Richard Stagg and his crew return to earth after many adventures and much time in cold sleep. 800 years have passed and things are not as they used to be. Farmer continues to push the sexual envelope in this lusty tale of a very strange earth.


Galaxy-Beacon 277

Paperback / 1960
First Printing
Cover Artist: Gerald McConnell

Doubleday 68-11784

Hardcover / 1968
Revised and Expanded
Cover Artist: Unknown

Signet T-3861

Paperback / 1969
Cover Artist: Unknown

Rapp & Whiting 126-6

Hardcover / 1969
First British Hardcover
Cover Artist: Unknown

Panther 03400-5

Paperback / 1970
Cover Artist: Unknown

Signet Y-6767

Paperback / Later Printing
Cover Artist: Pepper

Sphere 3439-8

Paperback / 1979
Cover Artist: Peter Elson

Signet 09787-4

Paperback / 1981
Bound with LORD TYGER
Cover Artist: Pepper