The Lovers

A shorter version of this story first appeared in Startling Stories Aug, 1952, (his first sci-fi story) which won Farmer his first Hugo Award. Hal Yarrow, the main character is a linguist (many of Farmer's characters are linguists) who is studying the languages on another planet. He discovers that the planet has been visited by humans before and he falls in love with a descendant of those previous visitors. However, she is not what she seems.


Ballantine 507K

Paperback / 1961
Expanded First Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Ballantine 02762

Paperback / 1972
Second Printing
Cover Artist: Unknown

Del Rey

Paperback / 1979
Uncorrected Proof

Del Rey 28032-6

Hardcover / 1979
Revised First Hardcover
Cover Artist: Unknown

Del Rey 28691-X

Paperback / 1981
Cover Artist: Les Katz

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Paperback / 1982
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Open Road Media

Ebook / 2017
Three Powerful Science Fiction Classics
Cover Artist: Unknown