About Philip José Farmer

So you've read the "Ten Things You Need to Know About Philip José Farmer" article, and you're ready to do the deep dive into all things Farmer. There's a lot of history and info here to explore...


A list of all the awards Farmer has won, as well as a few stories that have been nominated.

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Photo Gallery

A gallery created with the gracious assistance of Phil, and especially, Bette Farmer.

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A timeline for events in Farmer's life not covered in the rest of the pages on this site.

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Calling Card

Two versions of Philip José Farmer's calling card. Some of these cards are available for purchase.

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PJF Recommends

Phil has exposed me to so many great authors, that I thought I would share his advice on what to read!

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Remembrances of PJF

Obituaries, eulogies, and other articles that appeared around the world following the news of Phil's passing.

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