The Other Log of Phileas Fogg

Jules Verne only knew half of the story when he wrote about Fogg's journey in AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS. Two alien races, the Eridani and the Capellas are battling for the control of earth. Most of Fogg's actions, seen and unseen in Jules Vernes tale are really his part in this battle. Of course we run into some other famous people along the way who are not entioned in the original text. I'm surprised that Farmer never used this premise in any other books.


DAW #48

Paperback / 1973
First Printing
Cover Artist: Jack Gaughan

Hamlyn 36747-9

Paperback / 1979
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Tony Roberts

Tor 48508-5

Paperback / 1982
Cover Artist: Vincent Di Fate

Tor 52468-3

Paperback / 1988
Cover Artist: Vincent Di Fate