Night of Light

Originally published as a short story in 1957. John Carmondy (see FATHER TO THE STARS) is on the planet Dante's Joy. Most people sleep during the Night of Light, those who do not are never the same again. Jimi Hendrix read this story and saw the words 'Purple Haze' and got an inspiration.

First appeared as a novella in Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1957


Berkley F1248

Paperback / 1966
First Printing
Cover Artist: Lehr

Berkley S2249

Paperback / 1972
Second Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Berkley S2249

Paperback / 1972
Third Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Penguin 003392-0

Paperback / 1972
First British Printing
Cover Artist: David Pelham

Garland 1409-X

Hardcover / 1975
First Hardcover Printing
No dust jacket


Paperback / 1982
Cover Artist: Tony Roberts

Berkley 06291-0

Paperback / 1983
Cover Artist: Unknown

Subterranean Press

Hardcover / 2009
In the collection
Cover Artist: Bob Eggleton