Fiction About Philip José Farmer

This page lists fiction that references Philip José Farmer, his work, or includes him as a character.

Richard Lupoff's Ova Hamlet stories were written as parodies of many science fiction authors. This story parodies Phil's work in that many pulp characters are brought together to battle one evil super genius, Albert Payson Agricola.

In this story Farmer does not appear, he is only mentioned; "It is a continuing endeavor, probably an endless quest. Most of the authorities – Montague Summers, Lewis Spence, Professor Farmer – have done scarcely enough."

  • Warner Books, 1976, Paperback

A wild science fiction story in which Philip José Farmer is the main character. There is also an afterword by Farmer.

Time traveller Josie Bauer drops a hint in the story when she mentions that her father is the author of the Riverworld series.

  • TIME TRAVELERS STRICTLY CASH, Penguin Putnam, 1981 (First appearance)

This is a humorous alternate history novel where Rome does not fall and in fact discovers the Americas. There are science fiction authors mentioned throughout the book; references are made to to Judean Asimianus, the anthology Visus Periculosi by Alienus Elysianis, Dune and several very funny references to Apollodorus, which is the pseudonym for the very great scholar P. Josephus Agricola.

  • Pocket Books, 1983, Paperback

In this is a lost-race story one of the natives tells of a man who came when she was little; his name was Felipe José Labrador. He wrote scrolls and told them of another Atlantean city in Africa named Opar.

  • THE CURIOUS QUESTS OF BRIGADIER FFELLOWS, Donald M. Grant, 1986 (First appearance)

This story is set in a world where William Burroughs, not Edgar Rice Burroughs, wrote about a Jungle Lord. In this wildly alternate history story ERB is president and William Burroughs is visited in his hotel room by his biggest fan, a young 21 year old fledgling writer named Philip José Farmer. There are many other twists in history in this well done story.

In this story Hellboy encounters Philip José Farmer who has been resurrected on a strange world as a boatman on a million mile long river...

Here we learn the real “story behind the scenes” of Phil’s own “behind-the-scenes” novel, THE OTHER LOG OF PHILEAS FOGG.

Phil himself appears in a scene very similar to the Hellboy scene Hughes wrote in 2008. Farmer is also mentioned throughout the novel as characters read his books.

  • Atomic Fez, 2010, Paperback

In this sequel to "The Time Distorter" Phil goes back to the thirteenth century to meet Queen Elenor. But due to a miscalculation he arrives too late and must find another way to spend ten years in the distant past.