Moreau had gone to work for the Nazi's the BSS had begun to believe the rumors that Moreau had deliberately created the Influenza pandemic of 1918-1919.(14)

    When rumors began to circulate that Moreau had not perished in the fall of Berlin, but had returned to the South Seas the Diogenes Club had dispatched one of their agents Andrew Braddock to investigate. Braddock knew that if he went in there with the full force of the Service behind him Moreau would have time to destroy evidence of his activities. He knew that he would have to play the part of a marooned seaman to gain access to the island. Braddock was placed in a life boat and set adrift, he sat there for several days without food or water and getting sunburned. When he was in a suitably believable state he paddled for Moreau's island. Once on the island Braddock hid his boat and wandered about in the jungle.

    Braddock spent the next few months snooping about and falling in love with Moreau's slave girl, a former Filipino prostitute named Maria. Moreau watched Braddock's snooping with a jaundiced eye. While the snooping rankled him, he left Braddock alone; knowing Braddock would not be leaving the island alive. He was also fascinated by the romance flourishing between Maria and Braddock, especially when it became an intimate romance.

    During the period when Braddock was snooping about and romancing Maria, a supply ship arrived. Moreau was angry that one of his regular suppliers had sub-contracted the job. When he saw the "son" of one of the masters of the ship he was thrilled. The boy seemed a perfect blend of the ape and human forms. When questioned and about the child, the short, stocky man who was the boy's father became nervous and evasive. The taller, thin man with a sharp tongue said that the boy's mother had been Phyllis the Gorilla-Woman from a freak show. Ever the romantic Lou had hidden her engagement ring in a bunch of bananas he had given her.

    In his enthusiasm, Moreau attempted to buy the child, which horrified the suppliers. Moreau immediately realized that they would not be making this supply run again. Moreau tried a different tact, guile. He had Mountford take the two owners to his bungalow to drink and play cards while he attempted to interest the lad in the wonders of science.

    Despite being the size of a teenager year old the boy had the strength of and stamina of an ape. When Moreau directed the boy's attention to something in the lab and then stuck him with a hypodermic needle. The boy cracked Moreau across the face and screamed in anger. He picked up an examining table and smashed open a window and made his exit.

    When the others came to investigate Moreau created a tale that an experimental lab animal that they were examining had gone berserk and caused the damage. The child had run away in fear.

    Mountford looked at Moreau with suspicion. The two men insisted on going out and looking for the boy despite the restless natives. Moreau agreed and handed them pistols, flashlights. He and Mountford followed also armed with flashlights and pistols. As they made their way into the jungle. Moreau hung back and motioned for Mountford to do so as well. He whispered that when the men could look for their child themselves, chances are the Beast People would find it and claim it for their own. The men would either give up or perish in the jungle.

    Mountford was reluctant to go along with this plan but stopped moving forward when Moreau pulled pointed his pistol at him.

    Braddock was too interested in the goings on of the island and the beautiful Maria to have noticed anything about the suppliers. He did join the search party a few days later but when no trace of the bodies were found, he became even more suspicious that Dr. Moreau's treatments were not as effective as he believed. . He believed that the Beast-Men had killed and eaten the sailors. However he was told that Mountford had found the sailors and their child alive and well. The ship sailed away without further incident. This incident never even made it into his account. Lest it be questioned why he had not ridden back with the supply ship. (15)

    Moreau had even offered him the opportunity to leave with the ship but Braddock had a sudden onset of jungle fever that made it unsafe for him to travel. This sudden illness raised Moreau's suspicions even more, since Braddock seemed outwardly well except for a fever. Moreau suspected Braddock was taking something that increased his temperature artificially.

    After Braddock had gained enough information that confirmed Moreau's identity and the fact that he was performing inhuman experiments, he desired to leave and take with him the young Filipino woman, Maria with whom he had fallen in love.

    To Braddock's horror Moreau injected him with a serum that turned Braddock into a beast.

    Moreau had no idea that Braddock was from the Diogenes Club, not that it would have made that much difference. He did not want anyone to know where he was at or to disturb his peaceful research. He believed that Braddock was an agent for the Nine. In addition to seeing how the process would work in reverse on a human being, changing a human into an animal, Moreau also wished to make a demonstration to the Nine. He hoped to prove that he could do something far worse to them than they could do to him. They could make deny him immortality or even kill him but he could make them live as an animal…forever or perhaps even make it so that the Elixir was no longer effective on them.

    Moreau experimented on Braddock without Mountford's knowledge. Mountford had become increasingly morose when the sailors and their child disappeared. He believed that Moreau had intended to experiment on the child. This brought back bad memories of the past and Mountford stayed in his quarters and drank his whisky.

    Mountford awakened and heard a scream from the House of Pain. It sounded more human than any other scream he had previously heard emanating from there. Upon investigation he was horrified to see Moreau transforming Braddock into an animal. Moreau had vowed to never again experiment on humans. Mountford demanded that Moreau release Braddock. Mountford told Moreau that when the next supply ship arrived he would be leaving with Braddock and damn the consequences. Moreau at first refused to release Braddock but Mountford had a gun. Moreau tried to threaten Braddock with his own past. Mountford stated he would rather spend the rest of his life in jail than on this hell of an Island.

    Moreau claimed he had put the keys to Braddock's manacles in his desk drawer. He pulled out a gun and shot Mountford in the chest and stomach.

    One of Moreau's Beast-people house servants saw the murder and went directly to the Sayer of the Law. The Beast People needed to see Mountford's body so it was stolen from the house. Upon seeing Mountford's body the Sayer of the Law thought a big think. As had happened twenty six years earlier, the Sayer of the Law declared that the Law was no more since the Creator had by his own actions altered the Law. This nearly identical response probably had much to do with Moreau's using the exact same ideology and the exact same methods in which to teach and enforce it. It may also have had to do with Moreau's having chosen the same type of animal to become the Sayer of the Law.

    Moreau discovered that Mountford's body was missing, as were all the house servants. Maria told him sarcastically that the beast-men had taken it probably to give him a funeral. Moreau rode out into the jungle deep into the village of the beast men. He demanded Mountford's body. They told him no. Incensed he told them never to use that word to him; he was the Master. He then used his whip and made them recite the Law. When they got to the part about "Not to shed blood, that is the Law." The Sayer of the Law accused Moreau of breaking the Law, stating "He who breaks the Law goes back to the House of Pain."

    Moreau was attacked on all sides. Although he accounted for several with his pistol, he was dragged from his horse and attacked with tooth and claw. Moreau was then carried back to his compound and hung from the wall.

    While Moreau was out among his beast people, Maria found some tools and freed Braddock from his table. Although the film version shows the Beast-Men running through the compound to find Braddock and kill him because he was like Mountford and Moreau. Since he was in a half bestial state the left him alone. A few days later as he regressed into the human state he was targeted for attack.

    When he was back to being fully human Braddock made his way through the jungle with Maria in hand. They uncovered his boat and put it to sea.

    The film shows Braddock and Maria being rescued a few days later by a fortuitous ship, a passenger linger. Yet Moreau's island was quite a distance from the normal shipping lanes. This seems like an interesting coincidence. It was actually not a coincidence.

    This self same ship had dropped off Andrew Braddock. When he had reached the correct distance he had fired several shots from a flare gun and repeated this every hour.

    The film also shows that as the ship approached he turned to Maria and saw her smile and revealed puma fangs growing in her mouth. He realized with horror that the woman he loved was a creature of Dr. Moreau. This part of the film is true enough. Although Maria was different from the other creatures in being almost fully human, she still needed to receive a booster shot every month to retain her humanity. Her bestial nature arose as it does so often when her hormonal balance shifted due to her menses.

    Braddock and a couple of scientists returned to island and found that the beast-men had taken the opportunity to destroy as much of the compound that they could and had even set the building on fire. There was not any sign of the Beast-people but there was not any time to do an extensive search while Maria was reverting to pure animal. The ship board scientists could not duplicate Moreau's formula even using blood samples from Braddock and Maria.

    Andrew Braddock watched in absolute horror as the love of his life slowly transformed into a puma. He released her to live on the island, her only home.

    With Moreau dead and his work destroyed Andrew Braddock's mission was complete. By the time he had returned to London and made his report to the Diogenes Club he was a changed man. He withdrew from the intelligence services and became a virtual recluse as he attempted to make sense out of the horrific experience. Searching through many faiths he became something of a biblical scholar and was said to have found a secret code embedded in the bible. Andrew Braddock emerged in the 1970's as a Member of Parliament who was actively pro-European Union, although he was using the name Stone Alexander.

    Andrew Braddock's younger brother also went to work for the British Secret service although in the early sixties. He proved to be singularly inept and so was quietly steered away from actual case work and then away from crucial missions. Eventually he became the mission coordinator for "amateur " intelligence agents that is agents who had volunteered their services but had no direct ties with the British Secret Service. Basil Braddock was given the code name Basil Exposition. (16)

    Although the family of Dr. Moreau ends here, mention should be made of another incident involving the name of Moreau and possibly the Island of the second Dr. Moreau.

    In 1995, a young man named Edward Douglas was the survivor of a plane crash in the South Pacific. He floated upon wreckage for several days until found by a boat. A man who called himself Montgomery rescued Douglas. He was taken to a small island, which Montgomery said used to be a coffee plantation, then, a base for the Japanese during World War II and then a resort by a Indonesian/Japanese consortium which failed. Montgomery was a drug addict taking hallucinogenics and stimulants with violent tendencies. Edward Douglas claims to be a representative of the United Nations working on the peace settlement.

    Douglas met Aissa, Dr. Moreau daughter; she was exotically beautiful and seductive. Dr. RVG Moreau according the awards and diplomas on his wall was once awarded the Nobel Prize for science.

    This Dr. Moreau was a grossly obese man who dressed in robes and whose skin was so sensitive to the sun that he only went outdoors with so much sunblock on that he looked like the Pillsbury dough boy wearing drapes. The creatures of this Dr. Moreau's were more advanced so far as their physiognomy was concerned and they were able to frequently breed true. However like the previous creatures they needed booster shots to remain humanoid. Dr. Moreau had trained several of the more intelligent individuals to act as physician's assistants and as tuxedoed servants. He was driven about the island on a throne perched on the back of a jeep. Instead of a whip to keep order he used a microchip implanted into every one of his children that he activated from an amulet. As in the previous incarnations of Dr. Moreau this one set about up laws and regulations designed to keep the humanoid animals from regressing, these included dietary restrictions as well as social mores.

    As well as a female derived from feline DNA; he also created a small Beast-Man named Majai whom he called his son. Although the exact species he used to begin with was unknown it appears to have been a type of dog. "Moreau" had infused his own DNA into the small creature. He dressed Majai like himself and even taught the creature to play the piano on a miniature piano in to accompany Moreau's with playing on his grand piano.(17)

    The character of Montgomery was in short a drug addled lunatic who did everything that he could to undermine the noble experiment of Dr. Moreau up to and including corrupting young master Majai Moreau otherwise known as the mutated mutt infused with Moreau's genes. Montgomery goaded Majai into killing another of the Beastmen who had broken one of the Laws. Although the Beast-Men were upset about this death, Moreau forgave his son and the Beast-men were once again calm

    One of the Beast-Men a Hyena-man however remained agitated. Discovering a skull of a dead Beast-Man he found the micro-chip embedded in the skull and realized intuitively that this caused the pain. He tore his pain chip out.

    The Hyena-man demonstrated how to remove the pain chip to other rebellious Beast-Men. The rebellious Beast-Men confronted Moreau and recited a perversion of his Law, demonstrating a desire to be animals. Moreau tried to use the pain amulet on them. It did not work and they fall upon him.

    The Hyena and his group returned to the woods. Montgomery destroyed all of the serum and fortified Moreau's compound.

    Majai took a gun and went hunting his father's killers.

    When he found them, Hyena zapped him by using the pain amulet. Under torture of the pain amulet Majai tells the Hyena and his gang where he can get more guns. The Hyena and his gang burned the dock and set fire to the boat.

    Majai returned to the compound and killed Montgomery.

    Aissa and Douglas escape from the compound. Beast Men corrupted by the Hyena drove around the island wildly in jeeps. They burned the compound to the ground.

    Douglas and Aissa were attacked by some of Hyena's faction but she was overpowered. Resented for being one of Moreau's favorites the other Beast-Men tied her up and hung her.

    Douglas made it to the Sayer of the Law's den. The Sayer headed up some sort of faction loyal to the Laws that Moreau had created. The opposing factions of Beast-Men fought each other with tooth and claw, knife and carbine.

    Hyena's faction won the battle and Hyena tried to make the Sayer of the Law recite the Law as given by Hyena. Douglas is captured escorted into the area by the gun toting Majai. Hyena promptly shot Majai. Since Douglas is the last of the Five Fingered Men, Hyena tried to make him tell the others that he is God. Douglas did so and another fight breaks out. Douglas grabbed a rifle and held it on the Hyena. Losing his nerve, Hyena panicked and runs into a burning building where he is consumed by fire.

    Edward Douglas builds a raft to escape Moreau's Island. The Sayer of the Law asks him not to tell anyone else about them.

    The filmed version has more detailed action but this is the gist of the story.

    Although it seems too much of a coincidence to be true there is another Dr. Moreau, another Montgomery and another stranded traveler to happen upon Dr. Moreau's Island.

    This Dr. Moreau had been on his island for seventeen years that would make his arrival at about 1978.

    Dr. Moreau was not named Dr. Moreau, although he wanted to be. Nor was he a Nobel Prize winner, although he wanted to be.

    This Dr. Moreau was given the name Reinhardt Gottfried Viktor Murnau, possibly because his skin affliction which was extreme sensitivity to sunlight reminded someone of the film Nosferatu. The skin affliction may have been natural or it may have been caused by some experiment of Dr. Mengele. Reinhardt Murnau was a child prisoner in Auschwitz. As he was growing up he at first thought he might the son of the famous director but discovered to his chagrin that the director had died long before his birth. Also given the director's sexual orientation his being Reinhardt's father was questionable. Having heard a rumor that Dr. Moreau had worked with Dr. Mengele, Reinhardt became convinced Paul Moreau was his father.

    Reinhardt Murnau became a physician and a biochemist specializing in genetics. He had borrowed the money for his education and found that there was a steep price to be paid. He had borrowed money from gangsters who wanted full payment immediately or his services for a few years.

    Reinhardt Murnau found himself working on ways to improve the genetics of various plants, increasing the potency of marijuana, opium, cocaine and other narcotic producing plants. During this time that he met the man he called Montgomery who acted as a mule and courier. Montgomery's real last name remains unknown, although he does appear to have been American by birth.

    Reinhardt Murnau was convinced that his father was Paul Moreau and used his underworld associates to investigate his background. He discovered that Paul Moreau like his father had island where he had conducted human/animal experimentation. Rumor also had it that Dr. Paul Moreau had returned to his island after the War. Reinhardt Murnau offered a reward for any information leading to the discovery of the island of Dr. Moreau. After several false leads it was found.

    Murnau and his associate who insisted upon calling Montgomery began a side business of their own, manufacturing, selling and distributing a designer drug without the knowledge or consent of their employees. When the Drug Lords with whom Murnau and "Montgomery" were associated got wind of their enterprise they wanted to claim ownership and for Murnau and Montgomery to turn over their profits. Montgomery went to negotiate with them and people ended up dead. They fled to Moreau's Island and used their drug money to recreate Paul Moreau's laboratory and home, at least what Murnau believed how Moreau's laboratory and home had looked. Because of his obsession and for reasons of safety, Murnau called himself Moreau in earnest, Reinhardt Gottfried Viktor Moreau. "Montgomery" began to use that name exclusively for reasons of health, to stay alive.

Dr. Reinhard Moreau 1996

    By 1978 over twenty years had passed since Paul Moreau had been killed on the island and his creatures had reverted to the beast. However Reinhardt Moreau and Montgomery did locate a few animals on the island that had retained quite a bit of human genetic material if not the forms and full intelligence of the Beast-Men. Using tissue samples from these animals and using the latest in genetic technology Reinhardt Moreau began fusing Human and animal DNA. By their five year on the island they had created Beast People who were as intelligent, emotionally complex and dexterous as Human beings. To celebrate this success, Montgomery presented Dr. Moreau with a forged Nobel Prize for Science Award.

    Unfortunately their genetic structures did not stabilize as well and they needed booster shots to remain in humanoid form. Although the regression was caused by their own genetic code reasserting and overwriting the implanted genetic code there seemed to be behavioral pattern that could trigger early and more rapid regression. As the original Dr. Moreau had done, Reinhardt Moreau implemented a code of behavior designed to prevent regression.

    Reinhardt Moreau had nearly achieved his major goal in giving his animals humanity, a gift which they squandered by warring upon each other with modern firearms.

    Edward Douglas claimed to be a diplomatic representative of the United Nations yet he seemed singularly undiplomatic and reacted with horror and religious indignation at the work Moreau had accomplished. He cried out that Moreau's work was Satanic. Moreau and he then tried to out do each other in quoting scripture at one other. Edward Douglas was not a diplomatic representative of the United Nations nor was he a member of the Diogenes Club. Rather he was a personal representative of Stone Alexander (Andrew Braddock) who by 1996 was an influential member of the European Parliament and one of the leaders of the Christian Democratic Party. (18)

    Stone Alexander had received reports in 1994 that African poachers had been caught attempting to load animals into a ship designated for the South Seas. Investigating further he discovered that the name Moreau was being bandied about. He sent an enthusiastic young man to investigate the possibility that Moreau or someone else using the name was operating on Moreau's island. He gave Douglas the coordinates.

    Douglas witnessed the end of the final Dr. Moreau; the burning ruins of the Moreau's mad dream and the wanton savagery that was their penultimate achievement. Their legacy however I am sad to report did not die with the cremation of Reinhardt Moreau.

    When Douglas left the island, he told the Sayer of the Law that he would send help. The Sayer of the Law told him not to bother; they had enough of scientists and Doctors. His account to Stone Alexander was heard by the CIA who had been keeping tabs on Alexander. They were intrigued by Douglas description of the Human/animal combinations and by the Beast People fighting amongst themselves using modern weaponry.

    Moreau's island was raided over the next few years by special ops from the United States and other countries that spied upon the activities of the Unites States intelligence agencies. Moreau's island became a source of several future divergences from the post 1996 Wold Newtonian Universe, as we know it. (19).

    Although the histories are common in many ways and often have similar events they ultimately diverge. In one such future Reinhardt Moreau's "children" provide the key elements to mysterious Dr. named Sandman who created trangenetic mutations and eventually super soldier children with animal DNA for Project Manticore. The Pulse caused by Terrorists exploding EMG bomb made the United States in 2009 into a third world nation over night. (20)

    In another such alternate future there was no Pulse and the transgenetic experiments were successfully shut down by pressure from Stone Andrew and the Parliament of Europe. Although the research was supposedly destroyed, by 2008, the South Koreans created the first of what were dubbed Moreaus. It was large dog breed with an increased cranial capacity. It is the first species so engineered that bred true. Even though the war was short-lived, an intensive breeding program results in nearly ten thousand of these smart dogs slipping north to plant explosives and otherwise harass the enemy.

    This began a "cold war" production of sapient animal soldiers until the United Nations banned such tinkering with the human genome in 2017. By then there had been a substantial immigration of sapient animals to the United States and they were granted the rights of full citizens. (21)

    In yet another alternate future to the Wold Newton Universe a scientist named Michael Grant used genetic material from Moreau's animals to create a genetic virus, which he called cortexin. This "virus" was partially biological and partially nanotechnology and would tailor the alterations which took place in the animal form. The changes would for the most part would increase the intelligence, "evolve" animals to a more humanoid form through specific body alterations so that the animal would retain its species specific traits and yet also become bipedal creatures with fingers and opposable thumbs. The problem with this particular virus was that it was too tenacious and too contagious, it were released in the atmosphere every animal species on earth would be affect. This is exactly what happened. (22)

    There occurred on this future timeline an event called the Great Disaster which appears to have been a sudden polar shift, possibly caused by a passing planetary body which also caused some great deal of catastrophe upon the Earth in its passage. The "evolving" virus was accidentally released in three generations competing sapient animals were the dominant life forms on Earth. The virus may have had a detrimental effect on humanity for after his grandfather died; a young man left the self contained underground compound named Command D to search for fellow humans. He searched for years before finding any that had not been mutated. (23)


1. Philp Wylie's biography of Hugo Danner was published as the novel 1930. Wylie was either unaware of or else deemed it inappropriate to mention Danner's natural child Arnold Munroe conceived prior to Danner trip to South America.

2. Richard Montreville did not however end his days as a drunken hack living in the Bowery. In the late 1930's he was Spain reporting on the fighting. He participated in some anti-Franco fighting himself. During his sojourn in Spain he first made the acquaintance of Eric Blair. Richard Montreville survived Spain and turned up in India in the early forties gathering material on a epic novel about alien invaders who resembled the Hindu Pantheon. He once again met Eric Blair who was working at the BBC in India. Although Richard Montreville was a teetotaler at this time the war news depressed him and he fell off the wagon. In a drunken political argument he countered Blair's assertion that war and politics were not a natural state as could be seen that animals did not war against each other by telling Blair he had seen what happened when animals became intelligent. They would congregate into species specific cliques and try to out do one another by achieving political power. Politics was predatory behavior by another name. Blair was intrigued by this assertion and would later write a small book entitled Animal Farm. He used his pen name on the book, George Orwell.

    Richard Montreville showed up in Australia towards the middle of the War. He met an American intelligence officer named Paul Linebarger who recognized Montreville's name. The officer told Montreville he was a peer of his, they both had tales published by the short lived and defunct Outré Stories magazine. His had been called War No. 8 1 -Q. Linebarger had heard rumors about the reality of the Moreau incident of 1930 and asked if it were true. Montreville replied that it was. Linebarger asked him about the Beast-People what they were like. Montreville told him, he told him about the loyal, dogged affection of M'Ling for his abusive master. With a great deal more emotion he described the sacrifice of Lota the Panther woman. Linebarger told Montreville that he had nebulous ideas about a type of Beast-People he wished to write about. After his discussion with Montreville, Linebarger's visions of the future solidified and C'Mell and D'Joan became very real characters to him. Under the pen name Cordwainer Smith Linebarger would write some very beautiful and haunting stories and novels about a distant future, these are collectively known as the Instrumentality of Mankind. Although this may actually be an alternate future to the Wold Newton Universe which Linebarger received through some sort of unconscious temporal channeling, similar to what happened to John Delmar in Jack Williamson's Legion of Space trilogy.

    Even if Linebarger may have been writing of the future or alternate future events this should not be construed as taking anything away from Linebarger's memorable and beautiful prose. On occasion, even historians are capable of creating works whose prose along elevates them into works of art.

3. XauXaz, Iwaldi and the Nine basic story can be found in Philip Jose Famer's A Feast Unknown, Lord of the Trees and the Mad Goblin. More background can be found in the Triple Tarzan Tangle. Part of their quest for true immortality and the results can also be found in Tarzans in the Valley of Gold.

4.The diabolical inventions and concoctions of Herr Doktor Krueger, Herr Stahlmaske, Chu Lung often showed up in the pages of the adventures of ace pilot, G-8. Dr. Edward Jekyll, an eminent specialist in glands was the son of the notorious Dr. Henry Jekyll. Dr. Edward Jekyll dropped out of sight for a few years starting in 1911. It is believed this was to escape the embarrassment fomented by the deadly activities of his half sister Edwina Hyde. Miss Hyde was convicted of killing Professor Robertson, an associate of Dr. Jekyll. For a time she was also charged with Dr. Jekyll's murder since had had disappeared about the time of her arrest. She later escaped from the King's justice. Dr. Edward Jekyll was found to have gone to live on an Irish estate to avoid the publicity. Author Kim Newman discovered the Moreau and Jekyll collaboration and was amazed that a similar incident had taken place in the Anno Dracula Universe as seen in Bloody Red Baron by Kim Newman.

5. For more on Krupps' career please see La Momia Azteca Vs. El Robot Humano (The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy) and Santo contra los zombies (The Invasion of the Zombies) You can find some information on Santo at The Films of El Santo

6. Dr. Werner Schmidt was a brilliant if evil scientist who was one of the creators to the Nazi Super Soldier Serum which did not contain any elements of Jewish Science. Schmidt was also interested in the cybernetic aspect of the Master Man projekt. He was nearly killed while visiting the cybernetic laboratory. He was attached to an experimental cybernetic suit and became a brain in a tank attached to a crude robotic body. Basil Frankenstein claimed the descendent of the notorious Viktor Frankenstein although this is debatable. He did have some measure in reanimating one of the many Frankenstein's Monsters scattered throughout Europe in those days. Dr. Mabuse was the insidious psychoanalyst and crime kingpin as depicted in Fritz Lang's films Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler, (1922) The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1932) and The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960). He practiced mind control, mesmerism and various forms of hypnotic control. Dr. Mabuse may have been the alien scientist Marra. Dr. Rotwang, who some say resemble Dr. Mabuse was the villain of Fritz Lang's classic film Metropolis which was based upon Lang's Thea Von Harbou's novel. The novel although a future based social commentary was based in part on a contemporary account of Dr. Rotwang robotic experiences. Rotwang tried to go Edison one step further in the creation on artificial woman by actually extracting the life force/soul out a woman and placing it inside a robotic form. Edison's artificial woman experiment was reported in The Eve of the Future by Villiers de l'Isle Adam. Rotwang also had the idea of discrediting the communists by creating an uprising among the poor and indigent led by his robotic woman. Rotwang planned to lead the rebels right into the hands of the government officials and demonstrate the effectiveness of his device. Unfortunately the woman whose life force he had chosen to use was Rosa Luxembourg. Although Rotwang was able to place her life force in the female robot. Under Rotwang's control the female robot succeeded inciting the German Communists to open rebellion but Rosa Luxembourg's will was too strong and the robot's host left it at a crucial moment. Rosa Luxembourg attempted to make political capital of the communist rebellion and continued the uprising. She perished at the hands of the Police.

7. The Joker and the Red Skull discovered just how similar their respective toxins were when they attempted to use them on each other in 1945 as seen in Batman and Captain America jointed published by DC and Marvel 1998

8. The Dr. Noah virus was a rather insidious germ warfare project planned by the Nazis but the world was once again saved by a member of the Bond family. For particulars please visit, Casino Royale or Deal the Blood Red Death. The Iron Cross projekt was one begun by Hans Schneider, an anti-Nazi German scientist. A power armor suit which was left incomplete when Schneider was turned into the Gestapo by his childhood friend Helmut Gruler. Gruler had destroyed Schneider's notes believing they were anti-Nazi propaganda before finding the suit. The suit was completed by Dr. Schmidt and Rotwang. Since he had found the suit Helmut Gruler was given the "honor" of testing it in combat. The Marvel comics version of these events had the Iron Cross going against Miss America and the Human Torch. The few appearances of Wonder Woman in Europe and the even rarer occasions when she worked in concert with another costumed vigilante were fictionalized as the Invader's Comic books series. Actually Gruler went up against Wonder Woman and due to a lucky punch with the armored fist he defeated her. The Iron Cross was defeated by the so called Human Torch who short circuited his suit with a napalm blast. The Human Torch as presented in the comics was fictional the Human Torch was actually the Magician Norgil in a flame suit. Iron Cross fell into the Atlantic in his malfunctioned battlesuit and drowned.

9.The Nazi's are not the only one whose super soldier projects were often deadly to the volunteers. Captain America was unique in that he was able to benefit from the serum and live through the process. See Brad Mengel's Super-Soldiers article for more instances. For more about some Allied super science projects see The All Aces Squad and Secret Wars by Jess Nevins.

10. Even if the Hyena had succeeded in his Mission he would have been unsuccessful in achieving the desired results. He would have only discovered that the story of Wonder Woman aka Spitfire aka Miss America achieving her powers through a blood transfusion with the Human Torch was Allied misinformation. The idea was to promote the idea of the Human Torch as a mysterious and powerful being so that his appearances on the Front Line would provoke fearful reactions. The Human Torch was actually more normally Human than Wonder Woman who was in part a product of advanced biotechnology.

11. Dr. Moreau's early research on creating an army of lycanthropic soldiers was later continued by a group of Neo-Nazis. The results of their project are portrayed in the novel WerewolveSS by Jerry and Sharon Ahern, Pinnacle 1990.

12. The mysterious Dr. Peter Drury pops up in many places in the Wold Newton Universe in the late thirties and early forties. A couple of his appearances are in Invisibles: Robert Griffin, Hyde and Hair : Hydden Lineage and Spider Man

13. For more on Mr. Mountford's past please see The Lord Mountford Mystery by Philip Jose Farmer, ERB-dom No. 65, December 1972

14. For more about the Diogenes Club involvement in the British Secret Service please consult Keeping Secrets: A Speculative History of the Modern British Secret Service. By Brad Mengel, The March-April 1891 entry on the Original Wold Newton Crossover Chronology and Seven Stars by Kim Newman.

15. A slightly more detailed account of the visit of the stocky and the thin Ship Masters and the stocky man's odd looking son can be seen at. Immortal Befuddled: 20th Century. Under the 1956 entry there is also some more information about Moreau's Island after the events of 1956 had ended in further entries on that page.

16. Basil Exposition is the Head of the British Secret Service as seen in the Austin Powers film series. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, The Spy Who Shagged Me and Gold Member. Like his top notch spy, Powers, Basil Braddock (Exposition) was an rare combination of ineptitude and effectiveness. Too valuable to discard yet too dangerous to keep around. To his credit however Basil Exposition seems to have lost most of his youthful over enthusiasm and became an effective if not overly so civil servant.

17. This is one of the maddening things about time travel as employed by the insidiously evil Dr. Evil. It is hard to get an exact chronology for his cultural references. Was he in fact the progenitor of various phrases by his anachronistic pronouncements or was he influenced by the future? An example is the scene in The Spy Who Shagged Me where Dr. Evil and his miniature clone, Mini-Me accompany each other on the piano with Mini-Me playing a miniature piano. One wonders if Dr. Evil was somehow mocking the 1996 film version of the Island of Dr. Moreau in which the actors recreated the 1995 incident on Moreau's Island as reported by Edward Douglas. Or if the Dr. Evil and Mini-Me concert took place in 1969 after Dr. Evil and Mini-Me had traveled back in time, perhaps Dr. Moreau was in fact inspired to create Majai having heard about Dr. Evil's close relationship with his clone/son. For more details on how Majai and Mini-Me were similar in an important way please visit The Lethal Luthors.

18. Sometimes even good men or men who start out with good intentions become corrupted by power until the acquisition of power becomes the goal. The thought is always when I achieve power and security I will do the good deeds that need to be done but first I must achieve a position to whereby I can do good. Yet the quest for power corrupts and the good to be done becomes forgotten. This is what appears to have happened to Andrew Braddock who shed his old life and took the name Stone Alexander. A fictionalized but unflattering portrait of Stone Alexander can be seen in the films The Omega Code and Megiddo: The Omega Code 2

19. The Wold Newton Universe as we know it leads directly into the Star Trek Universe. For more details see the Future entries on the Original Wold Newton Crossover Chronology. An example of a alternate Future to the Wold Newton Universe may be found on the Wasn't The Future Great Timeline : A Pulp Trek Timeline. This Universe although oddly parallel to the Wold Newton Universe at times actually diverged at its creation but diverged noticeably after 1990.

20. Although there was a Manticore Project in the WNU proper as seen on the Superman article, the divergence came about in the events which lead to the series of Dark Angel.

21. The future history I have described takes place in the Moreau novels by S. Andrew Swann. They are Forests of the Night, Emperors of the Twilight, Spectres of the Dawn and Fearful Symmetries.

22. Although most of the continuing storyline to the comic is fictional, the short-lived series Hercules Unbound did correctly identify Dr. Michael Grant and the effects that were caused when Cortexin was released into the atmosphere.

   23. This young fellow's grandfather and his grandson may have had a partial immunity to the effects of cortexin. The grandfather had once been part of a super soldier program. According to the tale the grandfather had been scrawny, office worker in the days shortly before the Great Disaster. He was altered into a super soldier named the One Man Army Corps by a group calling itself the Global Peace Agency through the medium of an all watching satellite name Brother Eye. The brother Eye was able to located the young man named Buddy Blank in times of crisis and trigger a transformation in him which made him into the perfect fighting man. There was a comic based on the fictionalized exploits of the grandfather called OMAC as well as on the grandson Command D or Kamandi.. The name Buddy Blank may have been a form of John Doe, a person with unknown origin or possibly someone who did not have a birth name because they were not born but were rather created.  Buddy Blank was an average guy who was transformed almost instantaneously into a super muscled, super strong and wonderfully coordinated man in seconds by a ray which triggered hormonal sequences in body. Who was Buddy Blank?

    Although some may balk at the suggestion, Buddy Blank was Robert Bruce Banner. Actually he was a clone of Robert Bruce Banner. In the Hyde and Hair articles I attempted to demonstrate how Robert Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk was actually therioanthrope, a shape changer descended from a lineage of shape changers. Banner's transformative forms, the three variants of the Hulk, were sculpted by his id. Initially they were triggered by thyophite radiation which the comics called gamma radiation, first a thyophite bomb and  then lunar radiation. Later however extreme emotional reactions could trigger the transformations.

    An agency known as the Global Peace Agency obtained a clone of Robert Bruce Banner. The clone was raised as a child named Buddy Blank, placed with a family and in an environment guaranteed to make him physically weak, weak willed and emotionally pliable. The Global Peace Agency through the ruse of free medical care made certain to place in Buddy Blank deep hypnotic instructions, reinforced often over the course of several years. This was so that when his transformation was triggered the transformation would be tailored by Blanks subconscious mind into the persona and form that the Global Peace Agency desired. When the time was appropriate the Global Peace Satellite aimed a ray of concentrated thyophite radiation at Buddy Blank and he became OMAC. The Global Peace Agency was purportedly run by benevolent aliens although it does not seem to be the same group as sponsored Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln since the methods seem harsher. The benevolent aliens may have been a more militant branch of the Preservers the Alien story may have been totally bogus. Although Kamandi did not have the full set of recessives that would have made him a thyophite he did carry some of the benefits of a lycanthropic heritage of resilience, slightly enhanced strength and a powerful immune system.

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