Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life

Everything you ever wanted to know about Doc Savage and some stuff that Farmer figured out on his own. Farmer links this work to TARZAN ALIVE by the extended family tree that is in the front of both books. There are lots of other famous people, both real and imagined, in this amazing family.


Doubleday 08488-9

Hardcover / 1973
First Printing
Cover Artist: Walter Baumhofer

Panther 04160-5

Paperback / 1975
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Richard Clifton-Dey

Bantam Q8834

Paperback / 1975
Expanded Edition
Cover Artist: Unknown

Playboy 16854-9

Paperback / 1981
Cover Artist: Ken Barr

Meteor House

Hardcover / 2013
Revised Edition with Bonus Materials
Cover Artist: Joe Devito

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Altus Press

Trade Paperback / 2013
Revised Edition
Cover Artist: Joe Devito