The Green Odyssey

Farmer's first book length publication. Alan Green is a shipwrecked astronaut on a strange planet. When he hears rumors of two other shipwrecked space travelers he decides to try to find them. Just one problem, his wife and kids insist on tagging along. More adventure than science fiction but that is true of many of Farmer's books.


Ballantine 57-10603

Hardcover / 1957
First Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Ballantine 57-10603
Ballantine 210

Publisher's Note

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Ballantine 210

Paperback / 1957
First Printing
Released simultaneously with hardcover
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Ballantine U2345

Paperback / 1966
Second Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Powers

Sphere 3440-1

Paperback / 1976
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Angus McKie

Gregg 2414-9

Hardcover / 1978
No dust jacket

Berkley 06159-0

Paperback / 1983
Cover Artist: Carl Lundgren

Book-of-the-Month Club

Hardcover / 1990
Cover Artist: Robert C. Raines

Renaissance Ebooks

E-book / 2003