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Following the events of Frankenstein, the creature travels through a hole in the Arctic, and thence through a series of inner worlds, before emerging at the locale of At the Mountains of Madness in the Antarctic. Arthur Gordon Pym, Mocha Dick, Otto and Axel Lidenbrock, and Abner Perry, all either appear or are mentioned.

This story by Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop was originally published in New Dimensions 7; it is reprinted in Eternal Lovecraft, Jim Turner, ed., 1998. The story links together Shelley's Frankenstein, Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories, Poe's Arthur Gordon Pym, Melville's Moby Dick, Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and E.R. Burroughs' Pellucidar series. For more information, please click here


Roger Brook is posing as a Frenchman when Napoleon Bonaparte says to him: "You are almost as conceited as that gallant who commands the Hussars of Conflans. What's his name? Yes, Brigadier Gerrard."

Although author Dennis Wheatley spelt Gerard with an extra "r" in The Wanton Princess, he uses the more common spelling in Evil in a Mask (1807).

1806 - Don Diego de la Vega becomes El Zorro (Johnston McCully's The Curse of Capistrano(The Mark of Zorro).

1806 Marra using the name Moriarity has two children , a daughter Morcar and a son Jerrold. He had used his access to the necessary hormones to make his procreative fluids compatible with a human female.


In 1807, British spy Roger Brook (still pretending to be a Frenchman) is captured by the Russians.  One of his fellow captors is a French captain in the Hussars of Conflans.   Brook remarks:  "Indeed, you must be a brave fellow, since you hold that rank under such a dashing commander as Brigadier Gerard."

Rick Lai notes that "Dennis Wheatley made several errors in his references to Gerard.  He was a Lieutenant with the Tenth Hussars during 1802 and 1807. He first joins the Hussars of Conflans as a Captain in 1809 ('How the Brigadier captured Saragossa').  He becomes their commanding colonel in 1810, and is promoted to a Brigadier in 1813.  The cited dates are based on Jack Tracy's chronology of the Gerard stories in the 1982 Jove paperbacks, Brigadier Gerard and The Return of Gerard." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Brigadier Gerard was identified as a Wold Newton Family member by Philip José Farmer, specifically as an ancestor of James Bond; see The James Bond Chronolog and Genealogy for a family tree.

1808 - The events of Doctor Syn: Death of Syn, who, in his lifetime, has operated as the pirate Captain Clegg and as the night riding smuggler known as the Scarecrow of Rommey Marsh.

1808 - Birth of Prince Dakkar of India (The Mysterious Island), the son of Rajah Dakkar of Bundelcund, a Capellean (The Other Log of Phileas Fogg). Later in his life, Prince Dakkar will use the identity of "Captain Nemo."


While in France, Zorro has an adventure with the descendants of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan.

This is a 1991 two-part episode of New World television series Zorro, confirming Dumas' The Three Musketeers and related novels in the Newtonverse. Tarzan Alive, postulates one of the Greystokes married the natural (i.e. bastard) daughter of Charles de Baatz, Sieur d'Artagnan. D'Artagnan, along with his friends, really were real people about whom Alexandre Dumas, pere, wrote novels of historical adventure. (The original Three Musketeers is based on de Baatz's memoirs.)"

Don Diego de la Vega, otherwise known as Zorro, fights against Count Dracula in Spain and France.

This is a comics mini-series/graphic novel published by Topps Comics. For information on Zorro's inclusion the Wold Newton Universe, see the Holmes-Dracula encounter in 1887. The 1820 date given in the comic is inaccurate; see Matthew Baugh's Zorro Chronology at Chronology Central.


Anita Santiago goes into action as the incredible Lady Rawhide, Zorro's sometime-enemy and sometime-ally.

Issue number 3 of Topps' Zorro series by Don McGregor and Mike Mayhew introduced the heroine Lady Rawhide to the Newtonverse. She went on to individual adventures in two comics mini-series.


Lady Rawhide lies bleeding and near death after various battles. One of Dracula's spawn, Carmelita Rodriguez (see Dracula vs. Zorro), is on the same ship as Lady Rawhide, and after denying her vampiric urges for so long, Carmelita can no longer resist. But in Carmelita's feeding on Lady Rawhide, she is also saving her life.

This is in the second Lady Rawhide solo mini-series published by Topps Comics, written by Don McGregor and illustrated by Esteban Maroto, which abruptly ended mid-series with issue 5. Does this mean that Lady Rawhide became a vampire too? In issue 5, Lady Rawhide has regained her health and goes on to further battle, and there the series ends. Wold Newton scholar John Small believes that she went on to become a well-known vampire, with whom Lady Rawhide shares many shapely characteristics and attributes. Click here to read his article.


Major Richard Sharpe tangles with a young Captain of the Yorkshire militia, George Wickham.

This is a British television movie based on Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe novels. This might be the same George Wickham seen in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. However, this tale is set in 1814, and the George Wickham seen here seems to be in his twenties or early thirties, while the George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice would have been in his forties by this point. Additionally, Sharpe's Wickham is still in the militia, while the Wickham in Pride and Prejudice takes a commission in the regular army at the end of that novel. Most likely, the Wickham seen here is George Wickham, Jr. Wickham junior would be a Wold Newton family member, as Wickham senior married Elizabeth Bennet's youngest sister in Pride and Prejudice, and Bennet, according to Farmer, was present at the meteor strike. In any case, the Wickham connection brings in Richard Sharpe, since Darcy and Bennet from Pride and Prejudice are mentioned prominently in Farmer's Wold Newton family tree. Richard Sharpe has at least three children; one of them appears in Cornwell's Starbuck series of Civil War novels, thus bringing that series into the Newtonverse.

1815 - Lord Ruthven is introduced in John Polidori's The Vampyre.

1815 The events of ZORRO AND THE JAGUAR WARRIORS Jerome Preisler, a novel published in 1998.

ZORRO AND THE DRAGON RIDERS by David Bergantino, published in 1999. In this episode, Diego has a strong attraction for a female samurai who had been hired to kill Zorro. Although the book plays down any romance, I speculate that a romantic interlude did occur. When the woman returned to Japan she discovered that she was with child. This child's descendent was Ikano Kato

1817 - Birth of Allan Quatermain.

January 1817 BLOODED

George Gordon, Lord Byron, brings the Watcher Claire Silver "certain books" and fragments of Oriental scrolls, and hints he knows that Justine is the Slayer; Justine suspects something odd about Byron, too.

Perhaps Justine was sensing that Byron was an Immortal. Nancy Holder, co-author of this Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel, also wrote a Highlander novel, so she most likely knew of Byron's status in that series. This is not the "real" Lord Byron of "our" universe, but rather the version of the Lord Byron who exists in the Newtonverse, and who is the ancestor of many Wold Newton Family members. A mystery still remains regarding how Lord Byron could have descendants and also be an Immortal; perhaps Immortals can have children before they become Immortal.

1819 - Die Bergwerke zu Falun (The Mines of Falun), as told by E.T.A. Hoffmann.

1822 - Birth of Harry Paget Flashman.

1824 Lord Byron suffered a fatal fever in Missougla, Greece and dies. His body regenerates from the disease proving him to be an Immortal. (HIGHLANDER TV series has him as an Immortal)The Vampire Virus also manifests itself. (LORD OF THE DEAD by Tom Holland has Byron as a Vampire) Because of all of his genetic abnormalities, Lord Byron never became the Mover that the Tocs and Ogs wished longed for.  Prior to his "death", some of Lord Byron's sperm is frozen by the Ogs.

1827-1828 - Arthur Gordon Pym travels on an expedition to the Antarctic as told by Edgar Allan Poe in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (most recently reprinted in the anthology The Antarktos Cycle, Chaosium, 1999). While on this expedition, Pym discovers the alien Dyzan,  The Dyzan are masters of the Vril, a mysterious magical energy. Living with the Dyzan, Pym masters the Vril, and its power enables him to mentally control the aliens, as well as artificially extend his life, although it also magnifies Pym's inherently amoral personality.Later in his career, Pym will use the alias "Captain Nemo" as a cover for his own piratical activities. (Based on entry for "Neptune Perkins" in Who's Who Update '88, volume 2, DC Comics.) To see the true story behind Pym and Perkins follow this link.

March 22, 1829 - Artemus Gordon is born.

1829 - Birth of Erik, Opera Ghost.

1829 - Birth of Monsieur Lecoq.

1832 - Birth of Phileas Fogg, biological son of Sir William Clayton..

1834 - Birth of Sherringford Holmes.

1834 Marra begins a campaign against Juro, sabotaging his experiments, exposing his various plans and making several assassination attempts.

1835 - Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.

1835 - Birth of Colonel James Moriarty, son of Sir William Clayton and Morcar Moriarty. Curiously, he is the oldest of three brothers, all named James. Morcar's brother is Jerrold Moriarty. Jerrold becomes a favorite uncle and father-figure to the three Moriarty brothers.

1836 - Birth of Professor James Moriarty, son of master criminal Dr. James Noel and Morcar Moriarty. He is one of the many men who will use the identity of "Captain Nemo."

October 20, 1837 Ada Augusta Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, gives birth to twins, both are born deformed. One is clubfooted and the other is a dwarf, she is told that they died at birth Lord Lovelace, urged by his mother in law, reluctantly gives them up for adoption. There is some suspicion that they are illegitimate given her Father's promiscuity. However, no evidence supports this supposition. The boys are sent to a fosterage in America but given a generous endowment. Their names are Michael Lovelace and Arliss Lovelace. Never adopted and raised by rather cold foster parents the boys adopt the names Miguelito Quixote Loveless and Arliss Loveless.

December 1839-March 1840 THE SPHINX OF THE ICE FIELDS

This adventure contains many references to Arthur Gordon Pym.

Jules Verne's sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym,reprinted in the anthology The Antarktos Cycle, Chaosium, 1999. The cycle of stories continues in John W. Campbell, Jr.'s Who Goes There?and H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, both also republished in The Antarktos Cycle.

1840 - Birth of James Douglas Henry, son of the legendary John Henry and grandson of Sir William Clayton (click here for more info).

1840 - Birth of James Moriarty (the third), the second son of Dr. James Noel and Morcar Moriarty. He will later assume the identity of his older brother, Professor James Moriarty.

1840 - Birth of Fu Manchu, son of Sir William Clayton and Ling Ju Hai.

c. 1840s - Events of James Buckingham’s National Evils and Practical Remedies, with a Plan of a Model Town.

1841-1845 - C. Auguste Dupin's cases, as related by Edgar Allan Poe: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Mystery of Marie Rogêt, and The Purloined Letter.

December 1841-early 1842 - The events of Moby Dick, as told by Ishmael, and related by Herman Melville.

1842 -A Christmas Carol, as related by Charles Dickens.

March 1, 1843 - James T. West is born.

1843 - The events of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Pavillion on the Links, found in the volume New Arabian Nights. Bernard Huddlestone, the prominent banker in the story, is the uncle of Morcar Moriarty, and therefore the great uncle of the three Moriarty brothers.

1844 - Birth of John Reid, who will become The Lone Ranger.

1844 - Young Phileas Fogg, adopted son of Sir Heraclitus Fogg, an original Eridanean, undergoes a blood-sharing ceremony which enables him to become a full human-Eridanean and which gives him a lifespan of one thousand years.

1844-1892 - Events of the historical novel Raintree County by Ross Lockridge, Jr.

February 12, 1847 - Birth of Mycroft Holmes.

1847 - Abner Perry is born in New England.

c. 1847 - The events of L'Assommoir, as told by Émile Zola.

1848 - Events of David Copperfield, as related by Charles Dickens.

1850s-1880s -George Bernard Shaw's An Unsocial Socialist, which chronicles the life of John Clayton, the fifth duke of Greystoke, Tarzan's grandfather.


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