Hadon of Ancient Opar

The lost city of Opar where Tarzan (you should recognize that name by now) found his wealth. 12,000 years ago it was a thriving city. It takes Farmer's imagination and vision to see that far back to describe the civilization that lived there. Here's a helpful tip, read TIME'S LAST GIFT before you read the Khokarsa books.


DAW #100

Paperback / 1974
First Printing
Cover Artist: Roy Krenkel

Magnum 01800-2

Paperback / 1977
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Bob Fowke

DAW #442

Paperback / 1981
Cover Artist: Clyde Caldwell


Paperback / 1983
Cover Artist: Julek Heller

Subterranean Press

Hardcover Omnibus/ 2012
Cover Artist: Bob Eggleton