PART I (Prehistory-859 c.e.)

This Wold Newton Crossover Chronology is based upon the Original Wold Newton Crossover Chronology created and maintained by Win Eckert.

Mr. Eckert has graciously allowed me to use his seminal chronology as the basis for this version but I wish it to be understood that while I may consider the events of this chronology to be a secret history, to be a behind the scenes look at the scenes of The Wold Newton Universe, that the additional material found in this version is not necessarily accepted by or considered to be canonical by Mr. Eckert and so this chronology should be considered entirely separate from his.


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4, 000,000, 0000 BP A galaxy spanning race or group of races known variously as the Ancients, the Founders, the Old Ones and Long-Gones having mastered time time travel attempt to travel back to the beginning of time creating fractures on the time continuum, leading to the creation of alternate universes.

2,0000,000 BP While experimenting with various methods to repair the time continuum and fuse the ever burgeoning amount of alternate universes, the  Ancients discover a method of creating Pocket Universes.

1,000,000 BP The Ancients begin their transformation from matter to pure intellect and energy beings leaving behind what will amount to minute traces of their vast and powerful civilization. Among the artifacts are the Guardian of Forever, The Stargates and the Obelisks. Theories abound as to what the Ancient ones became; from  the Organians to the Q Continuum to the Elder Gods.

1,000,000 BPA race of Cetaceans begin evolving towards an amphibious habitation. They will in a short time become the land based ancestors of the race of beings known as the Aesir, Vanir and Jotun or as they are commonly known as the Roswell Greys.

900,000 BP The race of beings knows by the Ancients as the Proteges and called by themselves, the Preservers, dedicate their civilization to a two fold task. First to preserve the work of the Ancients and and to achieve what the Ancients had done, to become Pure Thought/Energy.

895,000 BP The Preservers discover a pocket universe created by the Ancients designed to study human evolution. After switching it on, the Preservers leave. This is the home Universe of the Thoan. who will one day discover a method of creating pocket universes themselves.

800,000 BP The Earth populations that will eventually become the Eridanean and Capelleans are gated to their respective homeworlds by stargates affected by a supernova. he Stargates deposit them through a space/time rift on planets outside of the stargate system and several thousand years in the past.

750,000 BP A Powerful race or group of races known as the Preservers, using technology abandoned by the Ancient Ones strive to achieve what the Ancient Ones did, to this end they seek to understand Life and Intellect by studying all sentient races in minute detail.

 In many time lines this study was rather benign and did not affect the cosmos in any great manner.  In these timelines when they located a species emerging into sentience they planted massive collection devices in the planetary core of the species world. These collection devices recorded the memories and personalities of every individual from their birth to their deaths up to the death of the species. (Riverworld series by Philip Jose Farmer)

In other time lines the Preservers studies had unforeseen consequences for they used more a more personal approach.

    This was an experiment that went drastically wrong and had dire consequences for the cosmos. For it created the three parasitic races we know today as the Goa'uld, The Hive and the Colonists.

The Goa'uld became true symbiotes to the effect that if the parasite or host were abruptly killed, both would die. The Goa'uld were able to seize control of their hosts and eventually without interference, completely subjugated their host race's home world. After achieving space flight, they discovered and eventually seized control of the stargate transportation system. (Speculation based on information on the Stargate TV series)

The Hive formed a collective mind into which they subsumed their hosts; they had such control of their host's bodies that they are able to keep it alive viable even after physical death has actually taken place. The Hive was centered on one world until a scouting party of the Aliens known as the Grey's or Aesir visited the Hive home world. (Speculation based on information onDark Skies, TV series.

This is where the third mutation occurred. The Colonists were formed.

Although the Aesir are almost genetically identical they actually have three distinct racial groups, the Aesir, Vanir and Jotun. Each race had various traits evolved to deal with distinct hostile environments. Those members of the Jotun that were hived, taken over by a hive parasite found themselves host to a being which dissolved their bodies from the inside out, absorbing their DNA and genetic structure to become a hybrid creature. During the stage when the larvae is growing inside the body, its waste product is a thick black sludge filled with viral spores that can infect other species. The hybrid rips is way out of the host body in a violent and fatal fashion. After a period of savagery where it attacks, kills or infects any living creature it encounters the hybrid undergoes a further transformation. It becomes for all appearances a member of the Aesir free of any parasitic growths but its consciousness is pure Hive.(Speculation, formed from X-Files Television series)

600,000 BP The Thoan discover by three attempts at interstellar travel that they live in an artificial Universe. This knowledge causes massive trauma. A quarter of the population dies in the next fifty years through warfare, suicides and dissolute living.

650,000 BP According to the myths, Kane (or Cain) was one of the first men created (sometime prior to 35000 bc). In the course of what was either a justified disobedience of an insane god (called in some versions Azazoth), or an egomaniacal rebellion against his creator, Kane became an immortal outlaw. Kane lived for centuries or perhaps even millennia, becoming an unrivalled warrior, as well as an adept sorcerer and scholar. He was both the hero and the villain of his own saga. Many of his exploits have been translated and edited by the late Karl Edward Wagner (see Darkness Weaves, Death Angel's Shadow, Bloodstone, and Dark Crusade).
    Physically, Kane is a powerfully built man of average height, with long, massively muscled arms. He has burning blue eyes, and coarse red hair. His face is often described as brutal, or especially, primitive. According to some traditions, Kane or Cain was the son of Adam and Lillith. Lillith has been variously described as a daughter of the Serpent, a Vampire and a host of other unpleasant titles.
    More than likely she was from the population which were later labeled as Neanderthal or possibly Magnani  Recent evidence suggests that although somewhat brutish in appearance by our standards Neandertals were certainly not the Ape-Men as depicted previously. However the Cro-Magnon and Neandertal's probably competed fiercely for resources and so became bitter enemies.
    The being known as Azazoth was probably one of the Elder Gods, one of the Ancients who  having evolved physically into energy enjoyed using his powers to manipulate the lives and welfare of "lesser" beings.  When Kane incurred his wrath, he made him physically immortal, yet self destructive so that he would always be an outsider to society. Another of his "accomplishments" was the destruction of Thyoph.

500,000 BP The Preservers attempt another form of living recording devices. This time they make changes to the DNA of a some primitives on Earth. They recording devices are human beings made practially immortal by being attuned to their planet's electromagnetic field. For more details see

493,000 BP - The time of Thongor, a barbarian warrior of the ancient continent of Lemuria. The saga of Thongor was told by Lin Carter in a series of novels: Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria, Thongor and the Dragon City, Thongor Against the Gods, Thongor in the City of Magicians, Thongor at the End of Time, and Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus. There are also two short tales of Thongor contained in Carter's volume Lost Worlds:Thieves of Zangabal and Keeper of the Emerald Flame. Thongor is associated with the Cthulhu Mythos, and therefore is part of the Wold Newton Universe.

c. 400,000 BP - In the wake of the Fall of Lemuria, many surviving Lemurians found the first empire of Atlantis. The Lemurians are joined by other refugees from a crash of a Barsoomian spaceship, including La, daughter of Tario. More on the fate of La is revealed here. The first empire of Atlantis eventually falls, giving rise to a second empire.

250,000 BP The Goa'uld interstellar ships discover outposts of the Iconian civilization which had discovered stargates and also discovered how to replicate them. The Goa'uld quickly infiltrate the Iconians and using the combination of their technologies begin a conquest of several star systems.

225,000 BP The Goa'uld  make the acquaintance of the Aesir and the Hive. The Aesir fight a prolonged war with both the Hive and the Goa'uld making alliances with other subject peoples.

200,000 BP Several races combine to destroy the "Demons of Air and Darkness" by destroying the Iconian homeworld wth orbital bombardment. They destroy all of he stargates that can be found. Some of the Goa'uld escape through one of the last functioning starships to a distant star system. These Alliances against the Goa'uld  were the beginning of the Sirian Alliance and Arcturian Federaton.

50,000 BP Some species which formed the Sirian Alliance  and the Arcturian Federation begin exploiting Earth resources and populations. Several of these alien species are known collectively by modern researchers as "ancient astronauts"

26,000 BP - Time of the fall of the second empire of Atlantis, as told in The Black Star by Lin Carter. Much of Atlantis sinks.

25,000 BP The Thoan begin exploring alternate universes.

24,000 PB Because of the odd time mechanics of the Wildman-Moishe temporal vessel technology,  as partially related in Time's Last Gift by Philip Jose Farmer, the travlers find themselves off target by an extra 12,000 years. See Triple Tarzan Tangle for additional details.

21,000 BP   Economic War between the  Sirian Alliance and the Arcturian Federation

20,000 BP - Robert E. Howard's tales of Kull of Valusia. The remnants of the great civilization of Atlantis have deteriorated to barbarism, and Kull is a barbarian warrior from this ancient land. He goes on to become King Kull of Valusia. Most of Howard's tales of ancient warriors, including Kull, are connected with the Cthulhu Mythos, and hence are essential components of the history of the Wold Newton Universe. The Kull stories are collected in King Kull, Lancer Books, 1967, and include several fragments which were completed by Lin Carter.


In 1981, a wounded Spider-Man is tended by Dr. Strange.  However, the only cure for Spidey's injury lies in the distant past, in the time of King Kull (c. 18,000 BCE).  Strange sends Spider-Man's astral body back in time, where Spidey is able to possess bodies for a short time.  He saves Kull's life, and thus winning the King's favor, Kull helps Spidey in his quest. Brule the Spear-Slayer and the ageless druid Tu also appear, as does Dr. Strange's servant, Wong.

Marvel Team-Up number 112, December 1981, by J.M. Dematteis, Herb Trimpe, Mike Esposito, and Marie Severin. Since Robert E. Howard's legendary hero, King Kull, is in the Wold Newton Universe, an "Elseworlds" version of Spider-Man also exists in the Newtonverse.  However, this is not the Spider-Man of the Marvel Comics Universe, which has a significantly different history and continuity than that of the Wold Newton Universe.  Therefore, the references to the superhero team, "The Defenders," are fictional, although the Wold Newton Universe version of Namor was active in the in the 1940s. (See the crossover rules for superheroes.) Dr. Stephen Strange has also been mentioned in a Dr. Zarnak story, so it seems fairly conclusive that a version of Strange exists in the Wold Newton Universe. See also Marvelous, Fantastic Tales in the Wold Newton Universe.


20,000 BP   The Thoan discover the Thokina, who resist their conquest. A Two millenium war follows. See Thoan for more details

20,000 PB A squad of Thoan soldiers find themselves stranded on Earth, having followed a Thokina patrol ito a decoy gate. The Thoan are equipped with skimmers, beamer weapons and personal e-m converters. They set themselves up as Gods. Among the tribes ruled by the Three, they are considered demons. History will remember them dimly as the Titans.

The Thoan become aware that the Three do not age. To demonstrate their power over them, they capture them and subject them to the rite of abasement. The rite involves castration and cannibalism. The Three and their tribes are enslaved. Although it takes several hundred years, the Three overthrow the Thoans and kill them. They do however adopt the rite of abasement. The Three also realize that their plan of creating their God (Tarzan)  through a breeding program is too monumental for just three people to accomplish. They expand their council to twelve.

20, 000 BP Economic War between the Sirians and Arturians becomes a full fledged Interstellar War. The Conflict causes collateral damage to several innnocent worlds

20,000 BP - The Great Cataclysm, a disaster that destroys much of the Old World,(collateral damage from the Sirian and Arcturian War)signals the beginning of the Hyborian Age. See Robert E. Howard's The Hyborian Age.The earlier twin of the H.G. Wells timecraft is destroyed in the Cataclysm

18,000 BPThe Thoan create two pocket Universes that are exact copies of theirs. The Humans and animal populations are bioengineered from living and extinct DNA.


17, 000 BP Tribes of the Twelve emigrate to Ancient Greece. Here three of the ruling council attempt to usurp control of all twelve tribes. Two of the rebels are killed and their followers either killed or absorbed. One manages to flee. His people first stay in Khem until they are discovered by scouts of the Nine. They then flee across the land bridge to Africa down to the Great Sea in Central Africa. This former tribe of the Nine was called the Khoklem.

15,000 BP The Thoan embark on a massive universe building spree. Each Thoan desiring to be Lord of their own Universe  on a massive Universe building spree. Each Thoan desires to be Lord of their own Universe.

14,000 BP - Tarzan arrives from the year 2070 (Time's Last Gift).

13,000 BP
 The Khoklem created the great civilization of Opar (Khokarsa) unknowingly aided by their ancestor's Undying God. (Tarzan) This was however not the Tarzan who had traveled to 24,000 BP but rather the one that had traveled to 12,000 BP. The earlier Tarzan may have been killed or the extreme length of time had sufficiently changed his body to the point where they were no longer identical.

12,000 BP Although the life expansion techniques work very well, the Thoan still age, albeit exceeding slowly. In their quest for absolute immortality, the Thoan accidentally create artificial intelligence, the Black Bellers. A group of Thoans that call themselves the Ethicals successfully petition for the Black Bellers to be given a chance a sentient life. The Black Bellers eventually rebel taking over several pocket universe until they are defeated and are shut into a triple walled universe.

Shortly after the Black Beller War, many of the Thoan begin a complex game that involves conquering other pocket universes and trapping fellow Thoans in worlds designed to endlessly torture captive Thoans. Especially those Ethicals that survived the Black Beller War.

12,000 BP -Coincident with the end of the Hyborian Age is the time of Conan, a barbarian warrior from Cimmeria. In tales related by Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, and many others, it has been told that Conan had many great adventures, eventually becoming King of Aquilonia

12,000 BP THE COMING OF CONAN Nineteen-year-old Conan is captured by a shaman who reveals the secrets of the past and the future. Among the visions revealed is that of King Kull of Valusia.

Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian issue 1, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. The cross-references to Kull are so numerous throughout the Conan series, it would be redundant to list them all, so only selected references will be listed.


The Ape-Men who capture young Conan and keep humans for slave labor all have Mangani names, perhaps pointing to the distant origin of the tribes which survived to live in 19th Century Africa.

Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian issue 2, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith.


Maldiz, the finest blacksmith and goldsmith in Shadizar, tells Conan that the gold piece he forges for Conan is "not quite up to a falcon I once forged."

Clearly, the origin of the fabled object known in the present day as the Maltese Falcon goes much farther back into ancient history than once was thought. Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian issue 6, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith.


Young Conan fights along side a warrior from another dimension called Elric of Melniboné.

Issues 14 and 15 of Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian, by Roy Thomas, Michael Moorcock, James Cawthorn, and Barry Windsor-Smith. The immortal warrior Kane would also meet Elric, proving that that the various dimensions in which the Eternal Champion stories occur are alternate universes to the Newtonverse.

12,000 BP - Red Sonja's exploits also take place during this time period and she encountered Conan many times. Red Sonja's adventures are chronicled in novels by David C. Smith and Richard L. Tierney: The Ring of Ikribu, Demon Night, When Hell Laughs, Endothor’s Daughter, Against the Prince of Hell, and Star of Doom.


While trapped during a siege in the city of Makkalet, Conan meets the amazing Red Sonja for the first time.

Issues 23 of Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian, by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith, freely adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard. Conan and Red Sonja would go on to meet and fight together many times. Only a few of those meetings will be chronicled here.


Conan is travelling through Kush on his way north following the death of Belit when he falls prey to the sorceries of the city of Negari. He is transported to the distant past when Negari was a city of Atlantis, where he has an adventure with Solomon Kane, who has also been transported to the past.

Marvel Comics' Savage Sword of Conan issues 219-220.


Conan of Cimmeria and Red Sonja of Hyrkania are transported back in time, where they meet King Kull and fight against the ageless, evil wizard Rotath. Gonar and Brule the Spear-slayer also appear in this adventure.

Marvel Comics graphic novel published in 1992.

12,000 BP Rather than conquering as much territory as possible the  Goa'uld begin to target specific species for absolute domination. Using hyperdrive ships, the Goa'uld create a new network of stargates by replicating some and by transplanting others.

12,000 BPThe Goa'uld and the Hive clash. They decided to give one another a wide berth.

12,000 BP HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR Hadon is a warrior of the ancient city Opar, the ruins of which will be discovered in Africa by Tarzan in 1909.

 FLIGHT TO OPAR More adventures of the ancient warrior, Hadon of Opar.

These two novels of Hadon of Opar are by Philip José Farmer and were published by DAW Books in 1974 and 1976, respectively. Opar is the locale for several Tarzan books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It should also be noted that the character of the Gray-Eyed God, Sahhindar, god of plants, of bronze, and of time, is in actuality Tarzan, who has traveled back in time (see the entry for Time's Last Gift, year 2070).

Please follow the Allan and the Ice-Gods link to read Mr. Farmer's thoughts on the relationship between Opar and the lost cities of H. Rider Haggard's Allan Quatermain.

c. 11, 960 BP - After a great catastrophe, the son of Hadon of Opar emigrates to the south and founds the city of Kôr (see H. Rider Haggard's She, 1884). He carries with him a huge axe made of meteorite iron, which will eventually be passed down to Umslopogaas, the great Zulu hero, who will shatter it in the city of Zu-Vendis (Haggard's Allan Quatermain, 1886). Please click here for more information. Rick Lai adds: "In Haggard's She and Allan, Ayesha battled a fellow immortal, a giant called Rezu.  This immortal took his name from a ancient sun god worshipped in Kôr. In Farmer's Hadon novels, the cult of Rezu (the spelling is changed to Resu) is identified with Opar's cult of the Flaming God from the Tarzan novels. The physical description of Rezu in Haggard's novel fits Hadon's cousin, Kwasin.  Haggard's Rezu is either meant to be Kwasin or the son of Hadon who founded Kor.

11,550 BP - The Final Cataclysm destroys the remnants of the Hyborian world in a great deluge, and the modern world begins to take shape
In the final battle of the Sirian-Arcturian war, the Final Cataclysm is created, it destroys the remnants of the Hyborian world in a great deluge, and the modern world begins to take shape. The Organians and the Q continuum step in and bring a halt to the war. Several species that they viewed as possible candidates for evolution into beings such as themselves had been obliterated. The human beings were one of the most likely of such species and they did not want it destroyed. The Sirians and Arcturians were made to sign non-interference pacts in which they agreed not interfere in the natural development of sentient species. The Earth and planets like it were deemed suitable only for observation and scientific study.

11,000 BP The Last surviving group of ETHICALS (Thoan) are placed in a world that consists of small tropical islands surrounded by oceans filled with giant predatory aquatic life.

9,000 BP Capelleans and Eridaneans faced with the prospect that space exploration will take millennia, turn all their technology to developing techniques to extending their lifespans.

Eventually the Eridaneans successfully create a nano-virus that will constantly renew the body. It has an effectiveness of a thousand years or so before the nanites begin malfunctioning and act as free radicals. Shortly after the successful completion of the longevity serum, a Capellean scientist creates a hyperdrive vessel.

8,500 BP The CAPELLEANS discover an Eridanean long-range sleeper ship. Capellean scientists are stunned to discover that except for slight genetic differences (caused by genetic drift from the Earth genotype) the Eridaneans are as human as they are.

8,450 BP A world in a dying solar system is found to be fabulously wealthy in the crystals that powered hyperdrive ships. The world is located on the border between the Capellean and Eridanean civilizations. Much of its surface is crystalline and so it is named Kryp'Tn (Crystal World)

8,440 BP. Despite many eager volunteers to mine the wealth of Kryp'Tn a moritorium is put on mining activities because the combination of high gravity and destructive solar radiation causes a 90% fatality rate.

8,430 BP Volunteers from both the Eridanean and Capellean Civilizations volunteer to undergo irreversible gene therapy which will allow them to breed true, passing on their genetic enhancements and enhanced abilities to their progeny. They become not merely miners of Kryp'Tn but colonists.

8,000 BP In a dispute of the mining colony Kryp'Tn the first Eridanean/Capellean war breaks out. The war is costly but only lasts a few years. A truce is signed in which Kryp'Tn achieves independence.

8,000 BP The Nine carve out a series of caverns in the mountains of what will be known as Uganda. One of the Nine is chosen to stay in the cavern complex for a year at a time.
See Triple Tarzan Tangle for more details.

7, 800 BPA Kryp'Tn scientist discovers what he names the  PHANTOM ZONE.

7, 775 BPLiving objects can be successfully transported back and forth between the Phantom Zone. This method however does not work for the first human volunteer who was trapped in the Zone for fifty years.I

7, 725 BP.First human explorer is finally retrieved from the PHANTOM ZONE. His physical body had not aged one second since he had been Zoned. Shortly after reassuming solid flesh, he commits suicide.

7, 725  BP Red Orc,  THOAN Lord of the Two Earths, discovers by accident the True Earth. After initial exploration, he also discovers traces of extraterrestrial life, specifically the Goa'uld. Not wishing for the Thoans to be exposed to this threat, he keeps the location a secret. However, he uses resources and peoples from the true Earth for this his two earths. As a social experiment he guides one of his worlds to follow a path almost identical to the history of the true earth..

7,000 BP A group of Sirians plagued by guilt at what their recent war had wrought, decide to ignore the non-interference pact but for altruistic purposes. They will raise orphan children from several of the worlds affected by their war and train them to help their worlds reach a peaceful, prosperous global civilization. Gary Seven was descended from the group of humans taken during this time.

7,000 BP The Capellean/Eridanean True is broken by Eridanean indoctrination of a Capellan Colony.

Second Capellean/Eridanean War breaks out. Again the War is short but costly.

Capellean Scientist Marra convincest he Capellean Hierarchy to use drone clones to populate dangerous mining colonies and other necessary but dangerous outposts. Drone clones are clones of Capelleans and Eridanean Prisoners but genetically altered for mental capacity and emotional stability. They are also not candidates for the longevity serum. Marra begins suffering from early longevity serum nanite decay. He has himself cryogenically frozen in hopes that a cure will eventually be found. Fifty years later, Marra is discovered still living and conducting unauthorized experiments on drone clones in an attempt to create true immortality. The experiments included tampering with the drone clones consciousness and giving them the longevity serum. He is sentenced to acutal cryogenic suspension.

Because of this incident clone rights become a big issue.

7,000 BPJadawin builds his World of Tiers and begins taking specimens from Red Orc's Two Earths.
See article on Thoans

6,000 BP The Third  CAPELLEAN/ERIDANEAN War breaks out. It is becoming almost a ritual for the truce to end every thousand years.

During the midst of the CAPELLEAN/ERIDANEAN War a Clone rebellion breaks out. In response to this a violent cult forms. Believing that clones are souless creatures who have broken natural law by their rebellion. The cult's response to this is to destroy all the clones they can find in the most violent and sadistic methods they could devise. The Hierarchy is moved to put this cult down and punish the leadership. The Capellean Council of Nine votes to remove the Ogs, as they were called from Capellean society forever. The Ogs are sent to the Phantom Zone.

6,000 BP In the Capellean Hierarchy clones are given a few rights. They are no longer genetically altered for diminshed mental capacity, they may earn a wage and after fifty years of servitude they may live out their lives wherever they wish. They are however not allowed to receive the longevity serum nor to procreate.

5,000 BP Taking advantage of the Non-Interference pact, the Goa'uld begin a large scale presence on Earth, using the Stargates rather than Interstellar vessels to escape detection. Using human hosts they infiltrate Egypt and other cultures, then use the stargates to transport representative populations to various planets under their control, creating cultural colonies on distant worlds.

5,000 BP Fourth  CAPELLEAN/ERIDANEAN War. One of the Capellean biological warfare viruses has an unfortunate effect on a portion of the Eridanean population. They become violently addicted to sex. Violently because if they are denied sex they will resort to violence and murder. The Eridanean Council of Nine has no choice but to exile the victims of this plague to the Phantom Zone until a cure could be found.

4,000 After a few years of non-corporeal life the Tocs and Ogs exiled to the Phantom Zone discover that certain individuals have the ability to travel huge distances by will alone and carry others with them.

4,000 BP The Millennia of Life, as there is no  CAPELLEAN/ERIDANEAN War because two Capellean Scientists discover a way around the millenium bug in the longevity nanites.

4000 BP The Goa'uld  discover that their are two earth human species that are immune not only to their infestation but to that to of the Hive, of which they have a few capture subjects. These are the Immortals, both shielded and hidden. The introduction of the parasites DNA however creates the vampirism virus.

c. 3,400 BCE - Events of the feature film The Scorpion King.

3834 BP Flint is born in Mesopotomia. He was one of the Immortals.

3,000 BP The Fifth Capellean/Eridanean War. It is at first a symbolic war, using ritualized battle plans, single combats and ship duels. Capellean forces are stunned however when the Eridaneans use atomic weapons to destory a Capellean mining colony. Military Scientist Jarri (Juro) convinces the Capellean Hierarchy to use his new bio-bombs. They test these on three Eridanean colonies. The bio-bombs are filled with aging nanites which speed up the longevity nanites so that they expire. A secondary component of the bio-bombs releases a virulent plague.

 The War escalates, crippling both civilizations. As he creates more virulent plagues, Jarri stumbles on a nanite formula that reverses cell death, which if applied within a suitable amount of time, eliminates death. He keeps the secret for himself.

The Eridaneans foment another clone rebellion and use the advantage to win this war. Jarri is declared a war criminal and sentenced to die. He substitutes a clone for himself and escapes.

3, 000 BP An alliance of races lead by the Aesir and Vanir drive the Goa'uld back to a few star system.

2, 750 BPHighly advanced Kryp'Tn nearly falls into chaos as a clone rebellion turns into a civil war. The Leader of the rebellion assumes leadership of the world, under the title of El (Lord) he establishes a dynasty that will eventually step down in favor of a ruling council. Citing the recent bacteriological warfare between the Eridaneans and Capelleans El declares Kryp'Tn isolated from the Universe. To the end, Kryp'Tn will no longer receive incoming space travel. The technology for space travel is declared forbidden.

2,500 BP In what will become known as Ragnorak, the Battle of the Titans and other such events in Earth mythology  the  Goa'uld /Aesir battles on earth alert the Organians. They have the Stargates buried. Goa'uld presence on Earth is eradicated. Earth and a few other planets are placed in Quarantine. There is to be no contact between the alien races and these worlds until they have achieved spaceflight.

2, 500 BP Based on memories millennia old, the XauXaz begins intensifying the Nine's breeding program, infusing their cro-magnon genes, mangani/human hyrbids and Ancient Tetutonic tribes. The Nine are considered to be Norse gods, reliving the legends of the Aesir and Vanir. XauXaz is thought to be Odin. They offer the elixer of immortality to a few select warrior from among their progeny. The Nine soon discover that the elixer has a odd side effect on some of their offspring that have Mangani genes. The Mangani males are subject to violent insane rages, which is one reason they never dominated as a species. The elixer triggers that trait in otherwise outwardly human offspring. The Norse warriors call the warriors subject to these killing rages Beserkers. The northern bands of mangani have become legendary as trolls.

2,500 BP A Goa'uld who had fought to the very end escapes through a bolt holes stargate. It will open a gate to a world without a receiving stargate. He has no way to return to the earth or to contact his people. On Earth he had been known as Apollo. The crew of the Starship Enterprise will meet up with him in 2287.  "WHO MOURNS FOR ADONIS?" Although weakened from a dying host, the Goa'uld still has enough power for some flashy psionic tricks and fools Doctor McCoy's tricorder into believing that the parasite was an extra organ in his chest.

The recent novel Being Human by Peter David which is many ways a sequel to Who Mourns for Adonis states that Mark McHenry is a descendent of the being called Apollo. McHenry will be a member of the UFP Starship Excalibur. As a young man McHenry had an "imaginary' playmate named Mimsy. This was the "Goddess" Artemis. The group of beings which this Apollo belong were energy based beings like the Organians, and the Q who also had a great interest in Earth. They were an offshoot of the Ancients. Apollo was considered crazy by the Beings as they called themselves and committed suicide.

    The Beings seemed more vulnerable in their biological physical forms than do the Q or the Organian. I speculate that Artemis was mistaken that Apollo had grown weak from depression and needed to grow an organ to sustain him with energy. Rather Apollo while in human form Apollo had been infected with a Gouald parasite. Like with theTocs and Ogs later on, Apollo discovered that even conversion to energy form would could not get rid of the Parasite.

Apollo went into self imposed exile so that the rest of the Beings would not be infected. For centuries he fought a battle of wills to maintain control of his consciousness. When he sensed the Enterprise his control slipped badly. The Gouald wished the Enterprise to stay on his planet to find a more suitable host and to create a population to rule. Rather than allow that Apollo dispersed his essense into the cosmos.

2,000 BP Eridanean discovery of Earth is paralleled by the Capellean invention of short distance matter transportation technology. The 7th Capellean/Eridanean War is cancelled as both species sign the Treaty of Orion to set up separate but equal facilities to study this newly discovered planet filled with humans. Now living under another name Juro plans for the future.

2,000 BP After nearly two millenia trapped in the Phantom Zone, a large majority of the Tocs and Ogs listening to a begin to listen to a charismatic Mover  travel en masse through one of the Quantum Sinkholes that permeate the Phantom Zone. They are twisted, torn and confettied as they pass through the singularity. Their intellects and personalities were destroyed, leaving only pain, rage and a terrible hunger.  Having emerged in the corridors of Time, and following their Movers like mindless pack animals they become known as the Hounds of Tindalos.

1, 500 BP The ERIDANEANS AND CAPELLEANS set up their observation satellite systems, their lunar bases and their orbital Motherships. To their dismay they are visited by a representative of the Organians who in no uncertain terms tells them they may observe the Earth but may not under any circumstances interfere  in its development. Juro is elated by this development, for it fits nicely into his plans.

c. 1200s BCE


At the time of Exodus, Pai-net'em, a councilor and Pharaoh's scribe to Meneptah, meets his fate.

Seven Stars, by Kim Newman, consists of this prologue and seven chapters, all of which take place at different times throughout history, and involve different characters. This prologue takes place during the reign of Meneptah II (which was c. 1200s BCE, according to thisBiblical Chronology; there is also valuable information available at Digging Up the Past). Pai-net'em was a real historical figure whose mummy was discovered in 1881. Although I avoid using real historical figures to place stories within the Wold Newton Universe, subsequent chapters of Seven Stars involve established Wold Newton personages, as well as incorporate some new characters. Seven Stars (which can be found in Dark Detectives, edited by Stephen Jones, Fedogan & Bremer, 1999) also incorporates characters and the jewel from Bram Stoker's The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903).

The action picks up again in June 1897 with Seven Stars Episode One: The Mummy's Heart

1,000 BP  Jorue arranges to be transferred to the  CAPELLEAN earth observation team. Once on the team he begins illicit experimentation on Earth subjects.

c. 200 BP - The events of Miles Gloriosus, Pseudolus, and Mostellaria by Plautus, collectively retold as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

27-50 AD -Exploits of Simon of Gitta, as told by Richard L. Tierney in tales collected in the volume Scroll of Thoth. These adventures are associated with the Cthulhu Mythos, and therefore with the Wold Newton Universe.


Simon of Gitta meets Kane, the immortal slayer.

Short story by Richard L. Tierney, in the volume Scroll of Thoth, bringing Karl Edward Wagner's Kane into the Wold Newton Universe. For more on Kane, read Mark Brown's article, House of Kane


This Simon of Gitta tale mentions "the sword of the Aquilonian king" and also refers to the phantom sage Epimetrius.

Short story by Richard L. Tierney, in the volume Scroll of Thoth. The first reference is to the Conan tale, The Phoenix on the Sword. Epimetrius also comes from the Conan stories of Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, and Lin Carter.

Spring 37

THE RING OF SET This Simon of Gitta tale refers to the Ring of Set.

The Ring of Set appeared in R.E. Howard's Conan tale, The Phoenix on the Sword. Short story by Richard L. Tierney, in the Scroll of Thoth.

January 41 THE SCROLL OF THOTH Simon pursues the Book of Thoth, the scroll of Thoth-Amon, who was Conan's old adversary. There are also references to Pain Lords, whom Red Sonja encountered 12,000 years ago.

Short story by Richard L. Tierney, in the collection Scroll of Thoth.

C. 200Immortal warrior Kane adventures among the Picts leading a band of reivers that terrorizes much of  the population. In one raid, he takes a woman for his mistress. In an unrevealed adventure Brak Bran Morn and several others defeat and kill Kane's men. Kane had been poisoned by his mistress prior to the attack. Kane's body still warm body is dumped into a loch. He was evidently not killed for he showed up later using a variety of aliases. Kane's mistress gives birth to a son that will be the progenitor of the Macleod and Rutherford lines.

206-210 - The adventures of Pict warrior Bran Mak Morn, as related in tales by Robert E HOWARD and the novel Legion from the Shadows by Karl Edward Wagner, and the novel For the Witch of the Mists by David C. Smith and Richard L. Tierney.

206 WORMS OF THE EARTH Bran Mak Morn's quest for the mystical Black Stone leads him to the ghastly and foul half-human creatures of the underground, called the Worms of the Earth.Worms of the Earth is by Robert E. Howard, and has been reprinted in: Bran Mak Morn, Baen Books, 1996; and Cthulhu: The Mythos and Kindred Horrors, Baen Books, 1987. It has been adapted into graphic format by Roy Thomas, Tim Conrad, and Barry Windsor-Smith, Cross Plains Comics, 2000. The creatures featured in this tale are the same beings seen in Howard's The Children of the Night and People of the Dark. The Black Stone is also featured in People of the Dark.


Bran Mak Morn summons Kull of Atlantis, king of Valusia. The ancient wizard Gonar (of England) also appears in this tale and communicates with his ancestor, Gonar (of Valusia). It is revealed that Bran Mak Morn is descended from Kull's compatriot Brule the Spear slayer.

R.E. Howard links two of his creations, Kull and Bran Mak Morn, in this story, recently published in Bran Mak Morn, Baen Books, 1996. The King Kull stories were most recently published as Kull by Baen Books, 1995.

208 LEGION FROM THE SHADOWS Bran Mak Morn again sees Kull, Brule, and Gonar in a vision.

Further evidence linking Bran Mak Morn and Kull, in this novel by K.E. Wagner, Baen Books, 1988.

470s-490s Exploits of Cormac Mac Art, as originally told by Robert E. Howard, and expanded upon by Andrew J. Offutt, Keith Taylor, Richard L. Tierney, and David Drake.


Kull, Atlantis, and the Old Ones are mentioned in this Cormac Mac Art adventure.
By Robert E. Howard and Richard L. Tierney, in the volume Tigers of the Sea, Zebra Books, 1975. Links Cormac Mac Art, Kull, and the Cthulhu Mythos.


Cormac Mac Art encounters the ageless druid Tu, who was also an advisor to Kull, and it is revealed that Cormac is the reincarnation of Kull, as well as Conan. Cormac then battles Kull's ancient enemy, the mage Thulsa Doom.

Andrew J. Offutt's Cormac Mac Art novels link with Conan and King Kull. Both are linked to the Cthulhu Mythos, which in turn is part of the Wold Newton Universe. These are book numbers 6 and 7 in the Cormac Mac Art cycle, published by Zebra Books in the 1970s and reprinted by Ace Books in the 1980s. The other books in the series are: 1: The Mists of Doom by Offutt; 2: The Tower of Death by Offutt and Taylor; 3: When Death Birds Fly by Offutt and Taylor; 4: Tigers of the Seaby Howard and Tierney; and 5: Sword of the Gael by Offutt. The original R.E. Howard material has also been reprinted in Cormac Mac Art, Baen Books, 1995, with an original story and fragments of R.E. Howard's work completed by David Drake.

700 A.D. Red Orc's parallel earth suffers a virulent plague that kills 90 percent of its population. his ego will not allow for any failure and so quietly begins a deception. since the only access into the parallel earths is through a gate, red orc changes the frequency of all the parallel earth's gates to that of the true earth, passing it off as his creation.

857 A.D. bio-bombs that Joru had seeded through the Capellean and Eridanean systems bombarded the home worlds and major colonies of both civilizations. His intent was probably to cause both civilizations to be much too busy to worry about the survey teams on earth. but he had set in motion the destruction of both civilizations.


Prehistory-858, 858-1799, 1800-1849,

1850-1890    1891-1910,   1911-1920,

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