Gods of Riverworld

Book five of the Riverworld series. A limited number of books were published by Phantasia Press, the mass market hardcover was printed by Berkley Putnam one month later. The journey is over and now our travelers have control of the resurrection process and the power of life and death over billions of people. But they are not alone. Once again Farmer stimulates the mind.

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Publisher's note / 1983


Publisher's publicity picture/ 1983


Paperback / 1983
Uncorrected Proof

Phantasia Press 24-7

Hardcover / 1983
First Printing
Limited to 650 signed copies
Cover Artist: Kevin Eugene Johnson

Putnam 12843-3

Hardcover / 1983
First Trade Printing
Cover Artist: Don Ivan Punchatz

SFBC 3658

Hardcover / 1984
Cover Artist: Don Ivan Punchatz

Granada 06232-7

Paperback / 1984
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Clifton-Dey

Berkley 07322-X

Paperback / 1985
Cover Artist: Don Ivan Punchatz

Grafton 06232-7

Paperback / 1986
Cover Artist: Richard Clifton-Dey

Del Rey 41971-5

Paperback / 1998
Cover Artist: John Stevens

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