Aliens Among US!






The most influential of the aliens among us may be the Capelleans and Eridaneans if only because of they have become the scapegoats of extraterrestrial interaction with our world. When they first discovered us and began to study us is uncertain, due to conflicting historical accounts. I have recreated a probable outline of their history gathered from a variety of sources, but I must start with the disclaimer that I cannot truthfully state that it is entirely accurate.


Although information in The Other Log of Phileas Fogg states that the Eridaneans and Capelleans crash landed upon earth some two hundred years before 1872, David Vincent jr. postulated that the crash took place much earlier and that the aliens and their adopted offspring deliberately deceived the earth humans as to how long they had been among them. Fogg was a dedicated Eridanean agent and is believed that one reason that the diary of Phileas Fogg was found hidden in his home rather than in a special hiding place was because the diaries were meant to be found. The diaries were written in an unknown language or code and could not be deciphered, until some children's primers written in Eridanean were also conveniently found. [1] Sir Beowulf Clayton[2], member of a family with strong Eridanean ties, did the translation.

Consider this, is it possible that the Eridaneans and Capelleans did not discontinue their war after the supposed death of the last Old One in 1873. Nor did they want to want the Terran humans know how long they had been influencing them. Realizing that one day that the Terrans would achieve space flight, they planted the diary and made a key that would break the code which would be "discovered" at the appropriate time. Shortly after John Glenn made his historic space flight, and the extraterrestrial satellite system self-destructed, the primer owned by Sir Heraclitus Fogg was discovered. The translated documents shocked the world when it was discovered that extraterrestrial life existed but that it had been living among us for two hundred years. Written from the viewpoint of an Eridanean adoptee, the information was tailored to make the Capelleans seem totally evil.

However much they may have diverged genetically over the millennia, the Eridaneans and Capelleans had the same origin.[3]


They were of Earth-human origin but placed on far distant planets by space-seeding races. However it is unknown if they were taken from the Earth by the Preservers, the Goa’uld, the Arra[4] or another humanity snatching group. Researcher David Vincent Jr. had believed that the Eridaneans and Capelleans had been shifted from Earth through the machinations of the Goulad who using their co-opted stargate system. However a malfunction sent these populations back in time. However since neither star faring race had any direct encounters with the Goulad, as far as we know, this theory seems untenable. It seems more likely that they were seeded by the Preservers or some other group who were also known to traverse time as well as space.

On their own the Eridaneans and Capelleans both achieved extended life spans and also interstellar travel due to hyperdrive ships.


They encountered one another and were thrilled at first to find other human beings in the galaxy, they soon discovered that they clashed on ideological grounds and became bitter enemies.


13,0000 years before the present era both the Eridanean and Capellean civilizations achieved interstellar flight, after hundreds of years of solar space flight. Their first interstellar ships were sleeper ships.


Both were faced with the prospect that space exploration would take millennia, and turned all their technology to developing techniques to extending their lifespans and making the distances of interstellar flight shorter. Eventually the Eridaneans successfully created a nano-virus that would constantly renew the body. It had an effectiveness of a thousand or so years before the nanites ceased functioning and began acting as free radicals. Shortly after the successful creation of the Eridanean longevity serum, a Capellean scientist created a hyperdrive vessel.[5]


Approximately 8,500 years ago the Capelleans discovered an Eridanean long-range sleeper ship. Capellean scientists were stunned to discover that except for slight genetic differences the Eridaneans were as human as they.[6] The Capelleans toasted the awakened Eridaneans as heroes and returned them to their home world with great anticipation. In The Great Exchange Capellean and Eridaneans traded information and technologies with the hope of forming a galactic civilization.


After the Eridaneans and Capelleans had exchanged technologies they made an attempt to create an interstellar alliance. This is when the great differences between the Capelleans and Eridaneans came to light. Each civilization had a distinct ideological base, so incompatible it seemed that they could not find any middle ground for compromise. Although both civilizations had had created social utopias with common patterns of development from tribal beginnings, consolidation into communities and kingdoms, period of feudalism and imperial conquest, then nationalist republican government they had diverged enough to have dissimilar ideologies.


The Capelleans had a social revolution early in their period of republicanism that eradicated all traces of Kings and Aristocracy. They ruled by Council in a Democratic-Communistic society, which had as its main flaw that they individual became subservient to the State. Tyranny by Simple Majority as administrated by the Council of Elders.


The Eridaneans began their Republican period with a constitutional monarchy in which the landed peoples elected their King. As this tended to lead to dictatorial behavior on the part of the King, the period of elections was shortened and the franchise was broadened.


After devastating world wars at the outset of their atomic period, both the Capelleans and Eridaneans achieved world government with peace and prosperity. They conquered disease, poverty and to an extent death.


The Eridaneans had become individualistic Libertarians by the time of their space exploration period while the Capelleans were Communal Libertarians. After several devastating incidents while colonizing populated planets, both set up a strict non-interference policy, yet this became more ceremonial than real when the Capellean and Eridanean interstellar holding began abutting one another.


After a few years, the ideological and cultural differences between the two civilizations was considered too significant and they abandoned plans for a unified culture


During their initial period of space exploration and expansion the two civilizations came into conflict and this conflict escalated into several interstellar wars. As a consequence of this deep enmity even when both parties were stranded on Earth they could not come to any sort of equitable arraignment whereby they could communicate, exchange information or trade for the purposes of leaving the Earth.


On the border between their two respective interstellar civilizations was a planet that was rich in the power crystals used to fuel their hyperdrive vessels. A bitter war was fought over the planet until it was decided by truce to share the planet. The problem was that the planet was composed of a high degree of crystal; the power crystals in fact grew here. Mining had to be done carefully, without destroying the newly forming crystals. Therefore human beings had to do the mining. The problem, though, was the planet itself, because the combination of high gravity, thin air, and destructive solar radiation caused a 90% fatality rate among the miners. The planet was named Kryp'Tn, the Crystal World.


8,000 years before the present era in a dispute over this crystal world the first Eridanean and Capellean war broke out. The war was costly but only lasted a few years. A truce was signed.


Approximately one thousand years later, the Capellean/Eridanean truce was broken by the Eridanean indoctrination of a Capellean colony. The Second Capellean/Eridanean war broke out. Again the war was short but costly. Capellean scientist Marra[7] convinced the Capellean hierarchy to use clone drones to populate mining colonies and other necessary but dangerous outposts. Clone drones were clones of Capelleans and Eridanean prisoners but genetically altered for mental capacity and emotional stability. They were also not candidates for the longevity serum. Marra began to suffer from early longevity serum decay. He had himself cryogenically frozen in the hopes that a cure will eventually be found. Fifty years later Marra was discovered still living and conducting unauthorized experiments on clone drones in an attempt to create true immortality. The experiments included tampering with clone drone's consciousness and giving them the longevity serum. He was sentenced to actual cryonic suspension


In a dispute over borders the Third Capellean/Eridanean war broke out. This took place approximately 6,000 years ago. It was becoming almost a ritual for the truce to end every thousand years.


In the midst of this Capellean/Eridanean War, a clone rebellion broke out. In response to this Og[8], a violent cult formed. Og believed that clones were soulless creatures that had broken natural law by their rebellion. The cult's response to the rebellion was to destroy all clones. They did this in the most sadistic and violent methods that they could devise. The Capellean Council of Nine voted to remove the Ogs as they were called from Capellean society forever. They were sent to the Phantom Zone.


Because clones were so instrumental during the war, the Capelleans granted clones a few rights. They were no longer genetically altered for diminished mental capacity, they could earn a wage and after fifty years of servitude could live out their lives where ever they wished. However they were not allowed to receive the longevity serum nor to procreate.


The Fourth Capellean War broke out nearly one thousand years after the last one. No records exist however as to the reason for this particular war. The Capelleans used a biological weapon that had an unfortunate effect on a portion of the Eridanean population. They became violently addicted to sex. If the sufferers were denied sexual outlet they resorted to rape and murder. Even physical and chemical castration did not work. The Erideanean Council of Nine offered the victims a choice of exile to the Phantom Zone or death. The disease was called Toc[9] and its victims became known as the Tocs.


The next two thousand years is called the Millennia of Life by the Capelleans and Eridaneans. There was not a Capellean/Eridanean war because two Capellean scientists discovered a way to end the millennium bug in the longevity nanites. The treatment was flushed of the nanites, allowed to age for seven years so that the cells underwent a complete change and then the nanites were reintroduced to the body. The plan was considered risky because during the seven year period without the nanites disease and minor injuries could kill the person. While living on a Capellean mining colony Marra devised a secondary treatment using a different set of self-destructing nanites that sped up the aging process. He discovered that anything less than 7 years in six months was fatal. His discovery was hailed until revelations surfaced that he had conducted tests on clones, killing hundreds. A clone rebellion spread throughout the Capellean hierarchy. After losing the clones were stripped of their few rights and became virtual slaves. Marra was sentenced to have his system flushed of nanites and to die the natural death. He faked his own death and got a position as a military scientist, thinking to use his process as a weapon in the next war.


The Capellean and Eridanean continued a peaceful co-existence until tradition minded citizens of both societies clamor for another millennial war. In 3,000 BP the fifth Capellean/Eridanean war occurs. It was at first a symbolic war, using ritualized battle plans, single combats, and ship duels. Capellean forces were stunned when the Eridaneans used atomic weapons to destroy a Capellean mining colony.[10] Military scientist Marra convinced the Capellean hierarchy to use his new bio-bombs. They tested these on three Eridanean colonies. The bio-bombs were filled with aging nanites, which sped up the clock on the longevity nanites so that they expire. A secondary component of the bio-bombs released a virulent plague.


The war escalated, crippling both civilizations. As he created more virulent plagues, Marra stumbled on a nanite formula that reversed cell death, which eliminates death if applied within a suitable amount of time. He kept the secret for himself.


The Eridaneans fomented another clone rebellion inside the Capellean system and use this advantage to win this war. Marra was declared a war criminal and sentenced to die. He substituted a clone for himself and escaped.


After the mutually destructive war, the Eridaneans and Capelleans agreed to the Truce of Orion, arbitrated by the Organians[11]. They agreed to a peaceful coexistence.


In 2,000 B P the Eridanean discovery of Earth was paralleled by the Capellean invention of short distance matter transportation technology. The 7th Capellean/Eridanean war was cancelled as both species sign the Treaty of Orion to set up separate but equal facilities to study this newly discovered planet filled with humans. They were also surprised to discover traces of Sirian and Arcturian visitations before them as well as the Obelisks of the Firstborn[12]. Now living under another name Marra planned for the future setting in motion plans that wouldl have a profound impact on galactic history.


Both the Capelleans and the Eridaneans were amazed to find another species that was biologically identical to them, so they allotted time for extensive study. The primitive humans were an opportunity to test theories of social evolution.


Both civilizations sent a Mothership designated as long term survey ship but with battle capabilities. Both set up lunar bases and a small satellite system. The satellite systems were programmed to self-destruct once the populace below had achieved manned orbital capabilities.[13] After the Eridaneans and Capelleans set up their observation satellite systems, their lunar bases and their orbital motherships. A representative of the Organians visited them and told them in no certain terms that they may observe the earth but could not under any circumstances interfere in its development. Marra was elated by this development for it fit very nicely into his plans.


Marra arranged to be transferred to the Capellean earth observation team. There he set in motion what he hoped would culminate in his ultimate goal, to have an entire planet with a human population to use in his genetic and social experimentation without interference from anybody. Once on the team he began illicit experimentation on earth human subjects.


In 857 A.D. bio-bombs that Marra had seeded through the Capellean and Eridanean systems bombarded the home worlds and major colonies of both civilizations. His intent was to cause both civilizations to accelerate their technology while he was gone. As a bonus they would also be much too busy to worry about the survey teams on earth. However Marra had inadvertently set in motion the destruction of both civilizations


The Eridanean and Capellean Earth observation teams received subspace reports that the Truce of Orion had ended and hostilities had resumed. Both survey motherships signaled each and began a ceremonial duel


In a seeming blatant act of treachery the Capellean ship fired while the Eridanean ship made its turn. Although the Capelleans believed this was due to an apparent malfunction Marra had set the firing controls to fire preemptively. The Eridanean mothership was destroyed but most of its crew was already aboard life pods. Prior to being hit the Eridanean mother ship sent off a torpedo that crippled the Capellean mothership, which was also abandoned


Valiantly the scientist Marra was one of the last to leave the Capellean ship. In reality the damage to the Capellean ship although extensive was not crippling. The Eridanean torpedo had in fact never been fired, Juro caused the ship's damage by rigged explosions. When Marra stayed behind on the crippled ship, he set up transport systems planning to use the crude transport technology to make trips between the mother ship and earth and the lunar base. This transport technology was demonstrated in The Other Log of Phileas Fogg. The ship was put in a decaying orbit, which caused portions of it to break off and enter the earth's atmosphere at infrequent intervals; the largest and final piece hit the Earth’s surface in Siberia in 1908.[14]


A Capellean pod landed off the coast of California and an Eridanean pod landed in near present day Chile. An Eridanean pod landed near the Caspian Sea and a Capellean pod near the Sea of Japan. Capellean pods landed in the Adriatic, Lake Victoria, and the Red Sea. Eridanean pods landed in the English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar and the North Sea. The last Capellean pod landed in the Ionian Sea and the last Eridanean pod landed in the Ligurian Sea. These landings were not random but made because the crews of the pods resembled the natives in those areas.


Although the majority of Capelleans and Eridaneans stayed hidden while waiting for rescue, so as not to violate the Non-Interference Edict, the renegade Capellean scientist, Marra continued his unauthorized experiments on the native human population.


By 1000 A.D. the Eridanean civilization had collapsed as the entire population was wiped out a plague caused by a combination of two bio-bombs. The plague also spread to the Capellean system where only 2% of the population were immune. The Capelleans slid into barbarism. The Starship Enterprise visited Capella IV, the inhabitants had reverted to total nomadic barbarism.[15]


After living among the Earth people for a century without rescue and retrieval, both the Capelleans and Eridaneans realized that either the war was not going well or that they had been forgotten. The survivors of the landings in both races formed a Council, which kept in contact thorough communication devices implanted in their ears and larynxes, sent through satellites. Each voted to abandon the Doctrine of Non-Interference to advance the feudal Earth Natives to a space faring culture as quickly as was feasible and to also indoctrinate the Earth culture with the correct ideological foundation to make them allies in the war against the enemy. They were also to thwart the enemy's attempts to advance and indoctrinate the natives. Due to the lack of the universal hormone Eridanean and Capelleans remained infertile to each other but were sometimes fertile within their own species and with the native human population. Females of both species were the primary targets of the secret war as were those undergoing the seven year period when the longevity serum was ineffective.


Each group chose a council of nine leaders to lead the process advancing the technology and indoctrination of the Earthlings.  Both Councils of Nine became legendary among the Earth people and were fictionalized in mythologies works among them Talbot Mundy's Nine Unknown.


As a means of extending their influence among the earth natives, the Eridaneans and Capelleans adopted Terran natives and trained them to think of themselves as Eridaneans or Capelleans. They also welcomed worthy adult members into their organization binding all with promises of immortality.


However, neither the Eridaneans or Capelleans were entirely truthful to their adoptees. They gave the natives a form of the longevity process that was used on clones when they were servants. A forty year activation was encoded into the nanite programming for the Earth human Capellean and Eridanean adoptees. This way the True Races, the Capellean and the Eridaneans are kept immortal in their prime and the Earthlings allowed to age past their primes and then become immortal. It was a form of control over the adoptees.


The Capelleans and Eridaneans created highly structured organizations during their few hundred years of living on the planet but the conflict between them took its toll. They made little progress in speeding up the advance of the Earth’s technological progress.


In 1873 the Capellean-Eridanean war on earth apparently climaxed during the “Around the World in 80 Days” incident when the last Elder of both the Eridaneans and Capelleans purportedly died.[16] Rather, the core groups of both surviving Elders, became determined to work even more behind the scenes. They feared that the recent advances of earth technology, accomplished without Capellean or Eridanean help, had reached the point that it could be combined with stolen alien technology to create primitive space vessels. Being still socially primitive ethnocentrics, the earthlings could see the Capellean and Eridanean efforts to aid them as hostile actions and could turn against them and their Families. Their fears were well founded, for a few years later Bedford and Cavor traveled to the moon in a primitive vessel.[17]


The few remaining Elders seemed to have lost heart as the last vestige of their great civilizations was destroyed in 1908.  The all but destroyed Capellean Mother ship's final impulse engine finally failed and sent it into an orbit that impacted on Earth. The remnants of the Mother ship landed in the Tunguska province of Siberia, causing what amounted to a nuclear explosion.


As the years progressed and their social goals seemed further away than ever, the Capelleans and Eridaneans began forming into smaller and smaller factions, each with an agenda of its own. This was especially true after most of the Elders had either died or retired from active duty.


An earlier version of this essay was influenced by the research of David Vincent Jr. His paranoia about aliens caused him to believe that the Capelleans and Eridaneans were more prevalent in terrestrial affairs that they actually seem to have been. He blamed the Capellans and Eridaneans, most particularly the scientist Marra for causing the mutations at Wold Newton, the rise of Fascism, atomic related gigantism and various other worldly ills. My research has led me to believe that the Capelleans and Eridaneans while having some influence during the two hundred years they actively recruited terrestrials had rather small organizations. However their back story and names were co-opted by the stone age immortals that called themselves the Nine[18], who used the idea of a vast alien conspiracy, of a far ranging and far flung Capelleans and Eridaneans organizations as fronts for their own activities.



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2000-2009 Dennis Power

[1] This information is derived from The Other Log of Phleas Fogg (Daw) 1973, Philip Jose Farmer. Wold Newton scholar Rick Lai proposes a different theory in his The Secret History of Captain Nemo. Lai postulates that the extraterrestrial angle was entirely fictional and the Eridaneans and Capelleans represented terrestrial secret societies. He states that language in which Fogg’s diary was written was an ancient terrestrial language used as a secret language by one of the secret societies. Mr. Lai was not entirely accurate nor was he entirely incorrect. The extraterrestrial angle was not fictional but he was correct about the language of the Eridaneans. The Eridanean script bore a great resemblance to script found in Haruppa and other cities of the Indus Valley, although the Eridanean script was far more complex. Capellean script bore an even greater resemblance to a Terrestrial language, so much so that very few people realized that Capellean writings were done by extraterrestrial. Capellean writing is extremely close to Avestan and Sanskrit and someone familiar with those scripts can read Capellean. However what they read would seem like gibberish, at first. If a trained linguist realized that this script was an evolved form of Avestan that included the common morphological changes that languages undergo, such as simplification and consonant shift, it is possible that they could decipher the writing.


[2] Sir Beowulf Clayton was killed in the midst of his investigation of the possible connection between the language found in Phileas Fogg's secret diary and an ancient language used in an area in Central Africa, rumored to have Atlantean ties. He died a rather ironic death, rau off the road by a runaway lorry from the Grendel Haulage company


[3] “The Time Distorter“ ,, a recent short story by Paul Spiteri, published in Farmerphile 15, posits a different origin for the Capelleans and Eridaneans. He believes that both came from the same planet, called Prace. Two sentient species evolved on separate landmasses. They uneasily shared their world until achieving space travel and then spread out to form two space faring civilizations. It is certainly possible that the Capelleans and Eridaneans misled their Terrestrial adoptees about their true antecedents. Even if both the Capelleans and Eridanean interstellar civilizations did originate from Prace, it is probable that they did not evolve on the planet but were transplanted there from Earth.


[4] The Arra were responsible for having kidnapped the lost colony of Roanoke and some other small groups of people from the Earth in 1588, as recorded in Dare by Philip Jose Farmer.


[5] Although using different principles of physics than the warp drive vessels, the hyperdrive ships also used dilithium crystals.


[6] The differentiation was ostensibly caused by genetic drift from the earth genotype due to evolution and environmental factors. The Omni and their Preservers allies had influenced most humanoid species

to evolve in such a way that they could cross breed without artificial genetic fusion. Hybrids between Vulcan/Human, Cardassian/Bajoran, Betazed/Human, Bajoran/Human, Bajoran/Ferengi,

Romulan/Vulcan, Romulan/Human and Klingon/Human are known to exist in the future. In Green’s Odyssey Alan Green makes this observation, Homo sapiens was scattered throughout the Galaxy. Everywhere that the space-traveling Earthmen had gone, they had found that about every fourth inhabitable planet was populated by men of their species. The proof lay not just in the outward physical resemblance of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial; it lay in their ability to breed. Earthman, Sirian, Albirean, Vegan, it made no difference. Their men could have children by the women of other planets.” Even the Wiyr of the planet Dare who had been mutated from the terrestrial norm were biologically compatible with human beings.

The Capelleans and Eridaneans told their Terrestrial adoptees that they were infertile with one another or with Terrestrial humans. Eridaneans were also supposed to have more vanadium in their blood than human beings. Furthermore we were told that if examined closely the skeletal structure of an Eridanean or Capellean would be noticeably different from that of a terrestrial human. All of these differences led to the conclusion that Capelleans and Eridaneans were truly extraterrestrial and biological incompatible with human beings. Yet both these humanoid species so closely resembled human beings that with they were able to pass as humans with only minor surgical modifications. Even if the Capelleans and Eridaneans had undergone plastic surgery to make them appear human for casual observation of humanity, could this pretense have held up under really close, intimate scrutiny? It is possible I suppose that the ships were not sent to Earth merely to observe but were the first wave of force infiltrate the planet. If this was so, one would have expected one or the other side to have been better equipped. There may be other reasons than simple cross species infertilization that led to the Eridaneans and Capelleans stating they were infertile with human beings. The first, and most probable, is that the crews underwent a sterilization or contraceptive treatment prior to embarking on their respective missions. Not only would have a pregnancy been intrusive in the planned scientific study, the respective governments would have wanted to ensure that their crews could not accidentally contaminate the Terrestrial population, which would have been a violation of the current Truce. Their lack of fertility may have been due to the genetic drift between Eridaneans, Capelleans and Terrestrial Humans was so great that cross fertilization was not possible. However given the propensity of humanoid species to cross fertilize this is unlikely. Another possibility is cultural. Even if the Capelleans and Eridaneans had been able to overcome their contraceptive barriers, they did not.. The Capelleans and Eridaneans saw each other as different species, even though they were not, and made no attempt to cross fertilize. As for Terrestrial humans, it is possible that they viewed them with an elitist sensibility and viewed mating with a terrestrial human in something of the same manner that a Boston Brahmin would have viewed mating with a Hottentot. Yet the survival instinct is strong so it is likely that had they been able to do so, they would have overcome their repugnance to perpetuate the species.

[7] Marra was not like other men. He was a focused, scientific sociopath who believed that his research and the goals that he needed to achieve were more important than the lives of these surviving space travelers. He viewed most people only as means to an end. Marra had been approached by a secret society when his first illicit experimentations were discovered during his adolescence. The secret society was The Nine, which had been begun by a member of the Adversarialists when the Capelleans had achieved interstellar travel. Although the secret society of the Nine alluded to having ties to the Capellean Hierarchy, the Council of Nine, this does not seem to be the case, except in the case of one or two councilors. The agenda on Cappella was, as it was on every other planet that they had infiltrated, to help mankind evolve to their greatest state of being through calamity, disaster, and social chaos. 

By the time that Capella had achieved space travel, however, it had unified into a stable, nearly utopian planetary government. The Nine therefore found it hard to promulgate social chaos on Capella itself. However, the meeting of the Capellans and the Eridaneans proved to be fertile ground. It was through the efforts of the Nine that the relations between the Eridaneans and the Capelleans alternated between war and peace, with each conflict becoming progressively more disastrous for each side.

Marra was recruited by the Nine because of his brilliant scientific mind and because it was believed that his innovations could create societal chaos. Also his recruitment was a way to channel his psychotic and sociopathic impulses towards the betterment of society.


[8] Og seems to be an acronym for Oa Gan, True Soul.


[9] Toc was a name given to the disease in its earliest manifestation when the effects were seen as somewhat amusing. Toc is the Eridanean word for orgy. It apparently derives from Taz gok or sex gathering. The closes equivalent to this in a terrestrial language is in Brahui, which is believed to descendent of Proto-Dravdian Harappan. Giving further evidence that the Eridaneans may have originally been from the Indus Valley Civilization.


[10] The Eridanean government denied using atomic weapons to destroy these Capellean colonies. Although the Capellean Hierarchy disbelieved the Eridanean government, this was apparently the truth. Prometheans like Marra had also been recruited among the Eridaneans. Although the intention was to have their civilizations flourish because of strife and conflict between them the Capellean and Eridanean Prometheans brought about the end of their civilizations.


[11] The Organians are a species of non-corporeal energy beings that reside on the planet Organia. They are among the non-corporeal beings who form the Omni, as seen in the Ancients article. They are most famous for being in the Star Trek the Original series episode, An Errand of Mercy.


[12] The Firstborn are an alien race who left artifacts scattered through out the galaxy to observe and promote sentient life. They too were a form of the Omni. One such monolith was found in Tycho Crater and popularized in the novel and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


[13]The destruction of this satellite system was the bright lights that Astronaut John Glenn reported seeing as he orbited the earth.


[14] There are a plethora of theories as to what caused the Tunguska incident. This is the one we are claiming is true.


[15] This was most dramatically demonstrated in the Star Trek The original series episode "Friday's Child"


[16] The details of this can be found in Philip Jose Farmer’s The Other Log of Phileas Fogg


[17] This trip took place in 1900 and was depicted in H. G. Wells First Men in the Moon.


[18] The Nine are depicted in Philip Jose Farmer’s novels, A Feast Unknown, The Mad Goblin and Lord of the Trees. More information about them can be found in various articles on this site.