Tarzan Alive

The first line of the forward reads "This is a biography of a living person." From that point forward Farmer never gives up the premise that Tarzan is real and that he has met him and corresponded with him. He points out where Edgar Rice Burroughs had to guess at facts and where he just made stuff up. By the end of the book he almost has you believing.


Doubleday 70-175371

Hardcover / 1972
First Printing
Cover Artist: Milton Glaser

Popular Library 427

Paperback / 1973
Cover Artist: Richard Amsel

Panther 03941-4

Paperback / 1974
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Clifton-Dey

Popular Library 547

Paperback / 1976
Cover Artist: Richard Amsel

Playboy 16876-X

Paperback / 1981
Cover Artist: Unknown