The Unreasoning Mask

This story is hard to describe. It's a complicated/space exploration/sci-fi/adventure/mystery story. This is one of the books you read and wonder how one person can think up all of this stuff but definitely worth reading.



Paperback / 1981
Uncorrected Proof

Berkley/Putnam 12676-7

Hardcover / 1981
First Printing
Limited to 500 signed copies

Berkley/Putnam 12673-2

Hardcover / 1981
First Trade Printing
Cover Artist: Val & John Lakey

SFBC 1868

Hardcover / 1982
Cover Artist: Val & John Lakey

Berkley 05551-5

Paperback / 1983
Cover Artist: Val & John Lakey

Granada 05647-5

Paperback Hardcover / 1983
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Tim Gill