Jesus on Mars

A lot of Farmer's work, more so the short stories, deal with religion. In this book men land on Mars and discover a society living underground. The Martians worship a giant glowing globe which has an occupant named Jesus. Will the astronauts take him back to earth and what will be earth's reaction? Farmer is not afraid to break taboos in sex or religion and both subjects have offered some of his best work.

An abridgement of this story appeared in RIVERWORLD WAR, 1980


Pinnacle 40184-1

Paperback / 1979
First Printing
Cover Artist: Paul Stintson

Granada 05308-5

Paperback / 1982
Cover Artist: Melvyn

Subterranean Press

Paperback Hardcover / 2009
In the collection THE OTHER IN THE MIRROR
Cover Artist: Bob Eggleton