Traitor to the Living

An announced sequel to IMAGE OF THE BEAST/BLOWN. Herald Childe changed his name to Gordan Carfax and is teaching in the midwest. Farmer drops a few hints throughout the book as to Gordan's previous identity. Gordan's cousin invents a machine called MEDIUM which lets you talk to the dead. His other cousin claims that he stole the machine from her father. Discovering who really invented the machine is the least of his worries when he discovers what else the machine is capable of.


Ballantine 23613-0

Paperback / 1973
First Printing
Cover Artist: Hans Ulrich &
Ute Osterwalder

Panther 04200-8

Paperback / 1975
First British Printing
Cover Artist: Peter Jones

Del Rey 27446-6

Paperback / 1978
Cover Artist: Michael Whelan

Panther 04200-8

Paperback / 1978
Cover Artist: Unknown

Tor 53766-1

Paperback / 1985
Cover Artist: Victoria Poyser